Eating 500 Spicy Chicken McNuggets With FaZe H1ghSky1

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FaZe Nikan

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500 SPICY CHICKEN NUGGETS WITH H1GHSKY1! This was not the best idea we were both in pain after! @FaZe H1ghSky1
My Twitter - FaZeNikan
My Instagram - FaZeNikan
My Snapchat - mynameisnikan

D3 Ogalo
D3 Ogalo Prije 5 sati
What? That Hat is kinda crap. 2:23
Dgdgfdx Bsbshs
Dgdgfdx Bsbshs Prije 16 sati
Where's joey chessnut and matt stone?
MasterPlayz Prije dan
you should do 1000 with stonie he's a very good fast eater... lol.
GachaAllen YT
GachaAllen YT Prije 2 dana
Right when he said burger king spicy chicken nuggets I got a burger king ad
TheBacon2019 # Dab Clan
TheBacon2019 # Dab Clan Prije 2 dana
I'm the same with bugers as Alex
TG Clan
TG Clan Prije 2 dana
Zokhidjon Sadulloev
Zokhidjon Sadulloev Prije 3 dana
Daddy chill
Blue juice Sutton
Blue juice Sutton Prije 3 dana
Lol Nikan said burgers and Patrick said ramen Naruto/boruto
Wesley Reinhardt
Wesley Reinhardt Prije 4 dana
What a waste
Little Country
Little Country Prije 4 dana
Hi Nikan I have been watching faze for a long and I wish I can join I have been watching sens I was 6 and I have been trying peace.
Oliver Thurston
Oliver Thurston Prije 4 dana
Carolina Pepers boy
Kyroh Prije 5 dana
normal parents: no you can only get the 6 piece nugget not the 12 it is too unhealthy highsky parents: alright u can order 500 piece chicken nuggets, share it with nikan tho
FaZe 7asouna Di2b
FaZe 7asouna Di2b Prije 5 dana
S7R4L3 Prije 5 dana
H1ghsky1: We are gonna die! Also H1ghsky1: *Continues eating*
Zipper- Upper
Zipper- Upper Prije 6 dana
Every kids dreams
Tyler Williamson
Tyler Williamson Prije 6 dana
We don,t care @2atw
Christopher's drawings
Christopher's drawings Prije 6 dana
I love spicy stuff
Linkin Neuangthavong
Linkin Neuangthavong Prije 7 dana
i tried the spicy chicken nuggets they wernt sipicy
Tuan Dang
Tuan Dang Prije 7 dana
Nikan and faze high are big big friend
It’snot touchdown Zion
It’snot touchdown Zion Prije 7 dana
Me and Patrick eat are burgers the same way
洪俊生GURUNG JASON Prije 7 dana
Nikans channel is like a mukbang channel I swear to god
SWYPE _ Prije 8 dana
im like alex
Armand Haquimy
Armand Haquimy Prije 9 dana
Waste food
MR___reee_zoom Prije 9 dana
So that why they are gone
Dj Prije 9 dana
I was in the mood for nuggets at 11:00 at night after watching this video
Daimon Lee
Daimon Lee Prije 9 dana
When H1ghSky1 say he’d eat ramen I’m over here been eating ramen like 5 days straight
Sagar Kashyap
Sagar Kashyap Prije 9 dana
Noodles because u get hydrated of the soup and it tastes good
Jarrod Pagan
Jarrod Pagan Prije 10 dana
Ramen is amazing me and my sister grew up eating ramen
Lion's Den Martial Arts
Lion's Den Martial Arts Prije 10 dana
This is the first time I’ve ever seen Nikan and Patrick to so much to each other
huskyplaysroblox Prije 10 dana
can you give me some pls :(
Lamaj Bullock
Lamaj Bullock Prije 10 dana
Highsky real name Patrick 😲
LIMITED 31 Prije 10 dana
I mean buns
LIMITED 31 Prije 10 dana
I mean we always have bund on our cheese burgers
LIMITED 31 Prije 10 dana
I eat my cheese burgers plan i only have meat and cheese and bun and ketchup but you always have buns on it
Yanize Prije 11 dana
Bro their are not spicy
Colin Vidal
Colin Vidal Prije 11 dana
Come on h1skyh
Lemon Prije 11 dana
