The Matrix Resurrections - Official Trailer 1

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Warner Bros. Pictures

The Matrix Resurrections in theaters and on HBO Max December 22


From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes “The Matrix Resurrections,” the long-awaited fourth film in the groundbreaking franchise that redefined a genre. The new film reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous, Neo and Trinity.

The film also stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (the “Aquaman” franchise) Jessica Henwick (TV’s “Iron Fist,” “Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens”), Jonathan Groff (“Hamilton,” TV’s “Mindhunter”), Neil Patrick Harris (“Gone Girl”), Priyanka Chopra Jonas (TV’s “Quantico,”), Christina Ricci (TV’s “Escaping the Madhouse: The Nellie Bly Story,” “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles”), Telma Hopkins (TV’s “Dead to Me,”), Eréndira Ibarra (series “Sense8,” “Ingobernable”), Toby Onwumere (TV’s “Empire”), Max Riemelt (series “Sense8”), Brian J. Smith (series “Sense8,” “Treadstone”), and Jada Pinkett Smith (“Angel Has Fallen,” TV’s “Gotham”).

Lana Wachowski directed from a screenplay by Wachowski & David Mitchell & Aleksander Hemon, based on characters created by The Wachowskis. The film was produced by Grant Hill, James McTeigue and Lana Wachowski. The executive producers were Garrett Grant, Terry Needham, Michael Salven, Jesse Ehrman and Bruce Berman.

Wachowski’s creative team behind the scenes included “Sense8” collaborators: directors of photography Daniele Massaccesi and John Toll, production designers Hugh Bateup and Peter Walpole, editor Joseph Jett Sally, costume designer Lindsay Pugh, visual effects supervisor Dan Glass, and composers Johnny Klimek and Tom Tykwer.

Warner Bros. Pictures Presents, In Association with Village Roadshow Pictures, In Association with Venus Castina Productions, “The Matrix Resurrections.” The film will be distributed by worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. It will be in theaters nationwide and on HBO Max via the Ad-Free plan on December 22, 2021; it will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release.

