Testing 11 VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks **MIND BLOWING**

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FaZe Jarvis

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We Tested the Most Viral Tik Tok Life Hacks Part 2. Shoutout Brennen Taylor!
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jumbojenn8 Prije 2 dana
The chocolate hack did not work it’s the same amount it’s busted
ViperFN Prije 2 dana
i did it when i was 5 use a lemon or an apple it works
ViperFN Prije 2 dana
or plug a clock in
ViperFN Prije 2 dana
for the last one you have to wait a minute and it will work for all of them
Juan Granados
Juan Granados Prije 3 dana
Lucas why do u call him Jaryyyyyy
Juan Granados
Juan Granados Prije 3 dana
Yall are my 2 favorite HRpostrs
Juan Granados
Juan Granados Prije 3 dana
I tried the watermelon live hacked and it did work
Soren Beevers
Soren Beevers Prije 4 dana
The phone was charging the watermelon
Yeet Me
Yeet Me Prije 7 dana
“That’s what she said”
MrKt ReKt
MrKt ReKt Prije 7 dana
Who else noticed the stick figure Jarvis drew said ok
Charlie Wilkes
Charlie Wilkes Prije 12 dana
Love the vids keep it up man ggs
William Xiong
William Xiong Prije 15 dana
6:50 Jarvis and Kay finding out what Oobleck is
SUSKripto123 Prije 18 dana
Poor, get airpods
Impulz Kyan Johnson
Impulz Kyan Johnson Prije 27 dana
Bruh my mans Bitmoji lol
Gg gamer Yeet
Gg gamer Yeet Prije mjesec
That stuff that if you hit its hard but if you hit soft it’s liquid is called oobleck
Umer Ipad
Umer Ipad Prije mjesec
Jarvis your insane
Joseph Sosa
Joseph Sosa Prije mjesec
I just got click baited with the thumbnail
Martin Przybyszewski
Martin Przybyszewski Prije mjesec
Your channel is da best
Obinna Udunni
Obinna Udunni Prije mjesec
Obinna Udunni
Obinna Udunni Prije mjesec
Nishant Varala
Nishant Varala Prije mjesec
that man looked like "OK"11:26
Daniel Conley
Daniel Conley Prije mjesec
for the ice he put it in a cup lol
phz KRAZYK Prije mjesec
Oh my ~Jarvis
31Jaydenn Prije mjesec
1:58 burnining
ARLIND. YT Prije 2 mjeseci
You are amazing on this gam
ARLIND. YT Prije 2 mjeseci
Pls jarvis play fortnite again
Nitin Patel
Nitin Patel Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis born to be an epic content creator
E-MONEY GAMING Prije 2 mjeseci
10:25 I can't be the only one that saw him throw the cup
BoZolol Prije 2 mjeseci
Your content is so good I watch all ur vids keep up the good work
FlipsFN Prije 2 mjeseci
jarvis i saw what happend sith the ice
The Real Tarzan2
The Real Tarzan2 Prije 3 mjeseci
Jarvis faked the ice tiktok sorry
The South Dakota Rail Fan
The South Dakota Rail Fan Prije 3 mjeseci
13:10 pop
Shridha 0033
Shridha 0033 Prije 3 mjeseci
Bro when I sneezed 🤧 and at that time the balloon popped
Martin Mikula
Martin Mikula Prije 3 mjeseci
X merchant woooooohoooooooo REVENGE
Dream's Uncle
Dream's Uncle Prije 3 mjeseci
Dude the head phones one broke my headphone
Hamdidasweat Prije 3 mjeseci
Stop the the video at 10:24 and go to the settings and put it on 0.25 secs on playback speed. Your welcome. WELL we all know its a joke but I just wanted to share something out u feel me. BTW, JARVIs ur insane BROOOO
Janae Ronté
Janae Ronté Prije 4 mjeseci
That cornstarch and water is basically oobleck
ツUrstra Prije 4 mjeseci
“As soon as you touch it it’s hard again” 😂
Justice McCluskey
Justice McCluskey Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis your the bast keep up the good work
Tri-City Cabinets
Tri-City Cabinets Prije 4 mjeseci
ilke my comment if you ilke faze jaris or disilke if you ilke faze kay
Unstoppable nation Is awesome
Unstoppable nation Is awesome Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey Jarvis love your content I want you and sommer have a good grown up life
Bilaal Prije 4 mjeseci
pLEaSE SusCRibE to SG Bilaal
Noah Anderson
Noah Anderson Prije 4 mjeseci
next video: how i got kicked out of faze and burnt down the faze house (EMOTIONAL) idk i was just bored (forgot to say i got this idea bc he put plastic cups in an oven ;-;)
rvl_colded Prije 4 mjeseci
The chocolate doesn't work bcs the first cut is diagonal and the other side is smaller than the other one
eagles_fly _high
eagles_fly _high Prije 4 mjeseci
7:47 thats oobleck
nate sanderson
nate sanderson Prije 4 mjeseci
The chocolate one it literally gets no different
Kaan Ucar
Kaan Ucar Prije 4 mjeseci
I am not stupid but I saw u put ice in the a cup do slow Mo and then see
Recoil gamer
Recoil gamer Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis: ‘goes to insane asilaum Frazer: your insane jarvis
1,000 subscribers Before quarantine ends
1,000 subscribers Before quarantine ends Prije 4 mjeseci
Jay Com
Jay Com Prije 4 mjeseci
There is just less chocolate on top then in bottom
Toni Schenk
Toni Schenk Prije 4 mjeseci
At 20:19 Jarvis said *we got the whole ting!*
Ayaan Ishaq
Ayaan Ishaq Prije 4 mjeseci
Frasier rocking that xxxtentacion merch, respect
Infinite Nico
Infinite Nico Prije 5 mjeseci
7:24 Slime
Nickolas Munoz
Nickolas Munoz Prije 5 mjeseci
It’s called ublec
JJV MEDIA Prije 5 mjeseci
bro kay u said u r phone just ran out of charge and then u say i am gonna screen record to see if it gives any slight charge? how?
