Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup

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Kylie Jenner

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Watch my mom do my makeup.
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Erika Guevara
Erika Guevara Prije sat
Kris is my fav.
Maggie Singsit
Maggie Singsit Prije 13 sati
I just love how calm kylie is😍
Sierra _
Sierra _ Prije 20 sati
it’s good thing we are related HAHA
grace omoigui
grace omoigui Prije dan
If I absolutely had to.. yes
Vanezza Roca
Vanezza Roca Prije dan
I love their chemistry.
Queen Stylishus
Queen Stylishus Prije dan
Jenny’s Secrets
Jenny’s Secrets Prije dan
This video is hilarious 😂😂
luucyjayjay Prije dan
YuukiAezxzxxx Mochiii
YuukiAezxzxxx Mochiii Prije dan
Kris Jenner is a super cool mom.
romeo jr ssj
romeo jr ssj Prije dan
She's beautiful beautiful without makeup 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Abby Rose
Abby Rose Prije 2 dana
Is it just me or maybe she didnt get liposuction because her lips are way thinner without lipliner
gift natima
gift natima Prije 2 dana
Manena William
Manena William Prije 2 dana
Kylie still acts like a child (in a good way) 😂
U A Prije 2 dana
Kris puts so much effort,trying her best. I think all mommas are so cute and lovely ones💞💞💞 love your mums
M 2bird
M 2bird Prije 2 dana
I love Kris she is such a mood her n kylie has such a good relationship love them both
Flavia Azizaj
Flavia Azizaj Prije 2 dana
Kylie I absolutely like this look💞!You for sure should do more videos like this!💖💫💫😇💖
CiCi M
CiCi M Prije 2 dana
Love ❤️
SUNWHA KIM Prije 2 dana
Haddi Jack
Haddi Jack Prije 2 dana
Noel Vanderwall
Noel Vanderwall Prije 2 dana
It’s kris jenners world and we’re just living in it
Rachel Jacklyn
Rachel Jacklyn Prije 2 dana
Wow those results 🤩
Precious Lily
Precious Lily Prije 3 dana Top 10 Most popular celebrity in the world Check out the Number of Kylie Jenner 😉🔥🔥😎😎
chomp chomp
chomp chomp Prije 3 dana
so ugly- not the makeup
Tyullib Ji
Tyullib Ji Prije 3 dana
Are you uncomfortable that your mom is doing your makeup
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UC Mark King's-bury Th!s' Stuft Prije 3 dana
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Marianie Talisaysay
Marianie Talisaysay Prije 3 dana
N U Lets Eat
N U Lets Eat Prije 3 dana
I miss my mom 😭😭 I have lost my mother for five years😭😭
Angel Morcus
Angel Morcus Prije 3 dana
You okay girl? :(
Holly Gonzales
Holly Gonzales Prije 3 dana
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Holly Gonzales
Holly Gonzales Prije 3 dana
I made a playlist with all the best videos of Kylie Cosmetics from Kylie's channel:
Holly Gonzales
Holly Gonzales Prije 3 dana
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Holly Gonzales
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I made a playlist with all the best videos of Kylie from her HRpost channel:
Eazy C
Eazy C Prije 4 dana
I'm a dude, why am I watching this, and why can't I stop?!
Bongi Angel
Bongi Angel Prije 4 dana
Cute relationship
Катерина Левік
Катерина Левік Prije 4 dana
what's with blur
Raida Ujma
Raida Ujma Prije 4 dana
06:20 cute
Gigi TCT
Gigi TCT Prije 4 dana
I love this video of mother and daughter... reminds me of my dynamic with my mom. It was truly a joy to watch, thanks for sharing💖👌🏼❣️
lizzydread Prije 4 dana
This video made my day hahahaha niceee
Ml Kdr
Ml Kdr Prije 4 dana
Kris is just amazing
Danika Salorio
Danika Salorio Prije 4 dana
lowkey her lips look so thin wth aha
Dennis Axel
Dennis Axel Prije 5 dana
U natural ugly
the1lique Prije 5 dana
why is your face so swollen on this video
Magdalena Ruiz
Magdalena Ruiz Prije 5 dana
I hate how she treats her mom!!
fabulosos Prije 5 dana
I thought Caitlyn Jenner was your mom
kate k
kate k Prije 5 dana
U should stop wearing makeup u look so pretty naturally but u also look good with makeup xxxx 😁❤️
Zoé BISSON Prije 5 dana
grave caca ce gros caca qui sent le caca mou !
Aparna Mandal
Aparna Mandal Prije 5 dana
Leonel De la garza
Leonel De la garza Prije 5 dana
Hello ❤️
Brats Bre
Brats Bre Prije 5 dana
I’am a big fan I love watching ur vids in the Kardashians
nadecia cameron
nadecia cameron Prije 5 dana
hi kylie can u do a day in kylie and stormies life
QWERTY T Prije 6 dana
kriss: you have cute eyes kylie: aww thank you, you made them (so cute)
Alexa Denize Dela Cruz
Alexa Denize Dela Cruz Prije 6 dana
You look like my cousin tho...she talks like you and looks like you literally
Aida Aji
Aida Aji Prije 6 dana
I actually like how it turned up! so Beautiful
Coko On Demand
Coko On Demand Prije 6 dana
Nobody: Me: 5:29am^* cracking up when Kris started Kylie’s eyes 😂❤️💕
Camille Rocamora
Camille Rocamora Prije 6 dana
This video is one of my favorite, it made my day! 👏🏻🥰
Rakhi Chatterjee
Rakhi Chatterjee Prije 6 dana
Tay Marie Lucc
Tay Marie Lucc Prije 6 dana
she looks so much like kris at the end ik im kinda stating the obvious but i just never rly saw how similar they can be even tho their mother and daughter
San Chan
San Chan Prije 6 dana
Her cheeks remind me of billy the puppet lol
Kristie Parmer
Kristie Parmer Prije 6 dana
Kris Jenner is the REAL money maker. I don't care what anyone says, she birthed all of them, and SHE built their careers.
