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It's time for some GIANT trick shots!
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Ryland Peterson
Ryland Peterson Prije 33 minuta
Round1what is ties singing was I’m so fancy
Stacy Brown
Stacy Brown Prije 2 sati
The first one you really know I’m in the fast lane in my car but I’m going slow
Alan walsh
Alan walsh Prije 4 sati
All I want for Christmas is you
It’s Ya Boy Brantley
It’s Ya Boy Brantley Prije 19 sati
I am so fancy
Nairobi valdez
Nairobi valdez Prije 21 sat
Song number one I’m so fancy
Squeakz Yt
Squeakz Yt Prije 22 sati
I’m so fancy
Westie Bestie!
Westie Bestie! Prije dan
hi dud
Briggs Lange
Briggs Lange Prije dan
La to tokyo
Chelsey Shatto
Chelsey Shatto Prije dan
I’m so fast I redey no
Mike Ginty
Mike Ginty Prije dan
Bonus round was shake it off
Zia Boomgaard
Zia Boomgaard Prije dan
I love you guys You are amazing at all of these stuff I can’t even do this
Rishikesh Dharwar
Rishikesh Dharwar Prije 6 sati
We know that
Tommy Hay
Tommy Hay Prije 2 dana
Your so crazy
Harvey Jiang
Harvey Jiang Prije 2 dana
Harvey Jiang
Harvey Jiang Prije 2 dana
What do you know
Harvey Jiang
Harvey Jiang Prije 2 dana
Twinkle twinkle star
debbe saez
debbe saez Prije 2 dana
Baby sharkk
Deer Slayer
Deer Slayer Prije 3 dana
Anybody else hear the bonus song under water at the very end
shubhojyoti DAS
shubhojyoti DAS Prije 3 dana
ty sang gibberish
Maxim Corbeil
Maxim Corbeil Prije 3 dana
round 1 is welcome to overtime
KingLuis !
KingLuis ! Prije 4 dana
Right now it is 12:18 and I don’t have school so I went back to dude purfect old videos
Nathan Sullivan
Nathan Sullivan Prije 4 dana
I meant Tyler
Nathan Sullivan
Nathan Sullivan Prije 4 dana
Thank you looks so weird when he is singing 1 and 2
Vicky Gaming
Vicky Gaming Prije 4 dana
epic moment =5:58 blind flying disc shot
DUKIĆ Prije 5 dana
I'm so fancyy you already know
Jdub & Juju Gaming
Jdub & Juju Gaming Prije 5 dana
Every comment: who else...
Lalli Jawahar
Lalli Jawahar Prije 5 dana
The song is love is action
round 1 i'm so fancy
Thriftyagenda18 Prije 5 dana
Dang am falling behind got recommended after 4 years
SuperAwesome Ness
SuperAwesome Ness Prije 5 dana
ty is singing jegole bell on the 2th one
KingFamilyAdventures! Prije 5 dana
can you name that song
Ava Passon
Ava Passon Prije 6 dana
Yahhh Love is Action by Tauren Wells~ Amazing artist to listen too~
Bentley Lukkar
Bentley Lukkar Prije 6 dana
I’m so fancy
Cason Haggard
Cason Haggard Prije 6 dana
The air tail on the threading the needle shot didn’t go trough the first hoop.
hydro faceless
hydro faceless Prije 6 dana
4 years for me
Bσяdσ bereli
Bσяdσ bereli Prije 7 dana
Desiree Giambruno-Abbott
Desiree Giambruno-Abbott Prije 8 dana
you sang im so sassy
Blu lyric
Blu lyric Prije 9 dana
Yarr me bird likes ye so i will do a favor for ye
Marvy One
Marvy One Prije 9 dana
iggy azalea fancy underwaterrrrr🤣
Rishikumar Potshangbam
Rishikumar Potshangbam Prije 9 dana
Recommended in 2020😂😂😂😂
Keola Kawaakoa Bergau
Keola Kawaakoa Bergau Prije 10 dana
i'm so fancy you already know
Divya Anupkumar Putane
Divya Anupkumar Putane Prije 10 dana
6:50..... Cory's/Coby's shorts while diving
Abhishek Mohan
Abhishek Mohan Prije 10 dana
Njan para
Rachel Studier
Rachel Studier Prije 10 dana
Reef Hardie
Reef Hardie Prije 11 dana
Umme Razia
Umme Razia Prije 11 dana
People who will like this I'll respect them and meet them when I become famous
Kris Jenk
Kris Jenk Prije 11 dana
awsome love it.
