FaZe Teeqo & FaZe Nikan Swap Foods (Swedish & Persian)

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FaZe Nikan

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Today myself and @FaZe Teeqo decided to try foods from our countries! Hope everyone is having an awesome day!
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FaZe Nikan
FaZe Nikan Prije 4 mjeseci
SWEDISH FOOD IS ACTUALLY BOMB.. Shout out my brother Teeqo for showing me the food! Hope you're all having an amazing day!! Let me know what other food videos you guys want to see!👍😎🐻
Max_plays FN
Max_plays FN Prije 2 sati
What does Persian mean
Ace Prije 19 sati
Nazanin Momenhasirbaf
Nazanin Momenhasirbaf Prije 3 dana
@Hero same
Nazanin Momenhasirbaf
Nazanin Momenhasirbaf Prije 3 dana
I am Persian
Johanna de Leoni
Johanna de Leoni Prije 4 dana
Im swedish
Mr D
Mr D Prije 15 minuta
The yogurt soda its ayran but here in turkey its just yogurt with milk
Mr D
Mr D Prije 17 minuta
Yoo you now you Said the can one like thats yaprak sarması its FİRE
حسين محسن علي
حسين محسن علي Prije sat
Iam Swedish and iam in Iraq 😭😭
jack jack
jack jack Prije 2 sati
guys to let you guys now im actually swedish
fortnite lover10
fortnite lover10 Prije 2 sati
İ see that ayran and i now ayran is from turkey 🇹🇷
Sebastian Ruth
Sebastian Ruth Prije 2 sati
Teeqo has Fazer Dumle on his side and Fazer is from Finland
Bardiaking_89 Prije 2 sati
I'm from Persian the Persian food its good I say the food name 1-لواشک 2-نون سنگک/کشک بادمجان
Amir game over
Amir game over Prije 3 sati
Pro I think Nikkan is from middle east because almost every thing Nikkan gave it to teeqo the writing is arabic so Nikkan is 100/100 is from middle east
Dante Nazary
Dante Nazary Prije 3 sati
I m persian
Kerem Tok
Kerem Tok Prije 3 sati
its same the turkish food
Ronaldo Booysen
Ronaldo Booysen Prije 5 sati
Billy Hammersley
Billy Hammersley Prije 5 sati
U two are my fav faze members
Bastian Yt
Bastian Yt Prije 5 sati
Rune Mortensen
Rune Mortensen Prije 7 sati
I love gifflar
Olk The lad
Olk The lad Prije 8 sati
Sweetest sweetheart actually is amazing
Shadow crew
Shadow crew Prije 9 sati
Kashkebademjoon is not bad i live in iran
Crx Crypto
Crx Crypto Prije 14 sati
Nikan in australia we call them domatis not doma
XXTENTACION Prije 17 sati
In uae daim is amazing
Vednox 75
Vednox 75 Prije 17 sati
Those grabe leaves are realy good its stuffed with rice and meat i macedonia its a nice dish and its good with sour cream
Juba Pro
Juba Pro Prije 23 sati
my mom makes naponole it is gorgin food I love it
Charlie YT gaming
Charlie YT gaming Prije dan
OMG!! All of that food looks super good both!!!
Noah’s Cards
Noah’s Cards Prije dan
Nikan: it’s not gonna kill you Kid with an allergy and doesn’t know: 😵
Danyal Kazhaw
Danyal Kazhaw Prije dan
Doo is da best
victory Ogefere
victory Ogefere Prije dan
I live in Sweden and hej
Motion W-keys
Motion W-keys Prije dan
Who else has had dolma or water enab
Jadtubemc Prije dan
I hate yalangi that was like the middle eastern
D1 Vixzy
D1 Vixzy Prije dan
I can tell nikan has a weird accent when he talks in Farsi because I’m Persian too!
Papa on 20 fps
Papa on 20 fps Prije dan
Bro polo kabab is good no cap
KINX SHARK Prije dan
Teeqo and Nikan most humble and best duo oy yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy
Sam landrum
Sam landrum Prije dan
I love how teeqo say he knows what it is all the time🤣
Gloxxy FN
Gloxxy FN Prije dan
I come from Denmark and love giffler
Icedrop oce
Icedrop oce Prije 2 dana
Ayran is very good
Maximilian Anuk
Maximilian Anuk Prije 2 dana
And I drank the yogurt drink every day
Maximilian Anuk
Maximilian Anuk Prije 2 dana
The dolma
Maximilian Anuk
Maximilian Anuk Prije 2 dana
I’m from turkey but that was my FAVORITE
Hugo Wemmestad-Haaland
Hugo Wemmestad-Haaland Prije 2 dana
Jeg snaker norsk
Bryan Bernardo
Bryan Bernardo Prije 2 dana
gillar min kommentar om du gillar daim
Oskar Lagunas
Oskar Lagunas Prije 2 dana
Kan you test marabou with oreo
Oskar Lagunas
Oskar Lagunas Prije 2 dana
I'm from Sweden its funn
Omar Khan
Omar Khan Prije 2 dana
Jag är fy fan svensk
Fxprv Prije 2 dana
Who else is happy Nikan joined FaZe
Fxprv Prije 2 dana
Why mr I have 1 subscriber
Joshua Solomon
Joshua Solomon Prije 2 dana
no one
Sahid Ramos
Sahid Ramos Prije 2 dana
Why you guys share drinks you Corona Virus is a thing!!!!!!!?????????
saba kf
saba kf Prije 2 dana
How could he give Dollme 5!! They taste horrible out of can😂😂😂
Robert Byerly
Robert Byerly Prije 2 dana
I love you Niman
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith Prije 2 dana
My favourite food is bell peppers and salmon with salad
Frederick Prije 3 dana
They say they are not messing around with meatballs but then they say that ikea meatballs are good WTF?