jupiter rules
jupiter rules Prije 30 minuta
LOOKS TERRIBLE. Singing terrible. Age is not nice to the female(trinity). Looks B grade movie.
PSA Prije 36 minuta
So this is what John wick does when he isn’t killing people
AMR Prije 36 minuta
Trinity : where’ve you been all these years Neo : i was John Weck
Jar Jar Binks
Jar Jar Binks Prije 37 minuta
IantheGamer Prije 39 minuta
Anyone else think its a missed opportunity to call it Matrix Rebooted
Tom Cat funny
Tom Cat funny Prije 40 minuta
Hi bravo
Zohaib Asad Academies
Zohaib Asad Academies Prije 57 minuta
Neo and Trinity - A match made in heaven.
Mohammad Prije sat
Superman, Spiderman etc. are just freed from the matrix.
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Prije sat
Trailer is boring oh man this doesn't look good as the first matrix
trollface Prije sat
Mr Anderson, we weren't expecting you
Michael Banno
Michael Banno Prije sat
Jessica Henwick is so beautiful.
Naveed Khan
Naveed Khan Prije 2 sati
Forget everything.. its good to see Pryanka Chopra in her original self.
Daniel Brzak
Daniel Brzak Prije 2 sati
John Anderson Wick
GreenLight Studio
GreenLight Studio Prije 2 sati
Is agent Johnson (Daniel Bernhardt) going to play big role in this film i hope so.
Nathan Prije 2 sati
Oh god, this looks like some gen z kids wrote this so they can play the old parts and be included. I'm not keeping my hopes up.
MR. KITTY Prije sat
I guarantee you that you're 15
Patrick Stanger
Patrick Stanger Prije 2 sati
Lizard King
Lizard King Prije 2 sati
This trailer made me throw up in my mouth
Professor Raccoon
Professor Raccoon Prije 2 sati
This is gonna be my first time watching the matrix!
Baloon Knot22
Baloon Knot22 Prije 2 sati
This will be some woke b.s. I'm sure.
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 49 minuta
@Baloon Knot22 I think Mr. Kitty‘s point, and correct me if I’m wrong Mr. Kitty, was that the whole premise of The Matrix is wokeness, and that your comment was ill-conceived. Wokeness is literally the story bro.
Baloon Knot22
Baloon Knot22 Prije sat
@Paul Danhauser spoiler alert bro, Neo eats the blue pill
MR. KITTY Prije sat
Have you ever watched the matrix?
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 2 sati
Some jackass will make a dumb comment on this thread I'm sure. Oh wait...
john krappweis
john krappweis Prije 2 sati
I don’t know about this. “Bill and Ted Face the Music” was Keanu’s sad, pathetic attempt to relive past glories. I hope this one turns out better, but I’m not impressed so far.
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 2 sati
What have you ever done?
ManiiOfficial Prije 2 sati
We Dont use that word in here 😂😂😅
maximus the cat
maximus the cat Prije 2 sati
Please use me as a like button for people who feel the movie wont be nearly as good as the original's because they replaced morpheus for no reason......
John Lee
John Lee Prije 2 sati
You just know this is going to be awesome.
Brandon Corrigan
Brandon Corrigan Prije 2 sati
He should’ve shaved the beard. He looks just like John Wick.
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije sat
@Brandon Corrigan That's not how film production works.
Brandon Corrigan
Brandon Corrigan Prije sat
@Paul Danhauser but it’s The Matrix... he could have waited or just regrown the beard.
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 2 sati
You know he's also shooting another John Wick film, right? If it's between this and a Superman-like mustache erasure, I choose this.
Brandon Corrigan
Brandon Corrigan Prije 2 sati
This trailer doesn’t give me much hope for the movie. This may end up being a flop.
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 53 minuta
@Brandon Corrigan Not true. I’m just willing to wait for the film before I start criticizing it. It’s obvious that there’s a story here and it’s not just some simple money grab. I’m intrigued. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be good, but yes I’m hoping it is.
Brandon Corrigan
Brandon Corrigan Prije sat
@Paul Danhauser I could look like a hater or I can look like I’m just a good observer. But it wouldn’t matter what you think about me because you’re obviously a fan and you’re going to find every reason to like it.
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije sat
@Brandon Corrigan That's what I like to hear.
Brandon Corrigan
Brandon Corrigan Prije sat
@Paul Danhauser We’ll see what I am once the movie comes out.
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 2 sati
You have so little hope you took the time to comment on here twice. Maybe you're just a hater?
Juan Pablo Escobar Hidalgo
Juan Pablo Escobar Hidalgo Prije 3 sati
Kevin Katz
Kevin Katz Prije 3 sati
