Sabrina Carpenter - Skin (Official Lyric Video)

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Sabrina Carpenter

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Lyric Video Created By: Jessica Severn (@j3ssica7) & Chris Shelley (@create) for Deadhappy
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Xavier Prije sat
Im a fan of Disney I don't know who to support. Anyone. Can relate?
MARSVCo Prije 2 sati
i legit stressed i luv them both.....
Izy Sanddy
Izy Sanddy Prije 3 sati
They could be talking to each other without us knowing. Sabrina made this song for the public to hear is because it is for the public to hear. She's just informing the haters that whatever hate they are throwing at her, she will be ignoring it and move on. There's one thing that we should not be moving on from tho. THAT'S HOW SOOTHING HER VOICE IS IN THIS SONG!!! I demand an A capella or acoustic version!!
Aribah durani
Aribah durani Prije 6 sati
now all the hate will go to joshua
Naomi Anderson
Naomi Anderson Prije 6 sati
Sabrina, if this is about u josh and Olivia, i really think that u and Olivia would be amazing friends, and if the rumors aren’t true, stand up for yourself, I know u have the, know that u r loved, just like everyone else in this world, and I am sorry for the crap everyone else is giving u
The Spectacular sisters
The Spectacular sisters Prije 7 sati
I love the song Not the drama *true fans wouldn’t worry bout the drama*
SouthSideJit Prije 7 sati
he not even this *cute* to be makin songs ab eachother . 😭 2:11 that whole ass other part hit .
Megan Matthews
Megan Matthews Prije 13 sati
Good song love it 😊
Sanai Morrison
Sanai Morrison Prije 18 sati
This guy must be packing for all this
Sara Abouchanab
Sara Abouchanab Prije 19 sati
Im sorry but this is a awesome song I’m not on anyone’s side with drama i think that they both are very talented i love driver’s license and skin there both awesome.
axrielle Prije 20 sati
not olivia and sabrina fighting over a wallmart shawn mendes
Thahaani Hashir
Thahaani Hashir Prije 23 sati
honestly completely honestly. this is better than driver's license 100%
Dakshit Avnish
Dakshit Avnish Prije dan
Who else is here just to here the song
Melanie Munguia
Melanie Munguia Prije dan
Sabrina should’ve just said “maybe blonde just sounded right” cuz Olivia didn’t rhyme anything with blonde😭
HeyItsKaylee O_o
HeyItsKaylee O_o Prije dan
Ngl lol the beginning didn’t rhyme but the rest is actually good 🤪🤪🤪🌈even if this is a song against Olivia lol we don’t know so we have no sayy
Sapana Khawas
Sapana Khawas Prije dan
Don't understand y wasting time for a boy who is not worth enough ...
ThatGuy OverThere
ThatGuy OverThere Prije dan
Disney beef 🤣🤣🤣
Tony Grant
Tony Grant Prije dan
Maybe blonde was the only rhyme
Bre Parker
Bre Parker Prije dan
she did get under ur skin you made a wholeeeee song abt her.... anywayss
Harpie Playz
Harpie Playz Prije dan
She should break up with him and they should both make a song called he’s not worth it🤣🤣🤣🤣
Butera Lyrics
Butera Lyrics Prije dan
i love this song
Ayusha Rijal
Ayusha Rijal Prije dan
Vibe's with Kiki
Vibe's with Kiki Prije dan
Dang she said " don't drive yourself insane"
Jenna Jose
Jenna Jose Prije dan
Well tbh, driving license is the vibe for me.