JJV MEDIA Prije 5 mjeseci
bro next time someone gets arrested and put in zip ties and escapes they are gonna say you helped them with the idea if they get caught again
JJV MEDIA Prije 5 mjeseci
ha cops are gonna arrest u and put u in zip ties?
JJV MEDIA Prije 5 mjeseci
bro jarvis, students are gonna take mobile phones to the exam hall, scan using snapchat during exam?
STK Notixnz
STK Notixnz Prije 5 mjeseci
Man called a coaster and cup holder😂
Andrew Chedzey
Andrew Chedzey Prije 5 mjeseci
At 1:50 Jarvis said That’s what she said😂
Joshua Roman
Joshua Roman Prije 5 mjeseci
If you didn’t see when the he was getting the blow dryer you can see previous try’s to peel the marker
Albert Khim
Albert Khim Prije 5 mjeseci
Cool video make more sooooooooooooooooooooo coooooooooool
Drake Gomez
Drake Gomez Prije 5 mjeseci
What Jarvis made at 7:35 is Oobleck
Aariz Rupani
Aariz Rupani Prije 5 mjeseci
Hey Jarvis I just wanted to say you are such a godly content creator please respond
Mr. Dir
Mr. Dir Prije 5 mjeseci
Faze: guys do guys wants plates Jarvis: No
OP Jack
OP Jack Prije 5 mjeseci
It has to be organic
John Snyder
John Snyder Prije 5 mjeseci
“if you ever want to CHEAT on a math paper, use snapchat”- what happened last time he cheated 😂🤣😂🤣
Yusuf Kothambawala
Yusuf Kothambawala Prije 5 mjeseci
maybe wait for longer on the last life hack
Sammie Keane
Sammie Keane Prije 5 mjeseci
Th chocolate bar didn’t have more chocolate, it just got smaller and then you had the extra chocolate from the last layer.
Hustle Huskie
Hustle Huskie Prije 5 mjeseci
I mean a coaster
Hustle Huskie
Hustle Huskie Prije 5 mjeseci
It’s a Cistercian’s not a cup holder
Mysterious Prije 5 mjeseci
U post really good vids but can dial down the swearing and other bad stuff
Zenoh is cute
Zenoh is cute Prije 5 mjeseci
Litterly a coaster not a cup holder smh 🌝
Jaylen Ramey
Jaylen Ramey Prije 5 mjeseci
that is oobleck
Abel Dingus
Abel Dingus Prije 5 mjeseci
Who’s watching this in 2023. They’ve change so much
Wizard Woofs
Wizard Woofs Prije 5 mjeseci
For chocolate you can not create or destroy matter
Jerimiah Duncan
Jerimiah Duncan Prije 5 mjeseci
Jarvises brother has a dope shirt
Ratty Prije 5 mjeseci
Who else thought the figure on the plate said ok
Lance• κasumi X
Lance• κasumi X Prije 5 mjeseci
i love you jarvis i love ur content and aym gay
Musa TFK
Musa TFK Prije 6 mjeseci
10:26 I saw the cup Jarvis
Slatt Prije 6 mjeseci
Nobody: Kay: " Ice you need to put in the freezer, and then you freeze it and then it becomes ice."🤣💀
luhqii Prije 6 mjeseci
lmao the balloon one was fake.I slowed the speed down to 0.25 and spammed pause then the balloon just disapeared.The magic of editing.But i love ur vids
Matt Krakowski
Matt Krakowski Prije 6 mjeseci
Jamer of music
Jamer of music Prije 6 mjeseci
Jarvis made oobleck
President Obama
President Obama Prije 6 mjeseci
Not gonna lie the thumb nail is pretty interesting
GENER4L PLAYS Prije 6 mjeseci
the chocolate bar is getting small jarvis ur brain is same with alex lol
GENER4L PLAYS Prije 6 mjeseci
the chocolate bar you dummys
Rhys baganall
Rhys baganall Prije 6 mjeseci
Yo Jarvis you are the best and faze up
Goku OnCRACK Prije 6 mjeseci
holy bro your drawing with a pen
Goku OnCRACK Prije 6 mjeseci
The ice one tho
Swung Prije 6 mjeseci
Jarvis is just too damn funny and it’s better than playing fortnite
Baby byrd
Baby byrd Prije 6 mjeseci
stress reliever ublec lm crying
the better spooder man
the better spooder man Prije 6 mjeseci
16:29 # proiper grammair
Kaden Stratton
Kaden Stratton Prije 6 mjeseci
11:04 Jarvis: wOaHH I broke him.😂😂
Doc Brown
Doc Brown Prije 6 mjeseci
me in 2015: thinks slime is cool me in 2020: thinks slime is useless me after the vid: makes oobleck my bro who like slime but don't know obleck: ;)
Gecko Fn
Gecko Fn Prije 6 mjeseci
bro stop uploding
YTTroub3lz Prije 6 mjeseci
Jarvis is your reading this you gotta like if not then you hate your fan base
s4blaze Prije 6 mjeseci
he does not relize that millions of people have done this and he calls himself a scientist
Julie Gomez
Julie Gomez Prije 6 mjeseci
If your headphones are tangled just buy AirPods
mcs_Jayden YT
mcs_Jayden YT Prije 6 mjeseci
Have you seen Jarvis' face at 8:07
Braylen Douglas
Braylen Douglas Prije 6 mjeseci
Is u slow we saw the cup of ice
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