Smartest "1000 IQ Plays" in Sports History

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Smartest "1000 IQ Plays" in Sports History
Players using their BRAINS to Trick!!!
Joshua 1:9

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Zaxily Prije 13 dana
David Ll
David Ll Prije 17 dana
Aman Suleymenov
Aman Suleymenov Prije 18 dana
ch aise
ch aise Prije 28 dana
video was weak tho, "sports history" but only NBA and NFL, 1000iq plays but some are just nice pass idk, too much clickbait for a subscribe
Melissa Wilks
Melissa Wilks Prije mjesec
Jon Joe
Jon Joe Prije 6 sati
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hogkoqo codohca
hogkoqo codohca Prije 18 sati
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ivan dunr
ivan dunr Prije dan
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Kris Ed
Kris Ed Prije dan
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Nasarif Kongsin Prije dan
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Ker Loz
Ker Loz Prije 3 dana
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Samuel John
Samuel John Prije 3 dana
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Heathcote Nina
Heathcote Nina Prije 3 dana
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Steph Tan
Steph Tan Prije 3 dana
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Logan Williams
Logan Williams Prije 4 dana
American football player preforms an offload "HOLY SHIT. OMG LOOK AT THAT IMPOSSIBLE. MIND BLOWN. OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!" Rugby player does exactly the same: Ah nice offload man. Literally the same with the one that steps out of play before picking up the ball XD
Inez Gspie
Inez Gspie Prije 4 dana
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刃 鬼滅
刃 鬼滅 Prije 4 dana
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Edward Justice
Edward Justice Prije 4 dana
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PC 24
PC 24 Prije 4 dana
3:39 What did GB accomplish by doing this? I really don't get it.
PC 24
PC 24 Prije 4 dana
@msolec2000 Wow. It boggles my mind how could that be a legal play yet it's so brilliant as long as it's legal. Thank you!
msolec2000 Prije 4 dana
Kickoff out of bounds penalty on the kicking team. GB gets first down at their own 40.
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Nova Lesca
Nova Lesca Prije 5 dana
Imagine saying "sports" and "I.Q." in the same sentence. Funny. Sports are a waste of time, money, scholarships and resources.
Nova Lesca
Nova Lesca Prije 4 dana
@Quantum Gaming If you truly wanted entertainment, go watch a movie, it's cheaper.
Nova Lesca
Nova Lesca Prije 4 dana
@Quantum Gaming It is a waste of time, money and resources. It could be better spent on learning a useful trade. Engineering, Science, Robotics, Prosthetic works, and many more careers that could be better for funding and resources. But no, lets watch a 21-50 year old sportsball player hit/kick/throw/carry a ball to the other side of the area to score a goal unit. There is no defense for a stadium taking up housing, or other building area. Giving money, MILLIONS to a person for playing games instead of bettering themselves or helping the larger world. You can candy wrap this however you want. The point remains that playing games is not something you should get paid MILLIONS and skate through highschool and college with. It is a gross misuse of funding and actively harmful to the world. "Harmful how?" How much does a ESSENTIAL worker make? Minimum wage? Sewage workers, trash disposal, water treatment workers, carpenters. You want a reason to kill all sports(nascar especially) and things like wwe and other useless sports? there it is. Refute me. Tell me there is not a better place to use the funding. Tell me you are happy with your paycheck and think they deserve money for playing a game. Your brother, sister, niece, nephew, father mother friends. Do they not work hard enough to earn more? Compare their jobs to running a ball. There is injustice in their waste of money on these sports games. Sports for money should be abolished and their stadiums and tournaments be torn down.
Quantum Gaming
Quantum Gaming Prije 4 dana
I disagree. I think you need to have great instinct, perseverence and the smarts to improvise in slimest of moments to be a great sportsman to show the limits of the human body to entertainment everyone.
増井龍成 Prije 5 dana
0:24 Pow!!!!!!!!!!! M.Jackson
Huang Jack
Huang Jack Prije 6 dana
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Crazyape305 Prije 6 dana
the first play *you cant cross the foul line before the ball makes contact with the rim* he runs before the ball even touches the rim, i never really understood how that was so overlooked by the refs in such a close game (not a MIN fan btw lol)
dcf yhu
dcf yhu Prije 7 dana
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Phillip Metivier
Phillip Metivier Prije 7 dana
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Daniel Masis Prije 7 dana
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Rolande Venon Prije 7 dana
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Emily Jenkins Prije 8 dana
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cristina pumilia Prije 8 dana
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Charlie Fox
Charlie Fox Prije 8 dana
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Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker Prije 8 dana
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Sofikul Nariaj
Sofikul Nariaj Prije 8 dana
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Urek Mazino
Urek Mazino Prije 8 dana
Когда понял только что произошло в баскетболе
Aslami Jesorin
Aslami Jesorin Prije 8 dana
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Anon Covid
Anon Covid Prije 8 dana
That's a very low IQ title
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung Prije 8 dana
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burst Radiosterilize
burst Radiosterilize Prije 8 dana
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Fara neilson Prije 8 dana
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stacey bauer
stacey bauer Prije 9 dana
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Ron Ragas
Ron Ragas Prije 9 dana
That was hella cool and very talented players
DugriGM Prije 9 dana
0:53 Ben simmons catches the ball back with his foot out of bounds no?
