We Tried KYLIE SKIN !!!

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After seeing all the buzz about Kylie Skin I knew I had to get my hands on it and try it out.
I know a lot of the reviews aren't totally honest cause many people want to stay on kylie's pr list but we could care less. So here's transparent first impressions and review you guys have been waiting for.
I get a lot of my skincare knowledge from Michelle so it was only fitting to have her in this video. And if you guys haven't noticed she has the most flawless skin. And basically is foundation free for a few years now which is straight up goals.
The kits are sold out and I think will be available next week.
Total cost $125
Comes with a Foaming Cleanser, Walnut Scrub, Vanilla Toner, Moisturizer, Vitamin C serum, Eye cream
Thanks for Watching !!!

Chan S
Chan S Prije dan
Bella maneen
Bella maneen Prije 4 dana
I don't think Kyle skincare is easy to get plus her stuff is just infused with nonsense stuff if you do want somthing that's a reasonable price use cearave,inkulist,the ordinary and elf their good brands and are very much what every one can get
shookethhun Prije 7 dana
ive been watching these two for years, since im a little kid and im today's years old when i know they actually in laws and not actual sisters-........ok but close enough tho. anyways, QUEENSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Emily Lowe
Emily Lowe Prije 14 dana
Michelle does NOT look like she wants to be there
Arafad Hwang
Arafad Hwang Prije 19 dana
Michelle is her sister in law?
Weihyung123 Prije 20 dana
Anybody here in 2021... Just me ok 👌 🙂
Angel'lina Cabell
Angel'lina Cabell Prije mjesec
with walnut scrubs dont scrub too hard rub it like a tomato
NickPlayz Prije mjesec
I love how this review was real and honest! The Jeffree Star and the other ones seemed super fake and they made it seem like the worst skin care line. I’m happy to get an honest review. Also a year late :(
Lyra Rose Veyonse Makinano
Lyra Rose Veyonse Makinano Prije mjesec
I remember michelle omgg
oz vi
oz vi Prije mjesec
I missed the time when youtube was ruled by people like her that is about make up, creativity and fun now the beauty community is all about drama 😑😑
Shiney Puff
Shiney Puff Prije mjesec
Fun fact when vitamen c oil goes bad it becomes yellow wich is why so many companys put dye in it so people dont notic
Eiysabelle Xoxo
Eiysabelle Xoxo Prije 2 mjeseci
Sister in law? Waaaaaaaht? 😱
yoonie ツ
yoonie ツ Prije 2 mjeseci
You look so much like SAS ASMR! 😳
Victoria Vang
Victoria Vang Prije 2 mjeseci
*seriousface* “I don’t like fragrance in my skincare.” *cutscene* Looooooool .
Everxfrost Prije 2 mjeseci
I honestly think for young girls, Kylie skin would be amazing
Hyun Byeol Cha
Hyun Byeol Cha Prije 2 mjeseci
Michelle looks like she didn't age
Joyee Prije 2 mjeseci
wino Prije 2 mjeseci
Radhika Rangapuri
Radhika Rangapuri Prije 2 mjeseci
You are the worst
Eleanor Vanessa
Eleanor Vanessa Prije 2 mjeseci
love the sailormoon headband
Hhyuna Sseo
Hhyuna Sseo Prije 3 mjeseci
Kylie changed her race.🤷‍♀️🙃🤦‍♀️👏
Michelle Marcial
Michelle Marcial Prije 3 mjeseci
I love your headbands 😍
Rosalyn Y. Omboy
Rosalyn Y. Omboy Prije 3 mjeseci
When miss P comes back and yeah I'm out with all my other copycat gurus subscriptions ..
Jana Prije 3 mjeseci
i used to watch you when you still have maybe 100k subs :
Meine Vögel Kanino und Loco
Meine Vögel Kanino und Loco Prije 3 mjeseci
Hello i dont know these girls but id rather watch 10 commercials then watching a sponsored video so do your things girls i am here to Stay
golden sunflower
golden sunflower Prije 3 mjeseci
Thank God I grew up watching them. Love to you both!