Evergreen Lps
Evergreen Lps Prije dan
If I were Sabrina I would have just asked Olivia to lunch to talk about things but instead she writes a song beefing her
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls Prije 21 sat
This song is to the haters
Anora Singh
Anora Singh Prije dan
Love this song, but where is the DROP. WE NEED THE DROP!!! But seriously I love the song.
kailey bell
kailey bell Prije dan
I mean ex boyfriend not experience
kailey bell
kailey bell Prije dan
Bro WTF why the heck is there so much drama Bc of a boy my experience did the same thing that Joshua did to them and there was not that much drama.
sonia dabas
sonia dabas Prije 6 sati
You probably didn't get hated by million of people because everyone made you the villain
Hailey Alden
Hailey Alden Prije dan
Honestly the dude doesn’t deserve either of them.
grostaken`s Channel
grostaken`s Channel Prije dan
love you sabrina
Micheleee Prije dan
Literally everyone talkin 'bout da Drama.... me: Catchy song... :) ppl talking 'bout da Drama: .... ._.
Rida Ullah
Rida Ullah Prije 2 dana
Wait i hate this song nowwww whyyyy
Draco’s Apple
Draco’s Apple Prije 12 sati
I think its catchy but i like drivers license better tbh
Drake Moon
Drake Moon Prije 2 dana
Before y'all start bashing Sabrina, you need to hear what thus song is about, she talks about it in an interview
Emily Sangster
Emily Sangster Prije 2 dana
I honestly don't know whose side I should be on like whose the jerk here?
SHUKRI CADEY Prije 2 dana
Wow that's strong gurl but Olivia is so inoccent whyd a beautiful girl like u do this to her gurl
sonia dabas
sonia dabas Prije 6 sati
She didn't do anything. The song is for haters.
Lilith Rosas Styles Tomlinson
Lilith Rosas Styles Tomlinson Prije 2 dana
Monique Alfred
Monique Alfred Prije 2 dana
People hating on Sabrina when Olivia has wrong for coming after the girl's bf. Being a homewrecker ain't cute Olivia
Arrdun Decorators
Arrdun Decorators Prije 2 dana
This song hits you differently the more you listen to it!
Lumel2High Prije 2 dana
Free Joshua
Mariah Trevino
Mariah Trevino Prije 2 dana
I love this song
Savannah Huff Skenandore
Savannah Huff Skenandore Prije 2 dana
Olivia deserved this
Dione Cruse
Dione Cruse Prije 2 dana
me looking at sarbina new song and she says blonde: shoking and looking back at drivers lisence
Palakh Raja
Palakh Raja Prije 2 dana
Team olivia
olivia onlyyyyyyyyyyyty
Moonlight Dreamer
Moonlight Dreamer Prije 2 dana
Dude....i love olivia , i love joshua n i love sabrina....n i consumed Olivia's heartbreak cz it gave me drivers license but i cant take it if josh also breaks sabrinas thn theres no sense in anything....thn theres no sense in breaking my angel olivias heart for my fairy sabrina and hurting her too.....josh i love u so much n i will always do but dont u dare mess up now!!!!
Nichole Davis
Nichole Davis Prije 2 dana
well on the bright side shes trying to make peace when this is all over
Nichole Davis
Nichole Davis Prije 2 dana
o wow what happened to beauty b4 age
• Autxmn •
• Autxmn • Prije 3 dana
Sabrina is my FAVOURITE singer but she's 21 and she's writing songs about a 17 year old girl
• Autxmn •
• Autxmn • Prije 2 dana
@all my love is gone ik
all my love is gone
all my love is gone Prije 2 dana
theyre only 5 years apart its not like shes a grandma
• Autxmn •
• Autxmn • Prije 2 dana
@Iqtada Yasin true it doesn't matter
Iqtada Yasin
Iqtada Yasin Prije 2 dana
@• Autxmn • I'm not saying ur an hater but ur comparing their ages that doesn't matter
• Autxmn •
• Autxmn • Prije 2 dana
@Iqtada Yasin I'm not a hater I'm a fan of both of them and besides Sabrina carpenter is my favourite ever singer and Olivia's my favourite ever actor so im fans of both of them I never said I was a hater of Sabrina
Emily Clark
Emily Clark Prije 3 dana
All Oliva said was that you made her insecure
Iqtada Yasin
Iqtada Yasin Prije 2 dana
Yup but she is not talking bad about olivia like she hopes that they both laugh about it And if ur offended by the chorus part then that part is for haters who sent death threat just because olivia said sabrina made her insecure
Danica Massey
Danica Massey Prije 3 dana
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez Prije 3 dana