Mason Summers
Mason Summers Prije 6 dana
I think as long as one foot is planted on the court it isn’t technically out of bounds
Malina Bewas
Malina Bewas Prije 9 dana
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Cecilio Camacho
Cecilio Camacho Prije 9 dana
Every player on Green Bay defense memorize the damn rule book?
Tabulate Demand
Tabulate Demand Prije 9 dana
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Calvin Canty
Calvin Canty Prije 9 dana
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Oprah Huard Prije 9 dana
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gfdty fgrts
gfdty fgrts Prije 9 dana
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吳承宇 Prije 9 dana
1:50 Why there was no third-base man
Corinne Garcia
Corinne Garcia Prije 10 dana
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Darcy Nicholson
Darcy Nicholson Prije 10 dana
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Charissa Kizzie
Charissa Kizzie Prije 10 dana
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Hafeez M
Hafeez M Prije 10 dana
Fox steps over line before ball touches the rim.. should've been a lane violation vs 1000 IQ
Skivernat Njilten
Skivernat Njilten Prije 10 dana
Blowing the ball away, that was smart.
1 Prije 10 dana
This is only american sports though? title should be "in US Sports History" not in "Sports history"
Bb A
Bb A Prije 10 dana
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Darren Wilson
Darren Wilson Prije 10 dana
Where's derrick lewis
Carla Loe
Carla Loe Prije 10 dana
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jonnyenglish1973 Prije 10 dana
the word American..conveniently left out of the title
Zachari maureenp
Zachari maureenp Prije 11 dana
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Korimkhan Torikul
Korimkhan Torikul Prije 11 dana
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Daniel Becerra Prije 11 dana
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David Contreras Prije 11 dana
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ニジンスキー Prije 11 dana
리뷰타임즈#ReviewTimes Prije 11 dana
대단한 영상이네요 대박
zoie courville
zoie courville Prije 11 dana
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Sawertuyui Xsawertuioy
Sawertuyui Xsawertuioy Prije 11 dana
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Darrell Lyvere
Darrell Lyvere Prije 11 dana
At 0:55 the basketball off the opponents back, check close, I don't think the in bounding player's foot touched the floor before touching the ball which would have nullified the play. That close and no review?
Mr BrOOks Music
Mr BrOOks Music Prije 11 dana
Different countries arguing about these sports should be the only wars we have.
Albertina Karima
Albertina Karima Prije 11 dana
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VNM Prije 11 dana
No 'smart plays' video is complete without 3:23
Lorette Elfrieda
Lorette Elfrieda Prije 12 dana
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Pearson Barnes
Pearson Barnes Prije 12 dana
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uyt swd Prije 12 dana
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Kenneth Spears Prije 12 dana
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Ryan Nickell Prije 12 dana
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supra angel
supra angel Prije 12 dana
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Eric Burns
Eric Burns Prije 12 dana
2:10 is a RISKY move. this happened in a game by my undergrad and our D guy batted it back in right into the arms of the receiver for a TD
Agg GG
Agg GG Prije 13 dana
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llewellRsA Prije 13 dana
US sports history.......Sport is played outside the US?
The MLG Prije 13 dana
The Watcher
The Watcher Prije 13 dana
Is it still an IQ play when it’s been played almost a hundred times? I mean some in the video just copied a play
Hello Prije 13 dana
if what lebron done is legal then i'd just beam the fuck out of people with the basketball
ZeroRived Prije 13 dana
Dream Approved.
Kyle Barnes
Kyle Barnes Prije 13 dana
I can't believe the energy of #26 at 3:18 . So intense.
Lev Curt
Lev Curt Prije 13 dana
1000 IQ people don't play or watch sports
rodawin Prije 13 dana
most of them are lucky plays, not smart ...
Colin cheng
Colin cheng Prije 13 dana
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GermanSneakerBoy2013 Prije 13 dana
When you are european and have no idea what the rules of these sports are...
nick wetmore
nick wetmore Prije 13 dana
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Walter Kyson
Walter Kyson Prije 13 dana
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Parker Essential
Parker Essential Prije 14 dana
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· HigoChumbo ·
· HigoChumbo · Prije 14 dana
It does not take 1000 IQ to know that there is a whole world beyond the borders of the USA.
shane ralston
shane ralston Prije 14 dana
Is there even sports anywhere else well all the great sports are In America tyvm
Brandon Large
Brandon Large Prije 14 dana
That was some back yard bullshit
Eduardo Cummings
Eduardo Cummings Prije 14 dana
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Maddox Khalimsky
Maddox Khalimsky Prije 14 dana
1:30 best commentary in the whole video
Clarence Hart
Clarence Hart Prije 14 dana
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Always Thinking
Always Thinking Prije 14 dana
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fixit Prije 14 dana
American football. 10 minutes of football the rest boring just like baseball
Theodore Harris
Theodore Harris Prije 14 dana
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