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Will Adama Traore be happy with his physical rating on FIFA 21? Conor Coady, Pedro Neto, Leander Dendoncker, Daniel Podence and Willy Boly join him to guess their teammates' ratings on the new game and some take it better than others!

SHAKE MEE mbnutrition
SHAKE MEE mbnutrition Prije 2 sati
I didn’t know Adama was Portugese!
Paulo Oliveira
Paulo Oliveira Prije dan
80 physical is a yoke!! A yoke!! -Adama Alonso
bobby akins
bobby akins Prije 4 dana
D K Prije 5 dana
The pleasant screen thoracically dance because turn perceptually stroke inside a tame jail. lopsided, military lasagna
Paul carr Carr
Paul carr Carr Prije 6 dana
〆محمد Prije 6 dana
اداما مسكين انظلم بذي البطاقه المفروض فوق ال٧٠ والله
〆محمد Prije 6 dana
@NOTHING تراه مسجل في اخر مبارياتها وهو اساسا يعتبر جناح صانع لعب
NOTHING Prije 6 dana
عام كامل سجل هدف واحد وتقولي انظلم
Greasy Belcher
Greasy Belcher Prije 7 dana
You’ll never see the team play live again if you ignore the fact that a massively profitable industry is being created around the reason the stadiums are empty.
Fermin Rodriguez
Fermin Rodriguez Prije 7 dana
Good video
SNK GOALZ Prije 7 dana
But Adama is a brick sh** house
Thom aas
Thom aas Prije 8 dana
Adama mérite largement une carte à 84
Luca Be
Luca Be Prije 8 dana
Adama stfu you are so OP 😅😅
leander Prije 9 dana
Leander dendoncker the GOAT
emanuel villedas
emanuel villedas Prije 9 dana
Si tanto quieren a Jiménez traduzcalon a español
Carmen Jiménez
Carmen Jiménez Prije 10 dana
Traore 99 physic confirmed
John C
John C Prije 12 dana
I really start to love team wolves! ;D and haha love how they interract 11:13 now we talking haha
Squidget Yarrow
Squidget Yarrow Prije 13 dana
Adama deserves a 84 card and that is coming from a man u fan
Yaqub Hassan
Yaqub Hassan Prije 14 dana
Why does dendocker sound like Ibrahimović and Adama sound like Thiago
لوكاس Lucas
لوكاس Lucas Prije 15 dana
ادامه حزني😂
Samuel Chidawa
Samuel Chidawa Prije 15 dana
96 pace 80 physical 79 how
SM67 Prije 15 dana
Coady speaking with the Portuguese accent is so funny remind me of me after a few pints in Spain trying to talk to all the locals
Judijth Prije 16 dana
No one: Wolves players: 🇵🇹
Moses Gift
Moses Gift Prije 16 dana
Your genius. Thanks for banned my account *LEGIT_HACK7* on Instagram am grateful
Moses Gift
Moses Gift Prije 16 dana
Your genius. Thanks for banned my account *LEGIT_HACK7* on Instagram am grateful
Christian Guandalini
Christian Guandalini Prije 17 dana
Traoré non sa di far bestemmiare molta gente
Matt Newman
Matt Newman Prije 17 dana
Neto deserves an 82+ after the season he’s having so far 😂
Louis Cottrell
Louis Cottrell Prije 18 dana
I love coady and adama 😂😂
Zajzator Prije 18 dana
zlatan ibrahimovic voice 8:26
Unknown Az
Unknown Az Prije 18 dana
Ngl adama has been aweful this season
Jakov Grgic
Jakov Grgic Prije 19 dana
When I see Adama's shoot is only 66:👁️👄👁️
Read Algahim
Read Algahim Prije 19 dana
Fifa executives when Adama pulls up😀😀😀
Phoenix james Brewer
Phoenix james Brewer Prije 19 dana
The way coady talks
Andreas Noel Anyie Angat
Andreas Noel Anyie Angat Prije 19 dana
5:54 evil Neto 😂
The moistest yeet
The moistest yeet Prije 19 dana
Adama needs to understand that phy isn’t just strength but a bunch of physical attributes
D13G0Pr0_YT _UwU
D13G0Pr0_YT _UwU Prije 19 dana
In mexico this team is famous i think that if you get Edson Álvarez or erick Gutiérrez you will get better reforcé and make Mexicans better for World Cup :)
D13G0Pr0_YT _UwU
D13G0Pr0_YT _UwU Prije 19 dana
Si señooooooor Raúl Jiménez 84 lets gooo viva mexico 🇲🇽 puro orgullo mexicano
Robbe D
Robbe D Prije 19 dana
my friend
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Prije 20 dana
When he plays himself in FUT 21 he surely will be happy
Piyush Attri
Piyush Attri Prije 20 dana
Not a wolves fan but I feel bad for adama 😌 he plays RWB ffs 🤦‍♂️ passing not good aswell 👀 disrespectful EA sports ( still that doesn’t stop us from playing him in our FUT )
N3treX Prije 20 dana
Adama is beast
MelzyPlays Prije 20 dana
Adama should be 85 tbh
FM Stegen
FM Stegen Prije 20 dana
lol none knows who youngster Pedro Neto is lol
KAĞAN KÖSEOĞLU Prije 20 dana
2:12 ya bi git ya
C.D. KID Prije 21 dan
I miss Doherty and I also hate stupid Spurs
Danilo Krstic
Danilo Krstic Prije 21 dan
Lajk ko je sa balkana
Elmo was here
Elmo was here Prije 21 dan
Have jimenez As my sub in fifa 20:)
ALEKHMED Prije 21 dan
adama is like a 85 player
Jornado Rea
Jornado Rea Prije 22 dana
Who are these guys???? 5:53
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer Prije 22 dana
Wolves are like give us all of Portuguese national players lol
gaming clips123
gaming clips123 Prije 22 dana
I forgot about Jonny because he’s injured poor lad he said the exact Same last year
Cafo Polay
Cafo Polay Prije 22 dana
Hay amına
stone clara
stone clara Prije 22 dana
This is why he doesn’t get physical rating😂.