Sabrina tell your man by little Sam little snitch that Olivia like pretend that she's a liar but she's not and I'm an Olivia sign that's why I'm reading this comment section and they're saying to find you guys like team up each other make a season 2 but I'm not on that side I'm in the mean side and I get your point but yeah you're saying that she's trying to get under your skin but she's not you are getting under her skin and skin like it's like I don't know a bad like I don't know last night a bad roast comment because I can say way more stuff to you I don't care if you're a celebrity you're not even that famous like I don't care if you're all rich like I don't care like I just want to get into the grandma might say I'm a Karen but I'm not I'm a Mexican like beat your little man but I don't give two s****
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez Prije 3 dana
You're saying that happy happy but you're breaking it
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez Prije 3 dana
She's trying to put you on spotlight because you're a little snitchhe said that you've been to that all your life yeah I know you're a movie actor your singer like I get it but she's trying to say that she hates you of all her freaking life and you don't know how to feel that way cuz you're all blonde and she's heartbroken you're not and I don't care about your man like if I had a wrestle with him I'll be his little ass and don't consume that I can't but I can because you know I'm Mexican and I will use the belt yeah and I'll use it on HRpost cuz you're white and you don't know how the feeling is and I bet you're a little and you are cussing to your mom you should not do that little blonde 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez Prije 3 dana
She said you're trying trying to get under my skin your skin Sabrina Carpenter because you are giving she's not getting under your skin you are getting older Olivia skin get the point because you're a little snitch and like I don't care if your man is on your skin on your side like who cares
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez Prije 3 dana
You're saying that I'm happy and you hate it like yeah because she hates it she's depressed like you're not depressed you're just mad at her but now who cares Olivia is mad at you because the boys that you like likes you that's why she's mad Jesus blonde girl you're American Barbie doll like who cares like I think Josh and Olivia has been a couple you're not
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez Prije 3 dana
you said that I'm happy I'm happy but you're breaking it like no Olivia is not breaking your heart you are breaking his heart because Olivia put driver's license because the make yourself feel better and make how she met her love and you're saying that like who cares about you like I don't I don't care if you have a million followers don't care if you're rich like you think you're all that but no you're not all thatanyway I forgot to tell you you're a horrible singer I sing better like and you sing worse and yeah I can't and I high notes like really high and you don't cuz you want to use your voice for yelling and Olivia which you should not and yeah you should live in a better life you think you're all mad but no Olivia is mad you are not
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez Prije 3 dana
You said that you want my heart to be breaking breaking like no Olivia's heart is breaking breaking you're not you're just bragging like a little bright like all blondes do okay anyway I hate you and I'm in Olivia sign because I feel bad for her and so tell me how hard is to Fucking blind 🤬🤬🤬👎👎👎🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez Prije 3 dana
You're saying that we could be friends in another life and blonde was the only rhyme Sabrina Carpenter actually she only mention you once like like who cares like obviously she does not like you and obviously she said maybe we can be friends but no she does not like you cuz Josh chose you even know he was wrong I don't know why he did that he's a dumb boy but you are like really dumb and skin song he's like so worse like so freaking bad even though it was on jeans like who cares like just like you're dumb is like you have a fake smile and I can tell that it looks like you haven't smiling like I don't know like ten thousand billion years and yeah and Olivia song is like like a million trillion a zillion times better and Sabrina you're dumb blonde he said blonde was only mine yes it's true because there's a phrase call blondes have more fun blondes need that to make himself feel better well like Burnett's or way better than you and that's actually packed and if you're blonde your Ginger kids hidden better like what's the point of that I'm telling the freaking truth and you Josh get your head in the game God you have to store things out for you too I mean you three Jesus had Lord help them God almighty 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