RR Prije 3 mjeseci
Divyaa Mohan
Divyaa Mohan Prije 4 mjeseci
Everybody gives bad reviews on her product but how did she reach top of the world as billionaire 😂😂
ugly_kermit Prije 4 mjeseci
I watched your vids when I was in elementary and tried to do the same Queen of Hearts makeup as you guys! Lol 😂
ꕥ tee hee ꕥ
ꕥ tee hee ꕥ Prije 4 mjeseci
I can't believe that I still watched her since 2014
Loli Pog
Loli Pog Prije 4 mjeseci
This is my first time seeing the youtube makeup legends of my childhood collab, but not only that, they're gonna spill the tea on kylie?!? 👀 honestly, I am truly grateful and blessed 🙏
Mimi Kiki
Mimi Kiki Prije 4 mjeseci
Guys Michelle was literally Hyram BEFORE HYRAM Queen 👑 💘👏
Cheska Prije 4 mjeseci
i just love how michelle speaks. so calming ♥️
sweet bobaah
sweet bobaah Prije 5 mjeseci
I used to watch your videos back in 2011 omg I still love your videos you’ve come a long way gurl 🥺💕
Bela Prije 5 mjeseci
Promise and Michelle are my whole childhood, man😭 I miss them so much i remember i used to be 6 years old watching their make up tutorials😭 I love you girls so much♥️
live14 hard
live14 hard Prije 5 mjeseci
Not worth the money. Not good for the skin. Just...no.
Fathima Farahna
Fathima Farahna Prije 5 mjeseci
I wouldnt TRUST anything from Kylie or Kardashian clan🤦‍♀️
Phurpa Drema
Phurpa Drema Prije 5 mjeseci
Sister in law???? How??
bluuberr •
bluuberr • Prije 5 mjeseci
Forever i thought you were actual sisters
blaccnblu Prije 5 mjeseci
Why y'all giving that entitled culture vulture billionaire, money and advertising?
nila k
nila k Prije 5 mjeseci
I hate it when there's bad as quality i get so mad 🤣🤣🤣
The Zamora Avenue
The Zamora Avenue Prije 5 mjeseci
I swear if michelle make a skincare line that will be my forever. I mean I trust this gurl! I did everything she did back when I was like 15 -Camsy from The Zamora Avenue
intoxicatedfantasy Prije 6 mjeseci
Michelle Phan seems like a bitch
Maya X
Maya X Prije 6 mjeseci
micheal /her sis ,looks better *no ofense* :/
Omaimaaa Prije 6 mjeseci
k d
k d Prije 3 mjeseci
Promise is married to Michelle’s older brother, Steve!
Capri Mata
Capri Mata Prije 6 mjeseci
I don’t have the four pack but I have a three pack and I love it so much
Nativegal17 Ayye
Nativegal17 Ayye Prije 6 mjeseci
I hope this works on me. 🙄😌🙌
Patricia Njeri
Patricia Njeri Prije 6 mjeseci
Why doesn't it work good to your face coz it was so good to me sister _in_law
Emily Barnett
Emily Barnett Prije 6 mjeseci
Omg Promise and Michelle I love uuuu
April Showers
April Showers Prije 7 mjeseci
About the review: Kylie skin care looks like a total disappointment.
