Shawn Mendes - In My Blood (Live On Saturday Night Live)

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Shawn Mendes

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If I Can’t Have You:

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✨idk✨ Prije mjesec
Honestly shawn deserves more recognition hes one of the purest and most genuine souls out there!!! Also EXTREMELY talented!! So proud of you Always supporting you 💓
María Victoria Valenzuela
María Victoria Valenzuela Prije mjesec
Jamás me voy a cansar de escuchar esta canción, lo es todo!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤
chris craft
chris craft Prije mjesec
Great Song and nice to see you showing us your personal side.
Casandra Carolina Hernández Ramírez
Casandra Carolina Hernández Ramírez Prije 3 mjeseci
Te amo Shawn por ti le echo ganas a la escuela
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina Prije 3 mjeseci
Qeramusica ail
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina Prije 3 mjeseci
Mito amor musica
Raquel Flauzina
Raquel Flauzina Prije 3 mjeseci
Legal 👌🆗 que amor
Noemi Armas
Noemi Armas Prije 3 mjeseci
Once again Ava Max and Conor Maynard she's sweet but Psycho
diary nida alfiyah hanun
diary nida alfiyah hanun Prije 5 mjeseci
Shawn mendes is better than justin biebir.
Emily Newman
Emily Newman Prije 7 mjeseci
I love this song so much and I can relate to it
Khin Prije 8 mjeseci
Janhavi Jamdhade
Janhavi Jamdhade Prije 9 mjeseci
You are awesome Shawn ❤️ love you Shawn ❤️❤️❤️
aaron_godmaster yt
aaron_godmaster yt Prije 9 mjeseci
He is the best guy in the world
Nicole Prije 9 mjeseci
Te amooooo
Vuth Panhary
Vuth Panhary Prije 9 mjeseci
Wyatt Young
Wyatt Young Prije 10 mjeseci
I love you
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URMI SAHAJE Prije 10 mjeseci
I'm dead...❤❤❤
Carla Islandia
Carla Islandia Prije 10 mjeseci
Lindo 👏😍❤💘😙😚😘😗👏
Carla Islandia
Carla Islandia Prije 10 mjeseci
Música linda 👏👏👏😍
Johnrod legarto
Johnrod legarto Prije 11 mjeseci
Love it
Alayna Milks
Alayna Milks Prije 11 mjeseci
ShawnMendes You are human. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are funny. You are loved. You make mistakes, but they are beautiful mistakes. You are a treasure and you write the words of multiple stories of not just yours but all of us. We are human. You are human.
Engie Daudi
Engie Daudi Prije 11 mjeseci
just wanted to say thank you shawn i love you
vikramaditya keshri
vikramaditya keshri Prije 11 mjeseci
Very Lovely song
Rebeka Rodák
Rebeka Rodák Prije 11 mjeseci
For a moment he looked like Finn from Glee💔
liyah .
liyah . Prije 11 mjeseci
but how was this a year ago though. Like no❤
Karla Jimenez
Karla Jimenez Prije godine
Yajairajimenez 😭🥺🧸🧸🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🇺🇸👍🇺🇸🥰😍😍😍😍😍🎁👍🇺🇸🏀🇺🇸👍👍👍👍😂
გიგა ველთაური
გიგა ველთაური Prije godine
Daniela Rodríguez Rivera
Daniela Rodríguez Rivera Prije godine
I love you Shawn ❤
Faith Hilton
Faith Hilton Prije godine
XaiDor's Mashups
XaiDor's Mashups Prije godine
Hey, check out my MASHUP: Shawn Mendes vs. Harry Styles - The Sign Of My Blood :
Anna Adams
Anna Adams Prije godine
he looks so overjoyed to be singing abt panic attacks 🥺
Amanda Santos
Amanda Santos Prije godine
Reizinho talentoso ♥
Amanda Santos
Amanda Santos Prije godine
Aff, muito lindo 😻👏
Amanda Santos
Amanda Santos Prije godine
Laimy LJ Hango
Laimy LJ Hango Prije godine
He's so freakin' precious 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️he sang his heart out as always he's truly amazing ❤️😍😍😍😍😍
Cris Ferreira
Cris Ferreira Prije godine
sari tpwk
sari tpwk Prije godine
I can't stop listening his songs
Avni Jain
Avni Jain Prije godine
First it's Shawn and then it's this song 😍🙈
syifa fauziah
syifa fauziah Prije godine
omg vocall
Sandaru Vidanage
Sandaru Vidanage Prije godine
Is he crying? 1:16
r0bz1985 Prije godine
I came here for that 2:02 moment . Let me sniff daddy
Rajatava Dev
Rajatava Dev Prije godine
They say"Nobody s perfect" But Shawn Mendes is perfect Then Shawn is nobody *Nobody loves me* MInD blOwN😁😁
Ana Gonçalves
Ana Gonçalves Prije godine
Sorry but in this song Portugal wins. He made a song for our football team
gui亗 Prije godine
Jel Reniva
Jel Reniva Prije godine
Loecy thevoicetalent
Loecy thevoicetalent Prije godine
❤SM ❤
Avisha Sareen
Avisha Sareen Prije godine
He sings with feelings......we all love u Mendes
Ophélia Prije godine
I love you so much, damn 💓
shashi goel
shashi goel Prije godine
