The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

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Chris Ramsay

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john dango
john dango Prije 22 minuta
Nobody would know... How would they know
British Wrath
British Wrath Prije 39 minuta
You merely adopted the chocolate...
Izaiah Baker
Izaiah Baker Prije sat
Boy, do I have a game for you
Swrve Prije sat
Fake Chris Ramsay
Kalomaster Shorts
Kalomaster Shorts Prije 2 sati
Now stuck it back together with nutela and cut tit in fhe same way
I like turtles
I like turtles Prije 2 sati
The rectangular shape got smaller it just fitted the print out.
yah_boi_niki Prije 3 sati
the way the chocolate is broken,,, you can rearrange the pieces and in a way where you can make a new chocolate bar. In reality you don't get a free piece. The chocolate bar is just that much smaller now because of the way it got rearranged. Nothing is lost, nothing is created. everything is transformed
Lily Contreras
Lily Contreras Prije 3 sati
I'm really dumb so I'm really confused
Joshua Ada
Joshua Ada Prije 4 sati
Literally, if you guys saw the size before and after...the second one is smaller
harshavardhan naidu
harshavardhan naidu Prije 4 sati
Banach-Tarski paradox it is.
Vaniya Kamal
Vaniya Kamal Prije 4 sati
This always hurts my brain!
chris g
chris g Prije 4 sati
Иван Зайцев
Иван Зайцев Prije 5 sati
Actually it's don't.
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper Prije 5 sati
"I just created chocolate out of nothing" You just created chocolate out of chocolate
Fluffs Garcia
Fluffs Garcia Prije 6 sati
Holy smokes I need me one of these lol
Mystery Pie
Mystery Pie Prije 6 sati
It actually makes the full bonus piece by all the crevices you see. Like a 6 sided cube being made with 2 sides but the difference is one is an example of it just being unbelievable and I was playing fortnite when this guy attacked me as soon as I spawned so I watched cooking tutorials to learn how to cook an egg correctly but it instead taught me how to eat kit kits the wrong way without anyone noticing but them the guy on fortnite started playing fortnite and have I ever told you about a video that had a magical chocolate bar? Yeah that one. So it had an extra piece that was actually made up by all the crevices you see in the bar but then the guy on fortnite got a pickaxe in minecraft and stole my diamonds and he killed me. Anyways what was I talking about again?
Jaiden Moua
Jaiden Moua Prije 6 sati
This is wanka’s doing chocolate 🍫
Bill Borja
Bill Borja Prije 8 sati
Lol hahaha the first compartment of the chocolate was much bigger than the second one 😂
Join Green
Join Green Prije 9 sati
U folded the side’s
Milo Strikes
Milo Strikes Prije 9 sati
This isn't even about learning/paying attention in geometry this is about how people haven't seen this dumb little optical illusion already it's old
Eliott Alletto
Eliott Alletto Prije 10 sati
If you look closely, you'll notice a slightly larger gap around the reassembled chocolate bar than the gap taken by the initial configuration, that's where the bonus comes from. It's like how in the old days people would take hardly noticeable slivers off coins and use them to forge counterfeit coins
Jelly Starfish
Jelly Starfish Prije 11 sati
Ok? Do it again lmfao
Masta Prije 12 sati
Trying to remake the old packahe to get more free chocolate.. wait where is my free chocolate?
Existential moron
Existential moron Prije 12 sati
Vsauce explained something similar a while ago
Mad McGeeky
Mad McGeeky Prije 12 sati
This happened on Tumblr already can we not repeat it
Mister Alias
Mister Alias Prije 12 sati
1. Look at the foil in the first part; it’s as wide as the box. 2. Next, look at when he puts the bar together in the second part; you’ll see that the bar is now able to fit within the rectangular shape instead of being as wide as the box. 3. Lastly, look at how the chocolate bar was facing down so you can’t read the letters, but is turned up on the second part. You’re welcome.