Nihh Nihh
Nihh Nihh Prije 22 dana
Adama slowed down for sure it’s gotta be the new hair
Saythatagaincuz K
Saythatagaincuz K Prije 23 dana
SImon Prije 23 dana
I hate traore's card
Chillz5858 Prije 23 dana
this vid was funny but nothing will ever beat adama saying “physical 75!?!?” last year
gobbly doodles
gobbly doodles Prije 23 dana
notice how neves is never in it
Finlayyh Prije 23 dana
You can just tell Adama was just waiting for his card and didn’t care about any others😂😂
HassTV Prije 23 dana
7:46 Adama got robbed 😭
George Prije 23 dana
*Portugal reacts to fifa 21 ratings*
Kieran Naturalgourmet
Kieran Naturalgourmet Prije 23 dana
Adam’s defintley said it first
Sukrant Bhat
Sukrant Bhat Prije 24 dana
Why do you Spanish/Portuguese people in general use "my friend" alot when speaking English, the other nationalities don't do language thing Or they just too polite
Sami Arian
Sami Arian Prije 24 dana
Wtf phy and pas adama wtf 🤣🤣🤣
Sifen Getinet
Sifen Getinet Prije 24 dana
Coady is the modern Jamie Carragher
Ebube George
Ebube George Prije 24 dana
I use adama all the time he should be likd 90 or above atleast
SX•L4NN3X WT Prije 25 dana
3 mi de visu
BABA Prije 25 dana
Coady a future TV prospect
Gabríel Þór Harðarson
Gabríel Þór Harðarson Prije 25 dana
They did adama dirty on the physical
Tom Westwood
Tom Westwood Prije 25 dana
Coady is a national treasure and we must protect him at all costs!
Ahad Azizli
Ahad Azizli Prije 25 dana
Just call Wolves portugal 🇵🇹
Alfonzo Vlotman
Alfonzo Vlotman Prije 25 dana
watch fifa 21 top 10 insane🔥 goals⚽️
R Ismail
R Ismail Prije 25 dana
Wolves harus membeli pemain baru buat duet adamma traore yaitu Hulk asal brazil
Ned Johnston
Ned Johnston Prije 25 dana
Adama’s stats are so low cos if they rated him truthfully the card would be too OP in fifa
Guilherme Coimbra
Guilherme Coimbra Prije 26 dana
Adama does not Run, he flies
Co Der
Co Der Prije 26 dana
Best player in fifa 21.... Adama traore 79.
Rahat Ahmed
Rahat Ahmed Prije 26 dana
Tbh that 80 physical is good, physical comes with stamina, jumping, strength etc and he’s only good with one there..
karol madera
karol madera Prije 26 dana
adama looks so dead inside
sherif hesham
sherif hesham Prije 26 dana
Physical includes heading accuracy and jumping so it might bring down Adams’s physical
Jo ScurScur
Jo ScurScur Prije 26 dana
Those horse legs of boly.
Haferflocke Prije 27 dana
80 PHY for Adama is so weird!
Ahmed Alfahham
Ahmed Alfahham Prije 27 dana
I think its about the concept of using his body to posses the ball which Adama does not do. He used his paca and a little bit drible. The card needs deffence a little bit. It could be 60 at least. with better shooting as he makes good finishs most of the time.
Daniel Svart
Daniel Svart Prije 27 dana
So funny 🤣🤣
Luca Keegan
Luca Keegan Prije 27 dana
Adana was violated
Valentijnz z
Valentijnz z Prije 27 dana
Who is the best player in the world Adama: semedo
GooseBT Prije 28 dana
EA mocking it with those Traore stats!
Rubio Nora
Rubio Nora Prije 28 dana
Who is that nice guy with Boly?
チェルシー Prije 28 dana
Bertrand Cosgrove
Bertrand Cosgrove Prije 28 dana
The only usable card out of the squad is semedo and adama
Conor PARKHILL Prije 28 dana
Yaboi S3van
Yaboi S3van Prije 29 dana
I’m a month late but how the hell is Jimenez stronger than Adama
MaxXx United
MaxXx United Prije 29 dana
Podence 50 strenght with those calves makes 0 sense
Luis Gustavo Villesca Ramirez
Luis Gustavo Villesca Ramirez Prije 29 dana
Y los subtítulos
Erenjaeger Prije 29 dana
Traoré is the best super sub lol.
Antonino Garofalo
Antonino Garofalo Prije mjesec
after this video i wanna play FIFA
Fabio Afonso
Fabio Afonso Prije mjesec
I got LB Adama of the bench 😈
Oliver 10Joe13
Oliver 10Joe13 Prije mjesec
Raúl is higher than Adama the Physik Are sure about that Ea this is a joke
Shrek Is Bot
Shrek Is Bot Prije mjesec
I love how they didn’t add adama in the description
Mr Krabs
Mr Krabs Prije mjesec
Adama: Yes,Podence :)
Jigown Prije mjesec
Adama troare Pace 97 Shooting 76 Pass: 75 Dribbling: 91 Defending: 74 Physical: 98
RaptoR Prije mjesec
i just love how adama talks eh ma frend?
Bruno Santiago
Bruno Santiago Prije mjesec
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