SCP-387 Living Lego (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation SAFE class object, SCP-387 Animation.
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SCP 387, also known as Living Lego, is a tub of commercially available Lego, normal in design.
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TheRubber Prije mjesec
Hey guys! Check out my new channel TheRubberTalks:
E Bricks YT
E Bricks YT Prije sat
Dang, you really took off like I rembember when you where at 50k
Lotcu Nart
Lotcu Nart Prije dan
With XXX subscribers makes total sense
Blox Watch
Blox Watch Prije 2 dana
@My Sanity Check It Out NOW
Lim yi heng
Lim yi heng Prije 2 dana
This scp 705 military I want to see that how you do that the use A new character
Lim yi heng
Lim yi heng Prije 2 dana
I going like this one Lego Werbell play doh scp 705 What about does the military I want to see that
Mina's Gummy Smile
Mina's Gummy Smile Prije 10 minuta
SCP-387 is officially my Favorite! ❤️❤️
Jose PlayzRoblox
Jose PlayzRoblox Prije 2 sati
That fox over there :3
That fox over there :3 Prije 2 sati
I think this is now my favorite scp, I love Legos!
unlxcky cxpid
unlxcky cxpid Prije 3 sati
Thayen Ryan
Thayen Ryan Prije 3 sati
After several months, 387 has begun to expand beyond the confines of the table it has been stationed on. Currently, there seems to be many small roads and paths leading up, down, and around the table and buildings below. Our scientists have been researching 387 further. Remember: SECURE, CONTAIN, PROTECT.
procrastiduk Prije 4 sati
Lego plane: *flies* The researchers: :000
Jareth Custodio
Jareth Custodio Prije 4 sati
me when i only have 1 piece of lego GIVE ME MORE PLS
offensive Prije 5 sati
Would she be a emperess since she is a woman
Count Time Ve
Count Time Ve Prije 5 sati
So what if you added a clear lego??
Potator Prije 6 sati
*We playing Bionicles tonight bois*
cheese aweeb
cheese aweeb Prije 6 sati
I want it
Derrick Tate
Derrick Tate Prije 6 sati
Lol so fake these peices now exist made by lego.
Springlock_songs Prije 6 sati
Hey Rubber I just got an add about a new SCP book series that shows files, transcripts and lots of information about all the SCPs. It’s supposed to be amazing.
Student Cedric Ashleman
Student Cedric Ashleman Prije 8 sati
8:25 the blue boi is the scout from tf2
Student Cedric Ashleman
Student Cedric Ashleman Prije 8 sati
i want it to make the yamato
random stuth
random stuth Prije 9 sati
Wait did they build a terminator chaplain from lego
Moppa 05
Moppa 05 Prije 9 sati
Weebs: Finally Waifus Can be real!!
Cosmo Adamari
Cosmo Adamari Prije 9 sati
Now we know how the lego movie was made
MexicanAmerican Dude
MexicanAmerican Dude Prije 10 sati
Needs to be way more dark. To be considered canon in warhammer.
Daniel malaquias
Daniel malaquias Prije 10 sati
8:24 that scout is a spy!
ホフマン日向 Prije 10 sati
Foundation researcher: **steps on 387** New classification: *KETER*
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Prije 11 sati
How could a child specifically know what a M1 Abrams Tank looks like nor knows what it is???
Howling Moon-chan
Howling Moon-chan Prije 11 sati
Now I wanna play with it.
Colby Bull
Colby Bull Prije 11 sati
8:07 That Guy With The Helmet Looks Like Doom Slayer From Doom eternal The Mega block Figures
russian sniper
russian sniper Prije 12 sati
Im 20 and I want to get that lmao.
Younan Prije 12 sati
imagine building a real size human with those legos...
Scp 049 The Plague Doctor
Scp 049 The Plague Doctor Prije 13 sati
Im bouta build something really bad
a random person that you might know
a random person that you might know Prije 13 sati
*I would buy all of the lego dimensions sets and dump them onto a 387 society*
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus Prije 14 sati
8:25 *bonk*
SrGabie Prije 14 sati
we need this in the market
kaysian1 Prije 14 sati
every kids dream
John Michael Estarija
John Michael Estarija Prije 14 sati
Do that scp is good guy?
Thor Svendsgaard
Thor Svendsgaard Prije 15 sati
pan go bonk
pan go bonk Prije 15 sati
I didn't think there would be a 40k reference in scp
Crazyfox501 Prije 16 sati
Soooo what would happen if you built a sex doll out of the Legos .... O h
Nico Sosa
Nico Sosa Prije 16 sati
If only they were all like this
YoteyYotey Prije 17 sati
Imagine if that giant hulk statue thing in lego land was made from living legos.
Shameer Rayne Sali
Shameer Rayne Sali Prije 17 sati
If my lego was a live i will start a war
Shameer Rayne Sali
Shameer Rayne Sali Prije 17 sati
I mean alive
Shameer Rayne Sali
Shameer Rayne Sali Prije 17 sati
LEGO'S ARE SCP!!!!!!!!!!
Sylas Krell
Sylas Krell Prije 17 sati
Love how that just descended in to pure madness at the end.