Nev Rami
Nev Rami Prije 12 sati
The space is slightly bigger between the pieces. Lol I love math. It would still weigh the same. Lmfao self reciprocating chocolate would be a cool free energy machine. Like cats taped to toast... cats always land on their feet and toast always lands face down. Lmfao
Nexus Prije 13 sati
The chocolate basically got a bit smaller
HallowishCandy 7
HallowishCandy 7 Prije 14 sati
People are actually stupid today 🤣
Jose Montalbo
Jose Montalbo Prije 14 sati
Its an illusion. You keep diving it like that and youll end up with nothing lol
Andy Norris
Andy Norris Prije 15 sati
The chocolate goes over the sides of the black outline and the sides of the box fold so the outside pieces along the edges make just enough for the middle piece to be taken out and eaten.
chris hamilton
chris hamilton Prije 15 sati
The foil has more space then the word in the box!!!😁
Castle Prije 15 sati
It’s a cool geometry trick but look at all the space at the edges on round 2. There’s your bonus piece.
Nazeem Saedien
Nazeem Saedien Prije 15 sati
If only you can do that with cash
Victor the Gee
Victor the Gee Prije 16 sati
Hey I Made Chocolate with milk Wonder how that happened Duh Its in the mix Babe
ana g
ana g Prije 16 sati
there’s actually more space to fit the chocolate on the sides if he slides the bar more
Plushy TV
Plushy TV Prije 17 sati
Because It is spaced out
the destiny
the destiny Prije 17 sati
TexturedSound Prije 17 sati
Each side is just like 1/4 inch shorter tho
Stephan Williams
Stephan Williams Prije 18 sati
What is with nerds and hand tattoos these days?
Eduardo Jimemez
Eduardo Jimemez Prije 18 sati
In the beginning he cuts him putting the chocolate on the desk so he could’ve just put that chocolate there in that cut
J Lübbing
J Lübbing Prije 19 sati
Joanna Prije 22 sati
Check the dimensions of both of them before taking the “extra” piece out and after taking the “extra” piece out.
Frenettxz Prije 23 sati
its called "Pitagoras Theory"
plant_ 🔫
plant_ 🔫 Prije 23 sati
Bruno Pinheiro do Rosário
Bruno Pinheiro do Rosário Prije 23 sati
It took me 3 minutes to understand, but I saw that this chocolate just stayed smaller.
H I ,.,
H I ,., Prije 23 sati
Me who watched Ted Ed explain this:
Joanna Prije 22 sati
I want one... I'm really wondering what it tastes like.
MR SAHIL FF GAMING Prije 23 sati
Just made chocolate by step your own
KvAT Prije dan
Guy folded the box inwards so it's smaller. The illusion relies on the size difference being unknown by the observers. Nice try
eye we todd did
eye we todd did Prije dan
Its this alchemy?
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Prije dan
"You cannot create matter nor can you destroy it." -Some smart guy
Darkgoddess Davina
Darkgoddess Davina Prije dan
Where did you get that chocolate from please and thank you
FLUXXEUS Prije dan
Parents all around the world: *Don't play with your food* Me: 😏
Eisen Prije dan
whos gonna tell him?
Macroglossum stellatarum
Macroglossum stellatarum Prije dan
Embrace the struggle Learn to grow with your pain Hope lies in the solace of a dying dream Beasts trapped in a corner fight fiercest of all Does the light not shine the brightest in the depth of night?
Kriss Prije dan
It's all math
Egg Muffin
Egg Muffin Prije dan
Thank you lord Vsauce for giving us the knowledge to clown on this man for all of eternity
Elmedin Princs
Elmedin Princs Prije dan
No. The chocolate was fully in when u opened IT. When u put in in and have a bonus chocolate The chocolate in der box was not Fully complett , in the both side was missing a bit.
Tony Prije dan
Looks like someone didnt learn about volume 😄👍
Owen Arlt
Owen Arlt Prije dan
The chocolate starts out spaced it n the box than after the bounus is takin out there closer
Martin C
Martin C Prije dan
I want one... I'm really wondering what it tastes like.
WAR-TORN gaming
WAR-TORN gaming Prije dan
Who else knows how?
