POST MATCH | Dean Smith on the historic evening at Villa Park

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:Nnamdi-igwebike :maduka.
:Nnamdi-igwebike :maduka. Prije mjesec
The best team won; well done. Y.N.W.A.
Noah Owen
Noah Owen Prije mjesec
Love this guy
Cory Patterson
Cory Patterson Prije mjesec
Where’s the dean smith out fans gone , that’s what I thought
dean bradley
dean bradley Prije mjesec
Imagine if Villa park was full oh my days. The celebrations would of been crazy
Son off Adam
Son off Adam Prije mjesec
Good managers
RXSPECT_CLAN Prije mjesec
Still shocked 😳
Global Clipz
Global Clipz Prije mjesec
E Sumer
E Sumer Prije mjesec
Let put Martinez no 1 shirt
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
Can only do that at very start of season can't change any other time
Micha Mash
Micha Mash Prije mjesec
This right here is History. They're going to be talking about this result 50 years from now. #UTV
rahul rahul
rahul rahul Prije mjesec
Good luck next time
G E Prije mjesec
Gotta be a top half finish this season 👍🏼
Dan Prije mjesec
From last season I thought he was going to go out the door. From the first 3 games at least I'm glad he stayed. There's a long long way to go yet, I'll be happy to get enough points to avoid relegation. I think we'll be comfortably safe though
Daniel Iwa
Daniel Iwa Prije mjesec
Give Deano a 30 year contract!!
Dean Berry
Dean Berry Prije mjesec
#IT Would B Great If The Fans Were There To See It##
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White Prije mjesec
Well Dean I take my hat off to you and your. What a good shock well done to very one to the players and all the rest of the Villa Works. Keep it up lads.
Jake Crow
Jake Crow Prije mjesec
Deano! Honestly love him! UTV
ABE_DaKing AKO Prije mjesec
30% ball position and 267 passes and 11 shots on target 7 goals that’s crazy match every shot was counted could have been 10 goals easily I am LFC fan but that was miracle nothing else congrats Villa making history beating the best of the best
Yusuph Mbandu
Yusuph Mbandu Prije mjesec
Villa fans to be frank we're jst luck Liverpool played like they were intoxicated! Let's see if the team can maintain the pace as pl continues...
Lyriz Yis
Lyriz Yis Prije mjesec
help me
lion heart
lion heart Prije mjesec
His Destin to do wonders at VILLA 👍
762 mm
762 mm Prije mjesec
4.4k views 4 hours ago 444 likes 4 dislikes 🤯
maxalon sarial
maxalon sarial Prije mjesec
wonderful performance coach
Paul Hollins
Paul Hollins Prije mjesec
Great Performance from the Lads . The Midfield now look awesome boom . SJM LUIZ BARKLEY all ballers who dominated Liverpools midfield freeing up Super Jack and Trez to torment them out wide . With Watkins who looks very impressive leading the line like a seasoned prem star.. Still Buzzing UTV
Kemper Boyd
Kemper Boyd Prije mjesec
Aston Villa, Aston Villa, Aston Villa that’s who. The greatest name in the beautiful game. Aston Villa that’s who.Who conquered Europe in 82. Aston Villa that’s who. Aston Villa, Aston Villa, Aston Villa that’s who!!!!!!!!!!