niara newbold
niara newbold Prije 3 dana
i love this song
a.j_ kat
a.j_ kat Prije 3 dana
dont DRIVE yourself insane is the best comeback to drivers license ever and no matter whos side ur on you cant deny it pffft
Myrna Domit
Myrna Domit Prije 3 dana
joshua must be feeling great bc all these girls r singing songs fr him
yuhgurl kiya
yuhgurl kiya Prije 3 dana
Who else loves the drama
Anpizyy’s Life
Anpizyy’s Life Prije 3 dana
Not me adding all three songs in a playlist and naming it drama drama drama where’s the mf tea....... I’m just enjoying all the songs and pretending as if Im in their situations 😂
Gemma Pegg
Gemma Pegg Prije 3 dana
"Don't 'drive' yourself insane" what a genius line haha
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright Prije 3 dana
💋✋ Journal
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright Prije 3 dana
💋✋ MAYBE myaBE
makaylah sam
makaylah sam Prije 3 dana
ima just say um en if the bef thing issnt real im on olivias side
N Harrison
N Harrison Prije 3 dana
My favourite song of 2021 ❤️
sharaa th
sharaa th Prije 3 dana
Love thisss
A K Prije 3 dana
Don't know shit about the drama, don't care. This is a beautiful song, with universal meaning that everyone can relate to. Self-love and acceptance ❤
geomuca Prije 3 dana
*I'm obsessed with this song.*
#CrazyRandomVidz Prije 3 dana
I love Olivia rodrigo and her songs but it doesn't mean I can't love Sabrina love both of them and there songs
Neil Sharp
Neil Sharp Prije 3 dana
You two should be friends as this MADNESS CAN NOT go on
18 Gabrielle Annette
18 Gabrielle Annette Prije 3 dana
honestly drivers license and skin are both good songs.
Olivia wrote one line about her and Sabrina decided to write a whole freaking song on her like.............
sonia dabas
sonia dabas Prije 6 sati
@CREATIONS CRAFTS only the parts like "Maybe blonde was only rhyme", "We can laugh about it later" are for Olivia. The rest of the song is for haters who have been sending her hate messages and death threats just because "one line" mentioned her, indirectly.
@Dontsub Pls im sorry what?
Dontsub Pls
Dontsub Pls Prije 21 sat
This song is to the haters
Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories
Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories Prije 4 dana
2:39 ‘I wish you nothing’ explain this line to me lmao
Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories
Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories Prije 16 sati
@Ace !!! thank you
Ace !!!
Ace !!! Prije 2 dana
She’s telling her haters that they can’t bother her if she doesn’t let them.
The Golden Polar Bear
The Golden Polar Bear Prije 2 dana
_i wish u kneww~ that_ 🤦Its even on the screen dude..
KUNAL 12B Prije 2 dana
@Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories not sure about that one
Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories
Galactic Dreamer & Other Stories Prije 2 dana
@KUNAL 12B I meant the part at the end I know that says knew but I meant the bit at 2:39
Adiba Hossain Jeba
Adiba Hossain Jeba Prije 4 dana
Just awesome...
Michael Hardin
Michael Hardin Prije 4 dana
Bro I love sabrina but I got to take olivia's side on this one and Olivia's fans are right she did go after a teenager, but I do want this drama to be over, I love both of them and I hate it that they have to be at each other's throats, please just get over it and move on.
Kiana Cheung
Kiana Cheung Prije 4 dana
This is giving me maya vibes-
Devin Prije 4 dana
Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif
Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif Prije 4 dana
Joshua isn't even that good looking !
Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif
Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif Prije 3 sati
@Josie Ditmars He's a Walmart version of Shawn Mendes.
Josie Ditmars
Josie Ditmars Prije 6 sati
A lot of people are saying he is a "copycat Shawn Mendes" no offense, I couldn't agree more.
Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif
Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif Prije dan
@Iqtada Yasin : )
Iqtada Yasin
Iqtada Yasin Prije 2 dana
@Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif exactly if u say something like that then I agree
Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif
Nairah Onora Saif Nairah Onora Saif Prije 2 dana
@Iqtada Yasin Hes NOT worth it
Elvan the yargı machine
Elvan the yargı machine Prije 4 dana
Olivia rodrigo dan sonra geldim 😂
Jennifer mendes
Jennifer mendes Prije 4 dana
I love this song
5 Profit Pulling Online Strategies
5 Profit Pulling Online Strategies Prije 4 dana
The lyrics are so deep and amazing I honestly think Olivia and joshua and Sabrina should just be friends
Danica Smolyar
Danica Smolyar Prije 2 dana
no! just olivia and sabrina😊
Life Of Cristy
Life Of Cristy Prije 4 dana
You said maby we could Ben friends that would be bad becaul your
Liv Chambers
Liv Chambers Prije 4 dana
why do all of the comments say “everyone’s talking ab the drama while i’m enjoying the song” but all of the comments talk about that not the drama-
The Golden Polar Bear
The Golden Polar Bear Prije 2 dana
Lmao ur other 2 comments are BOTH abt the drama😂
Liv Chambers
Liv Chambers Prije 4 dana
this is kinda just mean to be honest
Liv Chambers
Liv Chambers Prije 4 dana
obviously about olivia
Jessie Albright
Jessie Albright Prije 4 dana
💋✋ yea RETRO
Silas Cardoso
Silas Cardoso Prije 4 dana
Eu teria vergonha de postar essa música tão vazia e besta depois da letra sensacional da Olivia.
Kiki Boers
Kiki Boers Prije 4 dana
She is literally saying 2.10 that she hopes her and olivia will be fine, yall really dragging her for nothing. Olivia made the song first and although theres no direct insults it is not exactly positive being called “that blonde girl” and Sabrina is just responding and even saying good things in the song
Lyana Tree
Lyana Tree Prije dan
THANK YOU!! This drama is so stupid and unnecessary. And this is one of the main reasons why celebs keep most of their shit and love life private. BECAUSE THE INTERNET IS SO TOXIC THESE DAYS!
Imari Taylor
Imari Taylor Prije 4 dana
This song is so good
The lost rainbow
The lost rainbow Prije 4 dana
honestly she didn't write the song about her
Evie Evie
Evie Evie Prije 4 dana
KUNAL 12B Prije 2 dana
Ohh no , not again , it's 2021 ,leave them
Jhazeelyn Sotelo
Jhazeelyn Sotelo Prije 4 dana
I don't like u
smol Bean
smol Bean Prije 4 dana
Everyone's talking ab "don't drive yourself insane" and forgetting that t continues to say "it won't always be this way" telling Olivia that it gets better
carly wall
carly wall Prije 4 dana
I love this song ❤️💕❤️💕❤️
Mara Mason
Mara Mason Prije 4 dana
Who likes drivers license better Meee
Brianna Roberts
Brianna Roberts Prije dan
Then go listen to it??
ZAINAB W Prije 4 dana
Ace !!!
Ace !!! Prije 2 dana
She’s not bashing Olivia by the way. But no hate
Iqtada Yasin
Iqtada Yasin Prije 2 dana
I don't think she she is bashing olivia like the chorus part is for haters not for olivia for those who sent death threats to her
Evil Prije 4 dana
I believe she’s addressing the haters and people have have been sending her death treats, she says in the song she wishes oliva and her could be friends
Chayse Beimer
Chayse Beimer Prije 4 dana
wait till josh release's "Driver's Skin" and they all make a song called "Car Wrecks" - *and then Car Wrecks is abt ur *skin* getting cut while u *drive*-
You can not know my name ?!?!
You can not know my name ?!?! Prije 4 dana
You go girl you do have him
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