TrinidaddyGdom Prije dan
The edges in the box are black so u can't see how much extra room there is in the box! The excess area would equal the area of the bo us piece
*Thát voįcé íń thé bãck øf yōür héãd*
*Thát voįcé íń thé bãck øf yōür héãd* Prije dan
People who watch Vsauce: *you can't fool me peasant*
Kia Prije dan
the edges of the box are raised allowing more space for the chocolate lmao. y’all ain’t fooling me. 😂
aoyo Prije dan
They are spaced out in the wrapper
Miss Informed
Miss Informed Prije dan
Except the wrapper never fitted inside that box.
I’m already Sans Undertale
I’m already Sans Undertale Prije dan
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije dan
“That’s not the law of equivalent exchange”
Ryan OBrien
Ryan OBrien Prije dan
Check the dimensions of both of them before taking the “extra” piece out and after taking the “extra” piece out.
Daniel McElroy
Daniel McElroy Prije dan
I love this use of the illusion
LocalNative420 Prije dan
Now I just want some chocolate
YaBoiAidan Prije dan
This guy: gets 11 nuggets in a 10 pack Also him: *I AM FUCKING GOD*
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Prije dan
He didn't put it in the same wrapper he took it out of
Pebble Collectors, Inc.
Pebble Collectors, Inc. Prije dan
This is actually the underbar w
Pebble Collectors, Inc.
Pebble Collectors, Inc. Prije dan
Has a chocolate type texture and taste, it’s also edible
Pebble Collectors, Inc.
Pebble Collectors, Inc. Prije dan
Adam M
Adam M Prije dan
Put it together like that in the gold wrapping not the bigger paper package. Find new tricks. This was done so many times for so many years
rayzer Prije dan
The originated with the Greek Pantheon shape.
NillaBeatSamples Prije dan
Vsauce would be greatly disappointed
Tentskiau Nekua
Tentskiau Nekua Prije dan
Hard to explain....
•Capcut edits•
•Capcut edits• Prije dan
its because you out it in different to how it came 😐
beet Prije dan
Infinite chocolate meme from 10yrs ago
Brandon Saldoriga
Brandon Saldoriga Prije dan
I just wanna know what this candy is called so I can buy it 😂
Christina M
Christina M Prije dan
"You don't spell it son, you eat it!" -Sixteen Candles
Rat King
Rat King Prije dan
I hope
ryan rinn
ryan rinn Prije dan
That doesn't fit perfectly in there. There is a gap around the bar
Jimmyjamjohnson42 Prije dan
*distant Vsauce noises*
Marijan Mustac
Marijan Mustac Prije dan
Use kitchen weight scale and disprove yourself
Tony Torres
Tony Torres Prije dan
He didn't put it in the same wrapper he took it out of
TheDanchann Gaming
TheDanchann Gaming Prije dan
I ain’t falling for it
Thomas Africa
Thomas Africa Prije dan
The pieces fit together without the bonus piece, but it's slightly shorter than the bar when the bonus piece is included. If you measure the volume of the gap and the volume of the bonus piece, they'd be exactly the same. NOT MAGIC, MATH! Still a very cool illusion though :)
aman XD
aman XD Prije dan
I think the second box os smaller
BPapiMcP157 Prije dan
I'm very confused herr
Axemonkey Prije dan
I want a bonus price of chocolate. Why is this chocolate called?!
Sean McSeanson
Sean McSeanson Prije dan
Don’t play with your food -Mom and Dad
Sille Kongshaug Hjorth
Sille Kongshaug Hjorth Prije dan
blocky Prije dan
This is fake because he just put different sized chocolate bar start was big end was small also dislike this fake video pls
that nigga
that nigga Prije dan
Lmao that 2oz chocolate bar is still 2oz..
Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins Prije 2 dana
It’s smaller you idiot you can tell just by looking in the box
i am ian
i am ian Prije 2 dana
Gaps on the sides
YtTheDarkSide1 BackUpAccount
YtTheDarkSide1 BackUpAccount Prije 2 dana
This is all a lie ->because it keeps cutting out but what if that's not the case? He probably just added the chocolate
Aarika Hu
Aarika Hu Prije 2 dana
What chocolate is this
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