AVB 81
AVB 81 Prije mjesec
Malone m
Malone m Prije mjesec
The villa team was amazing 💪UTV
E Prije mjesec
Same fans buzzing after the performance were saying Dean out last season. Dean was never the problem. The mans got us up, to a cup final, kept us up and dominated the reigning premier league champions by a huge amount. Rated Dean ever since he came, my dad had a conversation with him just as he became the manager and was geniuenly convinced his belief in this club was to get them back where they belong. We’ve still got seasons to come before we are challenging in Europe but this is such a big hope. Only 3 games in but starting the season off so strong is going to be so key in recreating similar performances for the rest of the season. UTV
Papat Seingsuttivong
Papat Seingsuttivong Prije mjesec
Jonathan Daly
Jonathan Daly Prije mjesec
Supporting Villa 30yrs now.. all my mates are Liverpool fuckwits ... best game ever and didn’t have a drink watching it.... up the Villa
Charles Parker
Charles Parker Prije mjesec
Fatboi Gamer
Fatboi Gamer Prije mjesec
Up the mighty villains. Great win Great players Great management Great team
Mark Crawfy
Mark Crawfy Prije mjesec
In Deano We Trust UTV
Hip 2 Da Game
Hip 2 Da Game Prije mjesec
Dean has gone from coaching Walsall in League One. Coaching Brentford in the Championship. Now coaching his boyhood club. Getting us promoted his first season in charge. Getting us to a League Cup Final in his first season in the PL. Keeping us up on the final day last season. Then spanking the Champions 7-2. Quite the journey... UTV
Dylan Doyle
Dylan Doyle Prije mjesec
DryMilk no problem bud well look maybe not Europe but far to good for a relegation battle Grealish could take villa anywhere with his quality
Inotnersh 17
Inotnersh 17 Prije mjesec
@Dylan Doyle fake fan
DryMilk Prije mjesec
@Dylan Doyle it's early days and hard to not get too excited but from a Villain to a Red devil I appreciated your vote of confidence!
Dylan Doyle
Dylan Doyle Prije mjesec
As a united fan I thought oh villa are doing a Fulham and just throwing money around but hindsight is a great thing now I see a top class keeper a very solid defense who do their job well mcginn and luiz breaking up play and are both very underrated and Barkley given game time is quality. As for Grealish he continues to show the doubters what he can do and Ollie Watkins was always gonna score goals he can do everything. How far can this villa side go? They certainly won’t be in a relegation fight I honestly think they can fight for Europe
Elftzar Prije mjesec
@rahul kurup Yeah, I don't know about Walsall, but Brentford had a fantastic project for some years, and now Villa, ever since their PL return, has shown great potential.
William Campbell
William Campbell Prije mjesec
Daniel Hughes
Daniel Hughes Prije mjesec
Deano. Your the best thing to of happened to our club. And to think some people wanted you out a few months back. Working wonders and showing what a great manager he is. UTV
Paul Scott
Paul Scott Prije mjesec
Semper Fidelis
Semper Fidelis Prije mjesec
Well done villa..had to watch again this morning because I thought I was dreaming ..... PAFC
Eric Choi
Eric Choi Prije mjesec
We celebrate today but we have to work harder tomorrow!!!!! Love this team (ignore my profile)
Seb Blackmore
Seb Blackmore Prije mjesec
You wanna get the real Brazilians on there, Douglas Luiz + Wesley!💜💙
Sanj Villa
Sanj Villa Prije mjesec
While the team is on a high, bring in Tammy and Benrahma. Let’s go finish the rest of the losers in the premiership. Mings-Grealish-Barkley-Tammy could be Amazing for England let alone Villa 👌🏾👌🏾
SACHIN JOSHI Prije mjesec
They deserved it
villan67 Prije mjesec
Unbelievable performance from everyone on the pitch and great preparation by the staff. Absolutely buzzing after smashing the scousers 👍
Ub Kn
Ub Kn Prije mjesec
Sub to mxub
Aston Haslam
Aston Haslam Prije mjesec
I support villa
Yusuph Mbandu
Yusuph Mbandu Prije mjesec
Glealish jst never liked Samatta that is why he never assisted him the he is doing to the new English boy Watkins...but Samatta is a good player who was never given a chance to show his talents...