Tressa Roth
Tressa Roth Prije 6 dana
How fun💞💞
Tiffani Vu
Tiffani Vu Prije 7 dana
Lol 🤣🤣😍, so funny. Kylie keep trying not to laugh... ha ha ha
Айкумис Джапкараева
Айкумис Джапкараева Prije 7 dana
Kris acts like my mother 😍
Kylie looks good
Eesha Teje
Eesha Teje Prije 7 dana
star sourcer
star sourcer Prije 7 dana
I wish my Mom was here to do this with me. Be nice.
ele 17
ele 17 Prije 7 dana
Jajajajaa more videos like this please. Very funy
korinne L
korinne L Prije 7 dana
I bought the bronzer and LUV it! There are two different brands that I use ( your brand and the other) and I always get compliments on your brand!
Vincent Collins
Vincent Collins Prije 7 dana
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Alexandra Rebernegg
Alexandra Rebernegg Prije 7 dana
I looooove kris ❤️❣️
Da Queen
Da Queen Prije 7 dana
Yassssss this is a great video💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻
jessica neto
jessica neto Prije 7 dana
When she blew on her eye i almost peed my pants. And then when she told her not to look while doing her lips 😂😂😂 dead
Flawlessme Flawless
Flawlessme Flawless Prije 8 dana
Hey, just started my online business Shaniqua’s Drink2Shrink 💕 follow me on ig: perfectlyflawed26 link in my bio Black Owned Business 🙌🏽
Mara Cruz
Mara Cruz Prije 8 dana
Born in the 80s 😄 Love your mom shes so amazing!! Im glad you all decided to do a video like this!! Brings back memories for me!! I love this your makeup turned out beautiful!! Great job momma Kris💕
Chloe Law
Chloe Law Prije 8 dana
I love your video
jOjOLewinskyy Prije 8 dana
Listen, this literally has to be the funniest shit I’ve seen ALL day! Kylie took me out with “ Hmmm... bronzer all over the face?. “
have a nice day
have a nice day Prije 8 dana
bob ross- queen
Zelci Chua
Zelci Chua Prije 8 dana
That moment when Kylie asked “do you want me to help you on this part?” And Kris says, “no, I can do it💅” and then a few seconds later... “okay you do it” 😂
nobody Prije 8 dana
Stormi calls her mommy exactly how she calls her mom mommy
Latasha Blake
Latasha Blake Prije 8 dana
i love this video ❤️ Prije 8 dana
She sounds like when you are at the doctors office
liina ndapanda
liina ndapanda Prije 8 dana
The Chris Jenner method 🙌🏾😂😍
Nelia R
Nelia R Prije 8 dana
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Brett Jason Rees
Brett Jason Rees Prije 8 dana
I think she is so pretty without the makeup
kelly skaggs
kelly skaggs Prije 8 dana
Kylie you are beautiful and your mom is also, I loved watching this video, your mom is so sweet to you and actually to all of you, Mominger, please do not take advantage of each other just love each other until the next video.
Stefany Luna
Stefany Luna Prije 8 dana
Kylie relájate! deja que tu mamá lo haga, porque te estresas tanto jaja
i am your huge fan from bangladesh
13 99
13 99 Prije 8 dana
kris is so funny 🤣
ZELA Zosangzela
ZELA Zosangzela Prije 8 dana
Kylie jenner is cute 😍
Rhema Geronimo
Rhema Geronimo Prije 8 dana
i'm laughing so hard from start to finish, kris is so funny 😂😂😂
Poppy Face
Poppy Face Prije 8 dana
She looks like JWOW ! Chica Plastic 💁🏼‍♀️
Alyssa Vargo
Alyssa Vargo Prije 8 dana
Can we talk about how AMAZING she looks with out makeup 😍😘🥰❤️🎊👌
Catherine Marylin Bashkov Sackey
Catherine Marylin Bashkov Sackey Prije 8 dana
This is the most amazing video I’ve seen in years I still have my mom in my life but I just don’t see her often i live in Michigan and she live in Texas this make me really happy to see thanks Kylie
Nose Secret
Nose Secret Prije 8 dana
Entertaining. Cool to see mom and daughter having fun
IsiS_So_ ILL
IsiS_So_ ILL Prije 8 dana
Class, Can You say " Cringe" ?😬 They so Fake🙄💯
Laina Haefer
Laina Haefer Prije 8 dana
Kris did phenomenal. Also....baking is not a thing for my generation, (and Kris’s). It tends to settle in the lines, so I completely understand her skipping that step. I want to see this done again. It’s fun.
Ice Wollow come
Ice Wollow come Prije 8 dana
Okay so I've always never really like Kylie Jenner, but now that i have started watching her videos I realize how sweet and nice she is. She a awesome mother and she so sweet.
Jafari Hames
Jafari Hames Prije 8 dana
lol idk if its the camera but she really doesn't look that bad
Mahasin Burma
Mahasin Burma Prije 8 dana
Ahhh so sweet
STEPH'S LIFE Prije 8 dana
Great video. I'm excited to make more video on my yt channel. Love the makeup look. Just subbed
saul barrera
saul barrera Prije 8 dana
jajajaja omg this is funny , but in a good way dont get me wrong
Ricardo Moráns
Ricardo Moráns Prije 9 dana
Lana rhoder?
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