FaZe Jarvis CRUSH Reacts to his EX Girlfriends

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Jarvis & Kay

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Josh Sorel
Josh Sorel Prije 3 dana
jarvis shouldnt like hannah tbh
Josh Sorel
Josh Sorel Prije 3 dana
jarvis got tings eh
Dominik Dragić
Dominik Dragić Prije 5 dana
0:18 look at her reaction
Roni7 Prije 7 dana
How many ex’s have you got Jarvis Jarvis: Yes
xx vibe xx
xx vibe xx Prije 14 dana
Her:look at me dancing now Me:i thought you didn't like dancing
Zack DeAyre
Zack DeAyre Prije 14 dana
Stop being so jealous hannah you don't even have crush with jarvis he even hates you.
Grady Mayfield
Grady Mayfield Prije 15 dana
Summer Rae and Jarvis are better than you
Locker-Room Dwarf
Locker-Room Dwarf Prije 16 dana
Xx -maddox- xX
Xx -maddox- xX Prije 16 dana
Dye your hair dark blue
Hector Madrigal
Hector Madrigal Prije 24 dana
Hannha Jarvis don’t like because you did not kiss him in the would you rather game and he got sad
cozy chomps cozy chomps
cozy chomps cozy chomps Prije 25 dana
Yes summer and Jarvis look like I great couple
Nc gamer
Nc gamer Prije 24 dana
It's Sommer
Oscar Umana
Oscar Umana Prije 26 dana
When Hannah says big pp it make me crack up so baddd XDDDF
Landon Huston
Landon Huston Prije 27 dana
Triggered my guy
Comgu For NRG
Comgu For NRG Prije 28 dana
Soooo many tings HOLY JARVIS
Cʜᴏᴜʟɪx Prije mjesec
i see the jealousy in hannah's eyes
Thomas Marsh
Thomas Marsh Prije mjesec
He dumped sommer ray
alan jr angulo
alan jr angulo Prije mjesec
U a jarviss simp
Duke Prije mjesec
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FaZe Leninade420
FaZe Leninade420 Prije mjesec
yo come check out my live stream
Amirmahdi Mansory
Amirmahdi Mansory Prije mjesec
What is this content??
Lahy Prije mjesec
Bryson walker 8 hours ago
Bryson walker 8 hours ago Prije mjesec
Jarvis is mr steal your girl
Laps Styles
Laps Styles Prije mjesec
abdesslam achouri
abdesslam achouri Prije mjesec
Joder que mal escribo
abdesslam achouri
abdesslam achouri Prije mjesec
Para kos españoles no creeis que ka chica habka mucho tio no para coño
deviour kai
deviour kai Prije mjesec
i feel bad for hannah bc nobody likes her
Debbie Labuschagne
Debbie Labuschagne Prije mjesec
Hanna should honestly get out of the faze house in every vid faze clan posts shen in it an shes so annoying
G66 CERIOX Prije mjesec
NO TO SOMMER RAY NO TO SOMMER RAY NO TO SOMMER RAY poor Jarvis he got cheated on
LittleO Sales
LittleO Sales Prije mjesec
i love the music at the end of the video
Nah Prije mjesec
In this vid it seems like she has more of a crush on carrington then jarvis
June Finlayson
June Finlayson Prije mjesec
Summer and jarvis are more like besties n i ship
Formic Prije mjesec
jarvis needs a girlfriend
Roshod Clement
Roshod Clement Prije mjesec
If Jarvis see this he will kill his self laughing
Nando PZ
Nando PZ Prije mjesec
Team hanna baby
LUCID_ SLB Prije mjesec
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson Prije mjesec
Sommer is 6 years older but they seem happy .
Aaron Arana
Aaron Arana Prije mjesec
woah there buddy,
Morgan Sweet
Morgan Sweet Prije mjesec
jarvis you should prank her and make her think u love her
LIMITED 31 Prije mjesec
I want jarvis and sommer to be together
Sidra Arfan
Sidra Arfan Prije mjesec
Bro I feel bad for branden because he dated sommer ray too and now they kind of brokeup
Bryson McGibbon
Bryson McGibbon Prije mjesec
Jarvis and summer would make a good couple ngl (just sayin)
Dakota York
Dakota York Prije mjesec
They should get back together
Rambo-YT_- _
Rambo-YT_- _ Prije mjesec
Is it me or does sommer actually like Jarvis 😂😂
Fake Faze Jarvis
Fake Faze Jarvis Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it just me or every every girl in the faze clout are pretty
AdorbsAbby Prije 2 mjeseci
Mr HotDog
Mr HotDog Prije 2 mjeseci
❤️ Hannah 😍
Joseph Neal
Joseph Neal Prije 2 mjeseci
sommer Omg that's nasty
Joseph Neal
Joseph Neal Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis better stay away from my girl charli jk can you help me get into faze pls
Egypt Love
Egypt Love Prije 2 mjeseci
Faze jarvis a player he got them girls
Ian Martinez
Ian Martinez Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol she looked so jealous XD
AQUA MYSTX Prije 2 mjeseci
They r so meant to be
ItsJake Prije 2 mjeseci
hannah date jarvis alrady
ItsJake Prije 2 mjeseci
hannah date jarvis alrady
Paul Neal
Paul Neal Prije 2 mjeseci
Keifer Perenara
Keifer Perenara Prije 2 mjeseci
oh hell yea jks
Ashton Miller
Ashton Miller Prije 2 mjeseci
they are a perfict cuple
Caleb Dean
Caleb Dean Prije 2 mjeseci
Brodske Prije 2 mjeseci
i ship jarvis and hannah
William Gonzalez-Hernandez
William Gonzalez-Hernandez Prije 2 mjeseci
he never will pink her girl
Orion Tellez
Orion Tellez Prije 2 mjeseci
Its the hair
NFG CRAX Prije 2 mjeseci
Does Hannah have a crush on Jarvis or he on er
sasq Watch
sasq Watch Prije 2 mjeseci
Does she really want Jarvis that bad
JACE MEYERS Prije 2 mjeseci
SIMP JARVIS no hate dude...