such a perfection at just young age
Shaila israt
Shaila israt Prije godine
This song makes me cry 😭
Bottleman Coldrink
Bottleman Coldrink Prije godine
Yep Make sure you block every major network live broadcast.
Laura Robison
Laura Robison Prije godine
Can you imagine how proud his parents must be. Holy shit I’d be crapping myself if that was my kid
NYC girl
NYC girl Prije godine
So talented and a nice guy. Bieber is shit and I don’t believe he wrote any of the songs he claims. He’s a jerk.
ayah noor
ayah noor Prije godine
Tara Balan
Tara Balan Prije godine
when your orchestra conductor gets asked to play cello for this but he says no because he has a middle school rehearsal... smh
Masheal al S
Masheal al S Prije 2 godina
Like How l Help you 🤝
ayah noor
ayah noor Prije 2 godina
Woooow ✌️😝😜😍💞💖
Evan Lel
Evan Lel Prije 2 godina
It’s so cool because my teacher for music is one of the girls in the background of the band
Anoushka Pandey
Anoushka Pandey Prije 4 mjeseci
Wow!! Congrats to her🌹
Marie Echols
Marie Echols Prije 2 godina
Marie Echols
Marie Echols Prije 2 godina
NYC girl
NYC girl Prije 2 godina
This guy is blessed with everything.
antonia eleni
antonia eleni Prije 2 godina
M.B Prije 2 godina
that melody reminds me at grammy awards in 2019 when he performs in my blood with Miley Cyrus
The Twins
The Twins Prije 2 godina
Hi Camila watch it🔊🔊 and I hope you like it thank you guys a lot 👇👇⁦☑️⁩ 🔴🎶🌛
Christian Coleman
Christian Coleman Prije 2 godina
Literally gave me chills.
BrookePlayzzGames Prije 2 godina
BrookePlayzzGames Prije 2 godina
I love them
Ankit S
Ankit S Prije 2 godina
In front of Ed Sheeran you are nothing
Alondra Gonzalez
Alondra Gonzalez Prije 2 godina
he looks so happy and adorable 🥺 i’m crying because i will never get to meet the most perfect human being on earth 😢😔
farah alkhalifa
farah alkhalifa Prije 2 godina
البلفسور لاسمدد
البلفسور لاسمدد Prije 2 godina
fake yo
cøøkįë Śtūdîõš
cøøkįë Śtūdîõš Prije 2 godina
I don’t get the gossip about Shawn being super hawT I know some one who is hAwTeR Shrek- sOmEboDY oNcE tOlD mE- Ya sis from tik tok disagrees aNd agrees at the same time
Jish Rish
Jish Rish Prije 2 godina
You really got our HEARTS Shawnnnnnn!!!
Bayleigh Prije 2 godina
Shawn, YOU'RE SOOOOO HOT!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛
Venom Gang
Venom Gang Prije 2 godina
This is how many people love SHAWN MENDES 👇
Brent Lester Alvarez
Brent Lester Alvarez Prije 2 godina
Alexis.Savior Prije 2 godina
Shawn I love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Te amo Odeio
Te amo Odeio Prije 2 godina
Shawn Mendes i'm love you so much 😄❤
Mike Borrego
Mike Borrego Prije 2 godina
Love you
Sharid Figueredo
Sharid Figueredo Prije 2 godina
Me gusta sus canciones😀
kallh mala
kallh mala Prije 2 godina
you are the one piece on my hurt! i love u from greece😍😘
Letícia Alves
Letícia Alves Prije 2 godina
Como eu amo❤️🇧🇷
hui lan
hui lan Prije 2 godina
He has a good voice
Steffi Hu
Steffi Hu Prije 2 godina
Ich finde das Original besser wo er am Boden liegt🥰😎😏 da kommt es besser rüber
Alettah Kwati
Alettah Kwati Prije 2 godina
The voice😣😍😍
Oghenekome Okwoho
Oghenekome Okwoho Prije 2 godina
"Senorita!" Enjoy this Special Lyric video for such an amazing song.
matali1001 matali1001
matali1001 matali1001 Prije 2 godina
👍👍👍❤️good job
Giovani zambrano saucedo
Giovani zambrano saucedo Prije 2 godina
The net that is very nice Shawn and also sings nice my company
Clarivel martínez
Clarivel martínez Prije 2 godina
I am in love
Manoela Rocha
Manoela Rocha Prije 2 godina
Snizhana Ostafiichuk
Snizhana Ostafiichuk Prije 2 godina
Evonne Yen
Evonne Yen Prije 2 godina
Olivia Hoekstra
Olivia Hoekstra Prije 2 godina
I'm writing songs of my own and you just inspire me
Rukshar Bano
Rukshar Bano Prije 2 godina
So handsome 😍❤️❣️😍❤️😍😍😘 😘❤️❤️ shawn
Amelia Pramudita
Amelia Pramudita Prije 2 godina
fans Billie Eilish
fans Billie Eilish Prije 2 godina
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 💕 Shawn Mendez 💕
Joy Prije 2 godina
I'm an old who came here to figure out what all the fuss is. When his wee curly forelock first fell across his eyes, I was like, "oh come ON, did someone design this kid in a lab to appeal to girls?" Also, isn't he cold without sleeves? And yet, I see the appeal. Kid can sing. Good songwriters, too.
BTS LILLIAN Prije 2 godina
Morgan Benton
Morgan Benton Prije 2 godina
I love you so much I'm so happy for you
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