Always a good sign when some of the original production members and those who have worked with the director before, come back... Produced by Bruce Berman: The Matrix, Reloaded, Revolutions Matt Bilski: Revolutions Miki Emmrich: V for Vendetta José Luis Escolar: Cloud Atlas Aimee Allegretti: Cloud Atlas Set Decoration by Lisa Brennan: The Matrix Production Management Miki Emmrich: V for Vendetta Katharina Gapski: V for Vendetta
Jimmy Clip
Jimmy Clip Prije 3 sati
Is the dude in the chair at 2:32 Mouse????
Chris Anthony
Chris Anthony Prije 3 sati
Looks like after he died the machine world put him in a different reality I could be wrong but I can’t wait till it comes out
Cash Cody
Cash Cody Prije 3 sati
Day 11 - of watching this trailer everyday until Dec 22
Phill Colvin Jr
Phill Colvin Jr Prije 2 sati
Latin Lover
Latin Lover Prije 4 sati
Ray Han
Ray Han Prije 4 sati
Just in case you are wondering, if you ask "am I crazy?" and the answer is "we don't use that word here," you are crazy
MAry-Vlog Go to My Channel
MAry-Vlog Go to My Channel Prije 4 sati
Everything that has a begining has and end... And a sequel
Michael McNeely
Michael McNeely Prije 4 sati
Correction: LARRY Wachowski
Mayor Naise
Mayor Naise Prije 3 sati
Nah, she transitioned in the late 2000's. Her name is Lana.
Talimaw Afghani
Talimaw Afghani Prije 4 sati
after watching cinematic trailer of Elder Scroll and starcraft2: heart of the swarm this kind of movies are getting boring.. others stick to old superhero movie only change the setting and the actors 🙄
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Prije 4 sati
They should have Elon Musk do a cameo.
ßəäň ScanlonRyan
ßəäň ScanlonRyan Prije 4 sati
"You get the beard or you get nothing, Lana"
APV Anand
APV Anand Prije 4 sati
Mike  JOHN
Mike JOHN Prije 4 sati
THIS will shake us and this part it in start of matrix before it built and war is up into earth Is this true about movie idea?
maria eugenia rivas gonzalez
maria eugenia rivas gonzalez Prije 4 sati
My favourite movies are back. ALWAYS Keanu's fan. Forever.
Nubera Gaming
Nubera Gaming Prije 4 sati
I just saw a guy using mask on the train?
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott Prije 4 sati
I hope this one has the same ethos of the main on and can poke fun at our establishment..
Mohammed Mansoor
Mohammed Mansoor Prije 5 sati
The trailer looks bad to be honest .. and cgi looks cheap .. I think that real fans of the franchise will be disappointed .. I wish that I’m wrong 🥲
DaddyBoss TrebC.C
DaddyBoss TrebC.C Prije 5 sati
Johnwick Matrix sequel😁
Fredy Lucas
Fredy Lucas Prije 5 sati
Ngl it was pretty bad ://
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 2 sati
Don't watch it.
joen Sullivancompres
joen Sullivancompres Prije 5 sati
En . pelí hien.tik.tok. mis amigos
Chumbersdee Prije 5 sati
He even helped the landlady carry out her garbage
Tango Bravo
Tango Bravo Prije 5 sati
Damn where is Mr. Fish though?
Михаил Пашковский
Михаил Пашковский Prije 5 sati
I like what I'm seeing, but I hope its not gonna go the way of "Star Wars the Force Awakens", where its pretty much just the remake of the first movie that pushes nostalgia and has nothing new to offer.
TheAjd001 Prije 5 sati
but Lawrence...WHY
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 2 sati
Watch the movie and find out.
Cast Masters Outdoors
Cast Masters Outdoors Prije 6 sati
Iam soo confused
Cast Masters Outdoors
Cast Masters Outdoors Prije 6 sati
Is this a re boot? ...or after all that They put Neo back in the matrix
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 2 sati
juscot Prije 6 sati
Neo isn't supposed to have a beard and long hair.
Paul Danhauser
Paul Danhauser Prije 2 sati
OH YEAH??? Tell me MORE!
Tombog Prije 6 sati
if you look at the real world scene only like half of the pods have people in them maybe that means they are taking people out of the matrix
Kiddo X
Kiddo X Prije 6 sati
So...Neo is drugged with what looks like an undefined amount of blue pills because his mind is that powerful, Trinity appears to be reborn by The Source, and the only deaths that seem to have been concrete are Morpheus & Smith. 😐😐 Oh yeah, this is gonna be some Christmas.
Jack Prije 6 sati
They should start showing The Matrix in cinemas just before this one comes out
Jack Prije 6 sati
And every channel on TV
Star Parik
Star Parik Prije 6 sati
Where tf is Hugo?
Thomas Grannon
Thomas Grannon Prije 7 sati
He looks like John Wick maybe Neo was reinstated as a actor... "After all this time going back to the matrix" in the new matrix 4 trailer along with scenes of the film's played on a projector... Maybe Thomas Anderson was reinserted as an actor like cypher wanted to be , so his memories are really just films he made until he wakes up again as Neo...
Malcolm Price
Malcolm Price Prije 7 sati
This finna be garbage 🗑😕
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks Prije 7 sati
Where the green at?
abram x
abram x Prije 7 sati