vincent overy
vincent overy Prije mjesec
yushusup ur talking shit ww deserved to beat liverpool i was greatful for sammatta but hes moved on so u should move on aswell and support his new team
tapani11 Prije mjesec
14 games 1 goal his shit. He got to many chanses
Seb Blackmore
Seb Blackmore Prije mjesec
@Yusuph Mbandu I was grateful for Samatta to come and help us out in January when we had no striker. I went to his debut at Villa Park when we reached the Carabao Cup final beating Leicester in the last minute. I wore a Tanzania shirt that evening to show i had faith in him and although he didnt score as many as we wished, his professionalism and effort was high level. Grealish assisted Samagoal here and he was unlucky to not score. Unfortunately last season we were in a high pressure relegation battle as it was our first year back in the PL. And our squad was lacking the confidence built through experience, as many were appearing for the first time in this tough league. Samagoal would definitely be scoring now in this league, but we as a club need reliable goal machines. Dean Smith had to go and buy Ollie Watkins as they were together at Brentford previously. And its kind of fairer to let Ally go, so others get to experience his skills + goals during his peak. He maybe back in other circumstances, you never know. But ive supported Villa for over 25 years and we all were happy with him! W e just need alittle more experience right now and he's better than being on the bench. He helped us escape relegation. Always part of the Pride.
Yusuph Mbandu
Yusuph Mbandu Prije mjesec
Daniel Hughes I am sorry if it offends u in anyway but thats my opinion based on the team records and recent perfomances...
Darth Prije mjesec
@Yusuph Mbandu Mbwana Samatta had no experience in English football, he didn't understand it. He worked very hard and tried his best, in the end he didn't understand what was required of him. The Premier League is the toughest league in the world, not only do you have to be physically quick and strong but a player has to be able to think on his feet. Samatta was strong and fast but not a quick thinker. That being said I'll always remember his goal in the cup final against City and I hope things work out for him in Turkey.
Prototype Prije mjesec
Can’t help but be happy for him and his players. And the Villa fans!
Bayezid II
Bayezid II Prije mjesec
Could've been 9
Фанат Челси
Фанат Челси Prije mjesec
Josh Carvell
Josh Carvell Prije mjesec
My club, my manager. Absolutely class. UTV
Arachnophilia Prije mjesec
Well I gave him stick last season but this season he's proving me wrong! Long season thougb but this a big boost. P.s I love the 7-2 on the screen.
Diomar Gremista
Diomar Gremista Prije mjesec
Méritos pra ele conseguiu encaixar o time , começou bem 2020 , vamos vamos Aston Villa 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Football Alliance Montages
Football Alliance Montages Prije mjesec
UTFV🟣🔵 I’m still in shock 😂 this team is something else
CAIO VITOR Prije mjesec
Grealish monstro me espélho nele, vomos villaa
Anwarul Yaseen
Anwarul Yaseen Prije mjesec
good work boys we still have to do more
CAIO VITOR Prije mjesec
Vomos villa, sou ídolo aqui do Brasil (que partida ontem em)🔥🔥🔥
JH AVFC Prije mjesec
Top Bloke ❤️🦁
ADDY. KLAISIT. Prije mjesec
**FAN CLUB from THAILAND🇹🇭💐❤**
Muraad Media
Muraad Media Prije mjesec
Keep going
Cosmic Prije mjesec
H Ondrillz
H Ondrillz Prije mjesec
first comment
Katherine DS
Katherine DS Prije mjesec
Well done dean
sw1fty Prije mjesec
josh wilkes
josh wilkes Prije mjesec
lightwork from the boys
YT_ CrXyZ Prije mjesec
First UTV
Raiderz_ Returns
Raiderz_ Returns Prije mjesec
Subbing to everyone who subs to me
Subbing to everyone who subs to me Prije mjesec
I hope this stranger who reads this becomes succedfull
IXB_RXCHIE Prije mjesec
big racks15
big racks15 Prije mjesec
Let's go villaaaa!!!!
Lethal Gaming
Lethal Gaming Prije mjesec
Let’s go villa
Grxcie007 Prije mjesec
Ryan ATH
Ryan ATH Prije mjesec
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