NBA Players Are Scoring More Points Than Ever and The Reason Why is Right in Front of Our Eyes

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Simonpeggroundhole Prije 10 sati
I got no problem with calling Steph “Neo,” but are we sure it isn’t Kerr? Or is Kerr Morpheus, IDing Neo and setting him up?
Ed Wright
Ed Wright Prije 14 sati
Jimmy your just absolutely awesome 👏 damn you😂😂
tschanzo Prije 21 sat
Can I add one thing only, I agree with everything: We have this offense beasts all around. Everyone has crazy skills on offense. Isn't one thing to that, that these guys are per se bad at defense? It's not like you change the whole defense/offense on court like in Football. What I'm trying to say is: When they're all very very good at offense, isn't the counterpart that they are not as good in defense? Which than spins the circle even faster?
Shawn Galloway
Shawn Galloway Prije dan
I'm just gonna say what no one else seems to notice: times have changed and attitudes are different now. NBA used to be storylines, rivalries, overcoming obstacles, good guys verses bad guys, a battle of different styles, etc. Now it is watch the 'star' score a bunch of points. Society has changed from substance to flash, from meaning to vanity. It's not basketball anymore. It's individual accolades and star worship. These are the days of me me me, where social media and narcissism (stats, points) replaces depth and meaning (teamwork, plays, iq)
Greg Buckingham
Greg Buckingham Prije dan
They should make 3 pointers only worth 2.5 points lol
Edwin J
Edwin J Prije dan
Gilbert Arenas was better than Bradley Beal and that’s not how you pronounce Samuel Dalambert’s last name.
Shenanigans Fπckery
Shenanigans Fπckery Prije dan
bottomline NBA is just getting boring.
Great White Cat
Great White Cat Prije 2 dana
6:15 I knew it before you said it
J S Prije 3 dana
The lack of D and bull shit calls the refs are making and flopping is why people score more. Defence has gone backwards. The NBA has gotten worse and less entertaining. The warriors ruined the game by allowing Klay and curry shoot so many 3s.
B Y Prije 3 dana
The last graph could easily be misleading. What it might be commenting on more is about garbage time, and what was mentioned in the video, that "getting a bucket gets you paid". I don't think that's exactly the case. It might also be the fact that when a team has a hot night shooting, the upside is very high. This might also not be the case, because even bigger lows would have to also be prevalent when the team shoots cold (unless easy layups abound late in those blowouts). Old style inside bashing for points in the 4th wasn't conducive to running up scores. They ran down the clock and took outside shots. I do agree scoring is up and with the rest of the video (I love what the NBA has become), but to look at the # of +130 games as conclusive evidence for anything isn't super convincing to me.
Fica Meris
Fica Meris Prije 3 dana
Players are more skilled now more than ever. By players i mean ALL players as a group. If you leave your guy he is going to punish you. That wasn't the case before. Before you knew who is (most likely) going to punish you. Now it's everyone. If you don't follow your, guy and leave him open, he is getting 3p, no matter how bad shooter you think he is. Guys having problem form free throws getting 3p? Dwight, Drumond... Boban... It has never been so hard to play defense.
Jeramithehuman Prije 4 dana
MJ averages 50 today
Stephen Hagen
Stephen Hagen Prije 4 dana
This video just reinforces WHAT I've been saying. Without Steve Kerr, you don't get Steph Curry with the freedom to do what he does. Steve Kerr changed the game, because any other coach would have put Steph (and the rest of the team) in a role. Also, don't forget, the area the defense has to guard tight is now twice as big.