Kelsey Jubinville
Kelsey Jubinville Prije 7 mjeseci
Soooooo ummmm are we just gonna ignore 1:18
Aleah Peña
Aleah Peña Prije 7 mjeseci
The only beauty guru i stan 💕💅
Eileen Madrid
Eileen Madrid Prije 7 mjeseci
3:40 Michelle: I’ve heard so much shi- BACKlash about this
Gowri Dinesh
Gowri Dinesh Prije 7 mjeseci
if your wanting to watch a video before buying Kylie Skin i recommend one video not these kinda if videos hrpost.info/history/qJSdZ7aWis2ah4Y/video
amna naveed
amna naveed Prije 7 mjeseci
who are you to judge kylie
Cat Merchant
Cat Merchant Prije 7 mjeseci
Kylie is not exempt from criticism. Anyone can judge her
Alexis Symone
Alexis Symone Prije 7 mjeseci
Watching Michelle Phan and Bethany mota videos takes me back to my lonely high school days where I spent my weekends watching them 😂🥰
Shelby Weborg
Shelby Weborg Prije 7 mjeseci
Where did you get that Artemis mirror 😍😍😍
50,000 subscribers without video challenge
50,000 subscribers without video challenge Prije 8 mjeseci
I tried it and the worst one was the walnut scrub it was horrible
Nikki's Reviews
Nikki's Reviews Prije 8 mjeseci
Found these cute headbands for your skincare for those who are wondering. I always see a lot of koreans use it and I LOVE IT SO MUCH so I wanted to share with all of you. It's currently bogo 50%! skincarebands.com/
Worthem Kashung
Worthem Kashung Prije 8 mjeseci
Why with that thumbs down at the intro fuck u dope
Khalada Jahan
Khalada Jahan Prije 8 mjeseci
These guyz r being so rude towards kylie skin...if her products r bad or not soo good.then how did she became billionaire??
k d
k d Prije 3 mjeseci
Kylie literally faked her company’s richness??? Girlie barely knows anything about good skincare. The only reason why she has money is because people like you are stuckups.
Khalada Jahan
Khalada Jahan Prije 7 mjeseci
@Paul Edward Fernandez stfu..
Khalada Jahan
Khalada Jahan Prije 7 mjeseci
@Paul Edward Fernandez i think u r jealous with kylie jenner🙄🙄😑😑
Paul Edward Fernandez
Paul Edward Fernandez Prije 8 mjeseci
It's because there are so many idiots in the world.........,.....like you.
Paul J
Paul J Prije 8 mjeseci
where do u get the headbands theyre so cute
Cat Merchant
Cat Merchant Prije 7 mjeseci
Aliexpress (sorry for long link) www.aliexpress.com/item/33041448218.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.6f397566Qkb7IA&algo_pvid=d1c55f9a-e571-41e0-aade-94dfed9b05e9&algo_expid=d1c55f9a-e571-41e0-aade-94dfed9b05e9-50&btsid=0ab6fa8115912010365714747e80a3&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
Spaghetti Enthusiast
Spaghetti Enthusiast Prije 8 mjeseci
I can buy 6 products for 60 dollars buying korean skincare on eBay. You're all getting ripped off
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee Prije 8 mjeseci
Hannah Lee
Hannah Lee Prije 8 mjeseci
Wait it’s only 20 dollars?! I had to get it on the website for $125
Gab Santiano
Gab Santiano Prije 8 mjeseci
Kylie: Has excess foundation on towel Everyone single guru and drama channel: GURL I’M DECEASED. LIKE GUUUUURL YOU BETTER BE PLAYIN WITH US OR SOMETHIN. I... AM... SHOOKT SISTER. AND I OOP. AND I OOP. AND I OOP. GUUUUUUURL. DA HAAAAAUS. Michelle: Yeah that was kinda funny
shin cute
shin cute Prije 8 mjeseci
Two legends in one vid
Daniel Nakamura
Daniel Nakamura Prije 8 mjeseci
Selina Chua
Selina Chua Prije 8 mjeseci
When Michelle read the bottle, I just closed my eyes and enjoy it
AlexLeMonroeee Prije 8 mjeseci
Laila SUBAN Prije 8 mjeseci
Does it cause acene(Reply please)
GISELA LPZ Prije 8 mjeseci
I love michelle's voice
Mikaela Miranda
Mikaela Miranda Prije 8 mjeseci
Is it just me or did I realise that Michelle is promise’s sister in law ?