Kris Jenk
Kris Jenk Prije 11 dana
Tanner Brazzell
Tanner Brazzell Prije 12 dana
I’m so fancy
David- Thee-56
David- Thee-56 Prije 12 dana
I’m Sexy
I’m Sexy Prije 12 dana
I'm so fancy you already know
Kublai Prije 12 dana
3 48 donald duck was born lolol
Miller Cassidy
Miller Cassidy Prije 12 dana
Dan Elias
Dan Elias Prije 13 dana
i think the second one that ty was singing was what makes u beautiful artist one direction
Dan Elias
Dan Elias Prije 13 dana
the first one that ty was singing was im so fancy you already know
Triston Denune
Triston Denune Prije 13 dana
No your not fantastic i am you all ready know
Jeremiah Mcmorris
Jeremiah Mcmorris Prije 13 dana
Me I'm board
Matthew M.
Matthew M. Prije 13 dana
He left Cody hanging!
Max Marucci
Max Marucci Prije 13 dana
Nickel back the comments say for the second song
Max Marucci
Max Marucci Prije 13 dana
I’m so fancy you already know
Black poison gameing Riley
Black poison gameing Riley Prije 13 dana
I didn’t know what the seken won was
Sapnil Prije 13 dana
Tyler said that Sapnil that it me is the best 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ardsley McGorman
Ardsley McGorman Prije 14 dana
i can fly
Antixo Prije 14 dana
7:08 Hello, I'm under the water, please help me
Hannah Oeding
Hannah Oeding Prije 14 dana
round one of ty singing fancy
Rory Is my name
Rory Is my name Prije 14 dana
This was my first liked video ever lol
ChaosChicken1020 Prije 14 dana
I only got the first one
Mohammed Imam
Mohammed Imam Prije 15 dana
I don’t know
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Prije 15 dana
I got this recommended after 4 years
Padmaja Desai
Padmaja Desai Prije 15 dana
Padmaja Desai
Padmaja Desai Prije 15 dana
bona azda
bona azda Prije 15 dana
very cool Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of Allah. Unquestionably, by the remembrance of Allah hearts are assured.
Lucian Alexander Gifford
Lucian Alexander Gifford Prije 15 dana
fancy he sung under water
NoCopyrightSounds Academy
NoCopyrightSounds Academy Prije 15 dana
Support me
Isaias Gutierrez-mendoza
Isaias Gutierrez-mendoza Prije 15 dana
sup guys
Dino Dino
Dino Dino Prije 15 dana
Bruh he was singing i am so fancy you dont even know
Adventure Time
Adventure Time Prije 15 dana
U need to make a gaming Channel
marcus lundberg
marcus lundberg Prije 15 dana
Kabelo Moeti
Kabelo Moeti Prije 16 dana
Ty singing:iam so fancy
Rachel Flint
Rachel Flint Prije 16 dana
Gia G
Gia G Prije 16 dana
For round one Tyler said "I'm so fancy you already know"
Maxwell Gillock
Maxwell Gillock Prije 16 dana
I’m so fancy you all ready know
Durham Branch
Durham Branch Prije 16 dana
Ty is singing I’m so fancy under water
Samuel Letter
Samuel Letter Prije 17 dana
Does Trickshot at pool- jumps in pool Does trickshot on golf cart- jumps off cart Does trickshot on roof- “If you jump off the roof your mentally insane”
amac gaming
amac gaming Prije 10 dana
I’m worried for when they do the shots off of the skyscrapers😆
Hank Webster
Hank Webster Prije 17 dana
wrecking ball
kevin maynard
kevin maynard Prije 17 dana
Jesus loves you please get to know him, he is coming back, the rapture is about to happen
Hasna Nayem
Hasna Nayem Prije 17 dana
Who is the panda
Bryson Whaley
Bryson Whaley Prije 17 dana
You already know I’m so fancy is this song
Ryan Schumacher
Ryan Schumacher Prije 17 dana
quarentine sucks so I just watch dude perfect who else does that????
Alice Lehne
Alice Lehne Prije 17 dana
So fansy
julie hatfield
julie hatfield Prije 17 dana
I'm so fancy
julie hatfield
julie hatfield Prije 17 dana
You know
Alexander Cappelletti
Alexander Cappelletti Prije 17 dana
Round 2 I love you like a recking ball
kootiewabbit Prije 18 dana
Game Totourials
Game Totourials Prije 18 dana
Horrible sining
Game Totourials
Game Totourials Prije 18 dana
DASH SIMPSEN Prije 18 dana
You are the best youtubers ever
CHRISTIAN RM Prije 18 dana
muy bien amigos excelente 10000000
PASHA 228 999
PASHA 228 999 Prije 18 dana
Кто из России лайк! Посмотрим сколько нас))))
abo Ali
abo Ali Prije 18 dana
Sewryd bfhj ipk
Lee Seacombe
Lee Seacombe Prije 18 dana
Who else is watching tis 4 years later because it reccomended?
The Next Gen
The Next Gen Prije 18 dana
1st song : Im so fancy you already know (Song: Fancy by Iggy Azalea)
Vilas Raikar
Vilas Raikar Prije 18 dana
The best day for me. Pls like
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