Spoiled Milk
Spoiled Milk Prije 4 dana
I guess you can say...Today’s superstars,are the BOOMERS of the nba 😏✨
Motown Mike
Motown Mike Prije 4 dana
Uh you can’t play defense anymore. Mystery solved
Babara Zeiger
Babara Zeiger Prije 4 dana
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Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson Prije 5 dana
Performance enhancing drugs? Not even trolling, but that’s the answer
Alex Warshauer
Alex Warshauer Prije 5 dana
4:17 I mean I love Giannis but that’s just funny
Patriots news
Patriots news Prije 5 dana
Well what do you expect when refs call fouls for every little thing they should honestly bring back the hand check rule
Viano Kyrec
Viano Kyrec Prije 5 dana
I only got 5 of the leading scorers although I considered 8 of them
Ebeneser Thepbanthao
Ebeneser Thepbanthao Prije 5 dana
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Eddie Prije 5 dana
This a problem that the NBA is overlooking, its going to get to the point were people are not going to watch. Me for example i dont watch as many games as i used to, and i dont even watch the allstar game
Elsa Tan
Elsa Tan Prije 5 dana
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Clarence Oliver III
Clarence Oliver III Prije 5 dana
Because they are getting the all time lowest blocks & steals LOL
David Reeves
David Reeves Prije 5 dana
Excellent analysis! Even though offensive skill is at an all time high across the league I find the game boring. I hope defense catches up.
Dude Prije 5 dana
Id be interested to see how good these guys would be if they made them play by the rules. I'd also like to see the kind of contact that is called a foul if the defender is out of position called a charge if they are in position....
Globetrotter 4FR
Globetrotter 4FR Prije 6 dana
Let me give you some insight. 2024/25 Season will add a 4 Point line
Globetrotter 4FR
Globetrotter 4FR Prije 6 dana
0:14 I counted its 482 vs 264 balls
Picasso Julien
Picasso Julien Prije 6 dana
Just came back to the video, and Gary Trent just had 44. It’s so easy to score in today’s game
MagCynic Prije 6 dana
4:50 This is 100% truth. Defenses in any sport are ALWAYS reactionary and ALWAYS bound by physics. The offense knows where it's going. The defense is stuck guessing.
Lorenzo Noel
Lorenzo Noel Prije 6 dana
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Mike Dezzy
Mike Dezzy Prije 6 dana
Cool video. Now show these guys Playoffs numbers.
Javi javierza
Javi javierza Prije 7 dana
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Kelly Malcolm
Kelly Malcolm Prije 8 dana
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JJ Reddick
JJ Reddick Prije 8 dana
Can thank Le flop James for this
Matthew Raish
Matthew Raish Prije 9 dana
So what happened with "money ball" happened with the NBA. The stats showed the main game winner was position-less scoring. Basically - get all shooters. But I still think it's just easier to score when it's a foul to guard you. That's a bigger reason why we're seeing so many made shots from all over.
Ozzyfrog78 Prije 9 dana
What happened in 2019 causing such a jump? It's painful to see defenders jumping out of a dunkers for fear of finishing on a poster - who has b-ball posters these days anyway Have you looked at the point proportion per player within the tean? As in 5 starting vs. bench over the years? I assume that main players are more greedy than they were
Seann Chambes
Seann Chambes Prije 9 dana
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智智ZhiZhi Prije 9 dana
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Ellen Kelly
Ellen Kelly Prije 9 dana Tenendo conto delle percentuali di successo, della costante crescita quantitativa e dell'ambito della nostra attivita, diventa necessario includere nel piano di produzione una serie di attivita straordinarie, tenendo conto di una serie di approcci standard. Naturalmente, un livello profondo di immersione richiede un'analisi dell'analisi dei modelli di comportamento esistenti. E anche i sostenitori del totalitarismo nella scienza, iniziato esclusivamente sinteticamente, sono stati resi pubblici. Non va dimenticato, tuttavia, che il costante sostegno alle nostre attivita contribuisce alla qualita di prospettive favorevoli. Para o mundo moderno, diluido em uma boa dose de empatia, o pensamento racional garante a relevancia do modelo de desenvolvimento. Assim como a metodologia de desenvolvimento moderna nao nos da escolha a nao ser definir o agrupamento de esforcos! E os paises em desenvolvimento ativo do terceiro mundo sao apenas um metodo de participacao politica e estao bloqueados dentro da estrutura de suas proprias restricoes racionais. De repente, elementos do processo politico serao identificados como candidatos ao papel de fatores-chave.
Dan Rustle
Dan Rustle Prije 10 dana
And Kobe was called a ball hog in his era but was way ahead of his time
J Oh
J Oh Prije 10 dana
The quality of this video though.... wish I could subscribe twice
Honor Prije 10 dana
MJ in this era 40/10/6
Honor Prije 10 dana
That is becuase no one play DEFENSE in Nba,Playing Defense is more painful.