Matthew Lakomy
Matthew Lakomy Prije 17 sati
I want it
Legendary spud
Legendary spud Prije 18 sati
All I want for Christmaaaaaas is *this*
E Prije 18 sati
So this is how the lego movie was invented
STΔΠ TΔΞLΞΠT TM Prije 19 sati
Lego Movie 3
Briceston Washington
Briceston Washington Prije 20 sati
AWSOME when I raid the base I will get alien cheeks AND MAGIC LEGO SCORE
Oskar ZzZ
Oskar ZzZ Prije 20 sati
Mój stary to fanatyk klocków LEGO
Sean Andrei L. Ison
Sean Andrei L. Ison Prije 22 sati
The lego movie sequel:
Damian Castiel Faciol
Damian Castiel Faciol Prije 22 sati
ngl I want to have it
Damian Castiel Faciol
Damian Castiel Faciol Prije 22 sati
nfl I want to have it
cashmandubs Prije dan
so are we just.. are we just gonna ignore the whole bit about the severed hands
greg gillespie
greg gillespie Prije dan
Warhammer 40k lego models that come to life?? *Its emperor class titan time*
Luxio 24
Luxio 24 Prije dan
A man has fallen into the river in Lego City!
AHarice Prije dan
Nano Guardian
Nano Guardian Prije dan
xGamin' firex
xGamin' firex Prije dan
I wish I can buy that for my cousin cuz he wants a moving lego
Iam Havy wapons guy
Iam Havy wapons guy Prije dan
“ A man has fallen into the river in Lego city start the new rescue helicopter”
Shane Parker
Shane Parker Prije dan
Anybody else realize it went from a functional society made from lego to a WarHammer 40k thing?
Andrei Zach
Andrei Zach Prije dan
"Me,Who makes ww2 lego Figures and Tanks" Me: Yep my dream is coming true
bloxymanster 1290
bloxymanster 1290 Prije dan
not really scary😐
osu!lazer Prije dan
Where buy
FsxPRRo01 i
FsxPRRo01 i Prije dan
*G I M M E*
Joseph Andrews
Joseph Andrews Prije dan
ah yes i too made an m1 abrams tank when i was young
Ally K
Ally K Prije dan
Imagine If It Was Real
Sebastian Freeman
Sebastian Freeman Prije dan
how much for it I am willing any cost
Emmett Barley
Emmett Barley Prije dan
It just makes people happy!!!
Ash Shea
Ash Shea Prije dan
Dennazz Crew
Dennazz Crew Prije dan
idont know
idont know Prije dan
were buy????
ash18001 Prije dan
When did it suddenly turn to warhammer
The Black Hand
The Black Hand Prije dan
If I got hold of 387, I'd build the 10 tailed beast and hopefully no on e will know what it is hehe
BerKoBa Prije dan
Minty Mechanic
Minty Mechanic Prije dan
A Legoman sits inside a building made from SCP-387. Is the house made of flesh? Or is he made of house? He screams internally, for he does not know.
Characal LacarahC
Characal LacarahC Prije dan
Hey this is the lego movie
the idiot
the idiot Prije dan
Oh man When i get hands on these bad boys Im gonna create so many
Mau Pac
Mau Pac Prije dan
Me rapidly throwing my bionicles into the red tube
Gamer Prije dan
At 1 point in the video there were 2 LEGO characters and they were form tf2x nice Easter egg
•• Prije dan
What happens if you build an SCP with the legos?
L. HP Prije dan
The last part is relly funny because she become God😂😂😂
shalendra goyal
shalendra goyal Prije dan
Fun fact: The triangles of 387 are not lego
sabaton liam
sabaton liam Prije dan
bwhahahahahahh that was gold
Debbie Alexander
Debbie Alexander Prije dan
Knife goes in guts come out hahahahaahhaa
Iotami Bagrationi
Iotami Bagrationi Prije dan
Lego herrecy for god emperor
Spartan Prije dan
For the love of god, give me
The 3 fabulous custodies
The 3 fabulous custodies Prije dan
So that’s how they made the Lego movie
Fruitgum 7658
Fruitgum 7658 Prije dan
Me looking at my Lego Star Wars Fighter Jet with Anakin and R2 in it:
Dark Prince
Dark Prince Prije dan
Legomus Prime
Raka jack Aung
Raka jack Aung Prije dan
I want to see SCP 250
zanthimos Prije dan
The Emperor protects! Even the legos suffer not the unclean to live!
88Cows Prije dan
who comes to these videos just for the music cus i sure do!
Unitato ProductionsTM
Unitato ProductionsTM Prije dan
I’m losing it at the fact that this literally went from Sentient Lego SCPs, to frigging 40K Warhammer-
Disappointment Alert WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO!
Disappointment Alert WEE-WOO! WEE-WOO! Prije dan
I think it’s really cute that a bunch of grown-up will play with legos to made them feel better 😂🖤
Hayden’s World
Hayden’s World Prije dan
I think I would make a village
Jordan Bustle
Jordan Bustle Prije dan
Lego yo da death sound ten hours
Pinxels Prije dan
aw man i wish this was a thing
Jesus Cortez
Jesus Cortez Prije dan
Normal kid with scp lego: “I’m gonna build a tiny car” Me who has been playing lego since I was 5: Ima go build a giant robot
Lyziel Sison
Lyziel Sison Prije dan
lol your god has a god
Error404sans Card theweeb
Error404sans Card theweeb Prije dan
8:23 SCOUT
Dennis Raymundochoto
Dennis Raymundochoto Prije dan
Actauly true how did a kid know that tank and he looks so young so how does he know that
{•nicole_cookie•} Prije dan
Is this real?
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