Mahnoor Younis
Mahnoor Younis Prije 8 mjeseci
They should wipe their faces before using products... because removing makeup before cleansing is obvious
firstdowndash24 Prije 9 mjeseci
Your just jealous
LK X MCCA Prije 9 mjeseci
Vivienne Dejvongsa
Vivienne Dejvongsa Prije 9 mjeseci
where did you get the ears??? I wanna buy!
Cat Merchant
Cat Merchant Prije 7 mjeseci
Aliexpress (sorry for long link) www.aliexpress.com/item/33041448218.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.6f397566Qkb7IA&algo_pvid=d1c55f9a-e571-41e0-aade-94dfed9b05e9&algo_expid=d1c55f9a-e571-41e0-aade-94dfed9b05e9-50&btsid=0ab6fa8115912010365714747e80a3&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
c cc
c cc Prije 9 mjeseci
Love these two because they are honest and knowledgeable about skincare products.
Najnin Begum
Najnin Begum Prije 9 mjeseci
Why do I feel like they were not that serious while talking about the products.
RAJESH ROCKS Prije 9 mjeseci
Is your sis in law is also a makeup artist
valen valentine
valen valentine Prije 10 mjeseci
Kylie skin just good packaging pink cute minimalist girly colour.... but, for ingredient ummm... not woww yahh soso 😂
Aashil patel
Aashil patel Prije 10 mjeseci
you are being mean
Jennifer Su
Jennifer Su Prije 10 mjeseci
I feel like Promise kept speaking over soft spoken Michelle... I was like please stop interrupting her
Kal Kass
Kal Kass Prije 10 mjeseci
Who the heck is Michelle
idon'tgiveaSHEETidon'tgiveaFORK Prije 10 mjeseci
her sister in law is so preety
The tea Forbloxburg
The tea Forbloxburg Prije 10 mjeseci
I love kylie
Panda 2007
Panda 2007 Prije 10 mjeseci
sister inlaw?
SKYLA LARAE Prije 11 mjeseci
We miss her!!! 😢
Shirley Prije 11 mjeseci
I'm watching this video and i see Michelle not as happy and naturally smiling compared to her old videos. I hope she is feeling okay
Y /N
Y /N Prije 11 mjeseci
Michelle was the reason I ever started watching beauty videos and started taking care of my skin
ming ming
ming ming Prije 11 mjeseci
Who is michelle?
Dormie Douglas
Dormie Douglas Prije 11 mjeseci
Michelle Is Back 😍😍😍 But Why She Doesnt Look Sooo Jovial As Before ? Something Is Missing Upon Her That Charming Face ☹️
Nelsy Perez
Nelsy Perez Prije 11 mjeseci
Where did you get the hand mirror with Artemis? It’s so cute.
anna Prije 11 mjeseci
is no one gonna talk about the last 10 seconds? what was that?
Maricela Reyes
Maricela Reyes Prije 11 mjeseci
Love you Michelle 😭
Maricela Reyes
Maricela Reyes Prije 11 mjeseci
I need those sailor moon headbands and the Artemis mirror 😍❤️
Lexie Stamatelakis
Lexie Stamatelakis Prije 11 mjeseci
Finally she’s back!!
justhuman Prije 11 mjeseci
That moment when idk who michelle is and i dont see how special she is lol
queeneva3 Prije godine
Everyone: Kylie is the queen of makeup Michelle: hold my hair back
UnicornLover1563 Prije 2 mjeseci
Don’t you mean hold my Sailor Moon😉😂
ming ming
ming ming Prije 11 mjeseci
Kylie is the queen of makeup bimbos
• Kukochi Sanaraka •
• Kukochi Sanaraka • Prije godine
Mhh mhh mhh *me in my head* when do I get to talk
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