JJ Reddick
JJ Reddick Prije 10 dana
Um, they stopped playing D 10 years ago
eric espina
eric espina Prije 11 dana
This is why soccer is more popular than basketball. :)
Kaito 1412
Kaito 1412 Prije 10 dana
Suna Kami
Suna Kami Prije 11 dana
Gilbert arenas was Bradley Beal on steroids
Zachary Hooks
Zachary Hooks Prije 11 dana
Just imagine like the numbers all time greats in the early 2000s and 90s players would had Absolute insane Could be a great video
thelegendsqb1 Prije 9 dana
The production may stay the same but I think their efficiency would go up. Take Allen Iverson for example. He averaged 31.4 PPG on a terribly inefficient 39.8%. Basically 27.8 shots per game. More than anyone today. To be fair to Iverson, his early 2000s Sixers team were pretty garbage offensively so he had to night in and night out chuck like crazy just to keeps his teams somewhat competitive. So if he played today (assuming a good team with good scorers) he probably wouldn’t have to chuck so much. As Jxmyhighroller pointed out. The average player today is far better offensively than 10-20 years ago.
Nicholas Chiappini
Nicholas Chiappini Prije 11 dana
I barely like basketball and I can't stop watching your video
wilson lu
wilson lu Prije 11 dana
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ThaRealERAQ Prije 11 dana
gilbert easy averages 35 in this nba
ThaRealERAQ Prije 11 dana
tony parker is going to shoot better in pops system and having 2 all stars on his team smh
ThaRealERAQ Prije 11 dana
tony parker had duncan and manu on his team. his attempts probably change but his numbers about the same.
ThaRealERAQ Prije 11 dana
steph sparked more 3s but teams have been going for interchangable positionless players since the bulls 2nd 3 peat. thats what made the bulls successful.
ThaRealERAQ Prije 11 dana
most big men could hit the 3 in the 90s it just wasnt a staple of the game plan. hell even shaq hit a few.
ThaRealERAQ Prije 11 dana
nash pass first pg
ThaRealERAQ Prije 11 dana
more possessions
Manuel Soares
Manuel Soares Prije 12 dana
Tony Kukoc was the Doncic of his time. If he was given the green light and was able to continue his Euro play instead of being forced to bulk up, he would've gone on a tear in today's game.
Kayo Lufadeju
Kayo Lufadeju Prije 12 dana
jimmy such a goat
Niko Baez
Niko Baez Prije 12 dana
Rudy gobert joined the chat...
Travis Cansler
Travis Cansler Prije 13 dana
You don’t think of TP as a great scorer?! Caaaaap! Lol he wasn’t a playmaker or a 3 and d guy.
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon Prije 13 dana
Trae Young is very good for a youngster
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon Prije 13 dana
Steve Nash was a white point guard, you expect him to drop 30 he’s a role player
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon Prije 6 dana
@Diego Velazquez ik
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez Prije 7 dana
Steve Nash won two mvps......
mucumuc! Prije 13 dana
The reason is because of Steph and Kobe.
Brett Johnson, Jr.
Brett Johnson, Jr. Prije 13 dana
Why not analyze the stats of a subset of players that played on both sides of rule change year?
PATRICK BROWN Prije 14 dana
No defense
Ena Nebres
Ena Nebres Prije 14 dana
Pretty good video
Danny Boii
Danny Boii Prije 14 dana
The real reason is the defensive 3 second violation, the inability to play as physical defense, and hard fouls leading to ejections instead of a basic foul call. Not to mention the fact that players are selected more for their offensive abilities rather than defensive abilities leading to more scoring and less defense.
Misha Beley-Ivanysh
Misha Beley-Ivanysh Prije 14 dana
Look, every year the nba players create a new dribling moves, they can shoot from the logo. At the same time u can not create a new form of defense.
Lynx lynx
Lynx lynx Prije 14 dana
Nash would be 25-15 players in today's NBA.
Diego Velazquez
Diego Velazquez Prije 7 dana
He’d be a top 5 player.