Dianne Refuerzo
Dianne Refuerzo Prije 2 mjeseci
Charlotte, Hannah and Sommer is 💖. Missing Charlotte, was in tears when watched the latest Tinder date. :((
Timothy Little
Timothy Little Prije 2 mjeseci
you like him
ju ahhs
ju ahhs Prije 2 mjeseci
Lizzy Plays
Lizzy Plays Prije 2 mjeseci
Chris Prije 2 mjeseci
Hannah is so cool
Serpent Alex
Serpent Alex Prije 2 mjeseci
I am serpent jayh a HRposter tell faze Jarvis to reacting to me
Soul_Sniper25 Prije 2 mjeseci
She talks too much
Raylan Wamey
Raylan Wamey Prije 2 mjeseci
I know I wanna girls are jealous they say complements literally I found so much videos of people saying oh my god you’re so pretty you’re jealous
Noah G
Noah G Prije 2 mjeseci
7:56 😂
EXO Tv Prije 2 mjeseci
Mad skit written lol
Robert Posthauer
Robert Posthauer Prije 2 mjeseci
The channel should just be Hannah reacts to faze jarvis
Clqpzz Prije 2 mjeseci
You are so Funny man 😂😂🔥👈👈
Night Wolf
Night Wolf Prije 2 mjeseci
I think Jarvis and sommer are perfect
Kate Johnson
Kate Johnson Prije 2 mjeseci
She is drinking monster
Mila Burnett
Mila Burnett Prije 3 mjeseci
At Jarvis every girl you see you have a crush on
Nate Smith
Nate Smith Prije 3 mjeseci
Brandon and summer should be the ones together
YouTuber Zee
YouTuber Zee Prije 3 mjeseci
How many girls does JARVIS have
Chronic Tezerac
Chronic Tezerac Prije 3 mjeseci
I was ur first subscriber in 1 say u got 1.2 million subs that’s INSANE JARVIS
xian marvin valencia
xian marvin valencia Prije 3 mjeseci
FaZe Dam
FaZe Dam Prije 3 mjeseci
You stupidd
norma castro
norma castro Prije 3 mjeseci
She is jealous
davis Martin
davis Martin Prije 3 mjeseci
Hannah not sub bruh
Jorge Fajardo
Jorge Fajardo Prije 3 mjeseci
fncs fade yt
fncs fade yt Prije 3 mjeseci
Ask jarvis out pls
Amanda Cerna
Amanda Cerna Prije 3 mjeseci
OoF he does not love u :( but ur preety and I’m a kid I’m nice :)
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije 2 mjeseci
I agree.
SmoothVibez Prije 3 mjeseci
No cap
OTR ENZINIO Prije 3 mjeseci
Why does Hannah never wear bras
Michael Smith II
Michael Smith II Prije 3 mjeseci
xVJOSHVx Prije 3 mjeseci
The extra music at the end to get to ten minutes
Bryan and jazmyn
Bryan and jazmyn Prije 3 mjeseci
I whant sommer
Aaron Stewart
Aaron Stewart Prije 3 mjeseci
You only like jarvis for the money
Matthew23gz Gonzalez
Matthew23gz Gonzalez Prije 3 mjeseci
hannah is not a hater that good?
Splxtz Prije 3 mjeseci
dont know if this is just me but.... I think that Hannah and Jarvis would be a cute couple🤨🤨
Raphy Datoc
Raphy Datoc Prije 2 mjeseci
Depends. Depends. As long Jarvis doesn't screw everything up.
Psylock FN
Psylock FN Prije 3 mjeseci
lucid Prije 3 mjeseci
When Jarvis wasn't banned rip #freejarvis
Ethan Rachuba
Ethan Rachuba Prije 3 mjeseci
I think Hanna and jarvis r a good couple
Nancy Gandara
Nancy Gandara Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis and high sky one V1 hi sky and Jarvis one V1
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