Looks so cheap. And..."chinesse"..
David ngulube
David ngulube Prije 7 sati
There is less action in this one
Senie Brummet
Senie Brummet Prije 7 sati
::giggles:: It's How To Train Your Neo: John Wick Edition! I am so excited for this movie! ^_^
veronihika Prije 7 sati
This better be four hours long, and the extended director'a cut will be six.
Fahd Saqlain
Fahd Saqlain Prije 7 sati
Hoping this is a comedy movie … looks terrible if they r trying to be serious
I hope to see Agent Smith again in this movie 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Arya Kurdish
Arya Kurdish Prije 7 sati
Let’s see
MrXman506 Prije 7 sati
Ok, so Neo is an actor plugged back into the Matrix. He remembers making the Matrix movies as an actor (like Cypher wanted to be in the first movie). That guy at the end is a studio exec talking about Thomas Anderson reprising the role of Neo in another movie, but of course even the blue pills prescribed to him by his psychiatrist are not enough for him to completely forget reality. And his main reason for remembering is his love for Trinity. Morphius said in the first movie that as long as the Matrix exists mankind will never be free. This movie should end with the end of the Matrix where everyone is freed or they will try to drag this out for another three movies. I hope this movie ends how I think it will where there is an actual lasting peace between the machines and humans OR maybe the machines need to be destroyed completely to end their reign over mankind. That latter idea would lead to more movies, but I don't think they would be good. In any case, this movie will not be as good as the first, but if done right it could redeem the other movies just by going out with a bang and ending it. Or there is the possibility that there is the Matrix within the Matrix and they were never in the real world at all, so "Matrix Inception" if you will, but again that would just lead to other crappy movies, maybe, I don't know. Let's see.
Gobline froop
Gobline froop Prije 7 sati
Me exploring my best friends house in creative mode: 2:11
Jarosław Jaworski
Jarosław Jaworski Prije 7 sati
That’s terrible
RizzyRozay Prije 7 sati
This oddly has the feel of a musical to me, the way they did the effects it seems like they’re dancing. And then NPH and Jonathan Groff are in it, too
Adriene Lainez
Adriene Lainez Prije 7 sati
daniel kennedy
daniel kennedy Prije 7 sati
I like the direction this is goin in!!!
Rabia Anwar
Rabia Anwar Prije 8 sati
How much i waited for you......
thefairangel Prije 8 sati
Looks like a Phantom Menace situation where the director hasn't done anything good for the last 20 years and makes a come back with it's well-known franchise . The finale result is quite predictable.
Sam McDermott
Sam McDermott Prije 8 sati
sir bird duck
Sam McDermott
Sam McDermott Prije 8 sati
cyberduck!!! wtf :p
Rich Money
Rich Money Prije 8 sati
He better win an Oscar for this. Playing Neo and John Wick at the same time.
Mansa Musa
Mansa Musa Prije 8 sati
Does anyone miss Morpheus here?!
Tom Nook
Tom Nook Prije 8 sati
Rahim Khan
Rahim Khan Prije 8 sati
Sooooo beautiful
Jeremy Tucker
Jeremy Tucker Prije 8 sati
dawnshart1 Prije 8 sati
What is the song for this trailer ????
Dennis Svendsen
Dennis Svendsen Prije 8 sati
Where's the other Warchowski brother....??
Ahmad mughal
Ahmad mughal Prije 8 sati
i miss him so much wellcome back boss mr Anderson🌹🌹
Shaun Steele
Shaun Steele Prije 8 sati
Did they just get another bald black guy to play Morpheus?
SaVaGe_ JoE_Plays
SaVaGe_ JoE_Plays Prije 8 sati
Yes sadly
Libertarian Recordings
Libertarian Recordings Prije 5 sati
Instant block my sir 🤣
M. vdW.
M. vdW. Prije 9 sati
Too bad so many people in this world took the blue pill in 2020
Mario Zambarov
Mario Zambarov Prije 9 sati
If we are in A Matrix,it's braking the 4th wall. And mind blowing me.
Vesna Lukic
Vesna Lukic Prije 9 sati
So John Wick is now Neo. Interesting. :D
DB Prije 9 sati
If this film doesn't have RATM in the credits I'm not interested
Rosemary Farell
Rosemary Farell Prije 9 sati
Literally cant stop watching this trailer. Lana Wachowski thank you.
Margo Queen
Margo Queen Prije 9 sati
Wow... That looks not so bad at all!
Abhishek Nayak
Abhishek Nayak Prije 9 sati
I can watch it a million times like it a million times.
mr.ghosty Prije 9 sati
omg its the guy from FORTNITE!!!!!!!!
Bibi Anna Sobia khan
Bibi Anna Sobia khan Prije 9 sati
Woooooooooooaaaah 😍 I can't wait
Alejandro Prije 9 sati
Spoiler alert: the blue-haired girl is Trinity's placeholder
jaimie atack
jaimie atack Prije 9 sati
I’m soooooooo excited about this 😌
Always Crypto
Always Crypto Prije 9 sati
I'm sure Lana is going to blow my F#$%#NG mind... And i'm ready.
Nekros Prije 9 sati
This is idiotic. Why? Why are you beating this dead horse?
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