6x NCAA National Champ
6x NCAA National Champ Prije 15 dana
this crazy people didn't listen to the guy saying that the offense and the players are far far and away more offensively talented and gifted than 10-20 years ago. so why we're seeing the offensive explosion. Yeah we can say that The defense is not as physical but at the same time even if the defense is physical, the players are still more offensively gifted and talented so you cannot put these players back in the '90s because they're still far and away more offensively talented. So they would do what they're doing now back then against the less athletic and less talented players.
6x NCAA National Champ
6x NCAA National Champ Prije 3 dana
@Brian Scalabrine level of Karl with his skill, size and speed and ability to shoot and facilitate? You're slow. Imagine if Karl had all the attributes bron had in the 90s. He'd been the best player in the league. He already was an MVP being a basic PF with basic PF skills in the 90s lol. Now add some Magic, some MJ, some Pippen with his ability to guard multiple positions, with guard speed and quickness with a 44 inch vert. Karl would've been unfair.
6x NCAA National Champ
6x NCAA National Champ Prije 3 dana
@Margot C Rodman was 6'7-6'8 210-215 that was his only job. LeBron would be able to bang with Shaq the same way Rodman did. I've seen Bron bang with Tim 250, Joel 260-270, Drummond 280, Nukic 290, Giannis 250, Jokic 260, Dwight 250+ and many others. I can tell you don't watch Bron or barely watched 90 % of games that Bron is in. That's how I know the ones that know nothing about Bron. You type are the ones that watch very few games of him and make a judgement on a very small sample size lol. I can understand you not being a fan of his not wanting to watch the majority of his games. And If you do watch all his games then you're an undercover fan and you would knew the things he's capable of lol. But just say you didn't follow Bron career like that. At least I would know even more so that you have no idea what you're talking about. No LeBron would've be able to stop Shaq Rodman on average couldn't stop Shaq he was just pesky. Alot of the times they met up Rodman had someone to help him out in attempt to trap Shaq. (Phil Jacksons game plan, you should research that lol) But what you said is so idiotic to say Bron isn't physical enough but has probably the most drives and finishes after contact in the history of the game no matter who tries to stop him. But of course you're not going to have your point guard/ point forward bang with a center all game that's just stupid. That doesn't mean Bron can't. I remember Pat Riley saying Bron with his size and skill has the ability to be the best in any position be chooses of we asked him to focus on it lol. So again please know what you're talking about. Ben and Rodman are no where near the player or have anywhere close to the skill LeBron has, so why would any reasonable smart coach who knows basketball have Bron score and facilitate but have him down in the post banging with bigs all game to wear him down. That takes away from the offense. Again an amateur way of thinking. I know you didn't make it passed middle school in sports lol.
Brian Scalabrine
Brian Scalabrine Prije 3 dana
@6x NCAA National Champ Lebron would be a superstar in the 90’s of course! He just wouldn’t be as good as Jordan lol. He‘s be on the level of a Karl Malone. Still a Legend and hall of famer but we’d know who the best player is.
Margot C
Margot C Prije 3 dana
@6x NCAA National Champ I also once said anything about listed weights. According to the NBA’s website, Ben Wallace, Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons are all listed at 240. No one actually believes that. According to the NBA’s website, Karl Malone and Lebron weigh less than Anthony Davis and Bam Adebayo. Again no one actually believes that. Most nba listed weights are transferred over from college or random arbitrary guesses. PJ Tucker is listed at 245 while Ben Wallace is listed at 240. Again, no one with a Brain 🧠 takes those measurements seriously.
Margot C
Margot C Prije 3 dana
@6x NCAA National Champ You can put Dennis Roman on Shaq to frustrate and bang with him. You can put Ben Wallace on Shaq. You would NEVER put Lebron on Shaquille because he’s simply not strong or physical enough to bang with him. You wouldn’t even put Lebron on a prime Dwight. Lebron is stronger than most players at his position and that’s as far as it goes . There are a lot of nba players much more physical than him.
avianski Prije 15 dana
Nice video but cmon man, not even mentioning Spoelstra and the big 3 Heat? I get they didn’t go full positionless but they tried it; putting Bosh at the 5 with lock down wing defenders that can shoot threes and having Bosh step further and further away from the rim. I even think Spo coined the term “positionless” in the first place. 😂
A J Prije 15 dana
Should bring back hand checking. Give some leverage to the defensive side of the ball.
Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D Prije 15 dana
Peter Zhu
Peter Zhu Prije 15 dana
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286mic Prije 15 dana
Big guys can shoot threes but almost none of them have a post up game.
aj dileo
aj dileo Prije 15 dana
Curry so good he makes old players want to play again.
aj dileo
aj dileo Prije 15 dana
I think it is because of all the new rules. Very few of these "bucket getters" would be playing like this in the 80's. Just like football the rules were changed to make the television experience better. Hockey has a problem the other way in this regard, they want more goals but refuse to change rules.
nick arvin
nick arvin Prije 15 dana
The nba is a fucking joke and it’s ruined pick up basketball more importantly
tpjmadrigal12 Prije 15 dana
More possessions per game...saved you the time. Harden has double percentage of total points from FT's than jordan and kobe
Akshay Vora
Akshay Vora Prije 15 dana
I think the Jordan era started this with Scottie pippen inventing the pf and Michael being one of the first smaller players to lead a team, bird and magic being physically bigger in the previous era
Dopeness TV Library
Dopeness TV Library Prije 15 dana
Curry is the 2nd Era of NBA
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Prije 16 dana
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Sunny Tzude
Sunny Tzude Prije 16 dana
It has to do with money. Players are worth more than they used to be and losing these players due to injury can kill a franchise. Not only that players have more power than they used to. Not only that nobody watches a full game of basketball, mostly highlights 10min long that only show offense. So naturally we get this. It’s not that nobody wants to play defense, nobody gives a fuck about it. Even Vegas. It’s not analytics, it’s economics.
FREEZE Saint Prije 16 dana
God loves you all 😎
Joshua Prije 16 dana
The defense is TRASH now.
mackdaddymyers Prije 16 dana
There players dropin 25 some a game off 10 free throws a game if u dont pick the ball out the air ir get a clean pic uts a foul
Aggiesfan12 Prije 16 dana
Bro, why you gotta do my man Joe Ingles like that
Sebastian Smith
Sebastian Smith Prije 16 dana
Does this mean MJ would average 45 points? XD
Patience Kerns
Patience Kerns Prije 17 dana
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Nunyo Business
Nunyo Business Prije 17 dana
Arvydas Sabonis would be awesome in today’s game
Not Troy
Not Troy Prije 17 dana
I think one of Steph’s biggest impacts on the game was the boom in hope/confidence in every young basketball player under 6’5. Just get in the gym and shoot and be obsessive about your technique, maybe you get somewhere.
Holden Fegan
Holden Fegan Prije 14 dana
Precisely! And it’s kinda why a lot of people seem to hate Steph and why they’ve damned the 3. Because frankly, there’s no good reason you can’t be good at threes. It’s solely skill. All these old heads who want to prop up their favorite players were worse at middies than Steph is at 3s. Steph basically shoved every “I coulda gone pro buuut...” douches to the ground. Steph has been riddled with ankle injury in a sport that requires extreme agility and quickness, and relied solely on his skill than just being a big brute, and they hate him for it
some guy
some guy Prije 17 dana
...yet less and less people are watching. More points don't mean a better game. Modern NBA doesn't understand that.
Erik Olsen
Erik Olsen Prije 17 dana
I'm not sure why you had to correct yourself after mentioning Ingles.
iam oneclicker
iam oneclicker Prije 17 dana
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Isaiah C
Isaiah C Prije 17 dana
I'm just saying, just how players work on the offensive end, gotta do the same on defense because some players actually can guard a Dame or a James Harden under 20 or even 15
Isaiah C
Isaiah C Prije 17 dana
It's the lack of good defense. Nobody tryna lock up like Butler and Lugentz Dort and Gobert
Pepsolman Prije 17 dana
Golden State forced everyone to learn how to shoot.
Jer Kit
Jer Kit Prije 18 dana
Would have been nice to have the additional USD inflation rate converted between different decades and styles of play.
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