Talion YT
Talion YT Prije 3 dana
Parcham bala
Talion YT
Talion YT Prije 3 dana
Are nikan is a persian? Dash irani hasti?😐
Fahad Algethami
Fahad Algethami Prije 3 dana
Saudi Arabia brother cmon
Elis Holmlund
Elis Holmlund Prije 3 dana
🇸🇪 är bäst
Captain Keenan
Captain Keenan Prije 3 dana
Im 9 and ive prob tried more food than my 42 yr old dad
sos3k Prije 3 dana
nikan azizam, where do you buy the lavashaks?
potatispalm 123
potatispalm 123 Prije 3 dana
kalles kaviar är de bästa som finns
Céline 8990
Céline 8990 Prije 3 dana
im from sweden
REV3NGE Prije 4 dana
Like my comment if your swedish like me
DilonBobJones 123
DilonBobJones 123 Prije 4 dana
(What is that. What is that)
Michel Abou Maarouf
Michel Abou Maarouf Prije 4 dana
Laban ayran
Michel Abou Maarouf
Michel Abou Maarouf Prije 4 dana
War2 3rish
Speedyhobby850 YT
Speedyhobby850 YT Prije 4 dana
You forgot about the dumle
Omar Anwar
Omar Anwar Prije 4 dana
I love caviar maybe it’s cuz im born in Sweden
Ali Gaming
Ali Gaming Prije 4 dana
I from iran
XD Man MEMES Prije 4 dana
Am from iraq🇮🇶♥️🇮🇷
simon ekljung
simon ekljung Prije 5 dana
I am from Sweden and i love faze house
jonathan Dahlberg
jonathan Dahlberg Prije 5 dana
Im danish and love giffler soo good with vanilla cream trust me if u eat one u eat the whole pack lol
Toasted Bagel
Toasted Bagel Prije 5 dana
Nikan in denmark we eat all the things Teeqo have besides that kalles bs
PWR TTVXxsamxX Prije 5 dana
داداش من ایرانییم bro im persian
Amir Mohammad Rezaee
Amir Mohammad Rezaee Prije 4 dana
Mnm be mola
Lil Ake
Lil Ake Prije 5 dana
Bruh I’m Swedish and teeqo got some mad fire 🔥 stuff, giflflar, dumble and kex also meatballs
anton dimitrov
anton dimitrov Prije 5 dana
ANSH RAJ SINGH 8-C Prije 5 dana
20:54 it have nut
Phyo Nandi Su
Phyo Nandi Su Prije 5 dana
The bread is call roti
lITZURBOYTRAH • Prije 5 dana
I like the hard thing in daim
Pailadit 409
Pailadit 409 Prije 5 dana
Teeko should have pulled out the suirstruming
Turner Prije 5 dana
I really miss that carbonated doogh
Da entertainment
Da entertainment Prije 5 dana
Teeqo with the IKEA DRIP
John Zagornski
John Zagornski Prije 5 dana
grape leaves are soooo good ( posting from the middle east)
dr razaz alassiri
dr razaz alassiri Prije 5 dana
I am saudi Arabian and I went to Iran and I love the bread 🍞 there and the stuffed grape is warag inab btw you can find it anywhere even in Lebanon 🇱🇧 its most popular there kaba also is popular in middle east
Oggoatedbot Michael
Oggoatedbot Michael Prije 5 dana
In Mexico all the candy is usually spicy or kinda sweet
MEHRSAM MAX Prije 5 dana
Dude im iranian to can you speak persian
Taz-_-fenix H
Taz-_-fenix H Prije 5 dana
Omg he likes it 🤪
JPower xD
JPower xD Prije 6 dana
Gifflar is also from norway
Coolgrinderinroblox123 King
Coolgrinderinroblox123 King Prije 6 dana
I am swedish
Gucksly Minecraft
Gucksly Minecraft Prije 6 dana
I’m Persian
Martin Ljunglin
Martin Ljunglin Prije 6 dana
For my finns fazer is soooooo much better than marabou
XD RANTAPALLO Prije 6 dana
TEEQO i am from finland and those Dumle is from finland and Kalles to
Kameran FN
Kameran FN Prije 6 dana
When he said what is that
Kameran FN
Kameran FN Prije 6 dana
Kameran FN
Kameran FN Prije 6 dana
Best I mean
Kameran FN
Kameran FN Prije 6 dana
Dolma is the bedt
Sidra Barakat
Sidra Barakat Prije 6 dana
Nikan where you come from
RAJKO ik echt sterk
RAJKO ik echt sterk Prije 6 dana
I am persian as wel
Nizz_btw Prije 6 dana
I have gifflar in my country
Victor Ivanov
Victor Ivanov Prije 6 dana
2021 Lmao 😂
Sahil sadat
Sahil sadat Prije 6 dana
Like hvis du er dansker hehehe
TheRealIroncornflake Prije 6 dana
We call stuffed grape leaves koupepya in Cyprus
Ayse Ulukaya
Ayse Ulukaya Prije 6 dana
I love hubada
Ario Jan
Ario Jan Prije 7 dana
I'm from iran
TPX Nic Prije 7 dana
We have all the sweedish foods as well in denmark and yeah honestly theese candies/foods are freaking bomb
VanDijk TheGoat
VanDijk TheGoat Prije 7 dana
Taste Norway candy
Tara Zakeri
Tara Zakeri Prije 7 dana
He forgot about the Persian sweets...I love there deserts :)
RaZte Prije 7 dana
najs hur är de
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