5 pizza slices i eat 16 slices
Brad Burns
Brad Burns Prije 11 dana
Guys I’m a girl but don’t worry about my profile pic but I have a crush on a boy named jake and people give him hard times so please...p-pray for him please no hate
ash fx
ash fx Prije 11 dana
High sky real name is patrick
Frederik Jef Windfeld
Frederik Jef Windfeld Prije 11 dana
I love roman
Tam Le
Tam Le Prije 12 dana
I ate spicy chips when I was watching
Tam Le
Tam Le Prije 12 dana
That looks so delicious
Aliana Manasek
Aliana Manasek Prije 12 dana
I tried it i cried And it burns ull throw up IT BURNS
bald_orangelo Prije 12 dana
The size of that pan is enourmous
PLAYBOI_PRICEY Prije 12 dana
where did u get that big of a bowl from?
Jose Navarro
Jose Navarro Prije 12 dana
Those are the best
Alejandro Villegas
Alejandro Villegas Prije 12 dana
No cap i would have destroyed this challenge
Carlos Espejo
Carlos Espejo Prije 12 dana
I only eat like 5 😿
Shain Sparhawk
Shain Sparhawk Prije 13 dana
Patrick i like jalapeño cheetos
Mystic Bäńg Phoenix
Mystic Bäńg Phoenix Prije 13 dana
By watching this is anyone hungry? because i am.
Sister craft :o
Sister craft :o Prije 13 dana
I tried the one chip Challenge and I am only 8
Danimart_1 Prije 13 dana
Nice video
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez Prije 13 dana
That looks super spicy
Flinty Prije 14 dana
OMG im like ALex I GOT A BIG HEAD and I only eat hamburgers with bun, bugger and ketchup lul
Hamplayer Prije 14 dana
he sounds like unspeakable at 10:40
Yagup Nuredin
Yagup Nuredin Prije 14 dana
Eat Chicken nugget: Poop After LOL
Mickey Ortiz
Mickey Ortiz Prije 14 dana
Not hot at
Totally Miami
Totally Miami Prije 14 dana
[Q& A] Mc Donalds fries or Burger Kings fries I pick mc donalds fries what do you pick
Thando Seonyane
Thando Seonyane Prije 14 dana
Good friendship guys
JOKER GAMING Prije 14 dana
Dont waste food I wish you would never be able to eat food
Kelsey Oconnor
Kelsey Oconnor Prije 14 dana
I love all kinds of Talkies and every hot cheato and I ate 11.slices of pizza
Splax Prije 15 dana
Zak Bass Killer ツ゚
Zak Bass Killer ツ゚ Prije 15 dana
Chanler Madsen
Chanler Madsen Prije 15 dana
My food is spice chicken nuggets and I can dell with spice
ibrahim shala
ibrahim shala Prije 15 dana
and im 9
ibrahim shala
ibrahim shala Prije 15 dana
i would definetly choose spicy noodles to eat
Daniel Lopez 4,287
Daniel Lopez 4,287 Prije 15 dana
If you give me 2 bags of hot Cheetos I could eat them with out even breaking a sweat
Fnz S
Fnz S Prije 15 dana
Bro I want eat it
Ryan Cooper
Ryan Cooper Prije 15 dana
I think they should do 100 Big Macs
kolten gregory
kolten gregory Prije 15 dana
Patric me and my family tested the water brand core and it has bad particles in it
Albon rock
Albon rock Prije 15 dana
I would eat that whole
GlitchGalaxyPlays Prije 16 dana
I Love ramen I eat it a week I be like mhmm
Ramon Cisneros
Ramon Cisneros Prije 16 dana
I could eat.5 rommans
Ben Caldwell
Ben Caldwell Prije 16 dana
Shadow_ venomz
Shadow_ venomz Prije 16 dana
Why you get to live my dream
Thaddeus Brown
Thaddeus Brown Prije 16 dana
Nuggets from Burger King is made out of Horse
Larsson Broe
Larsson Broe Prije 16 dana
Galal’s Mom
Galal’s Mom Prije 17 dana
thats not 500 thats more less then it u fool
Dameko Jennings
Dameko Jennings Prije 17 dana
Me and high sky are just alike because I like hot stuff but I just can’t take it
Adam Plyler
Adam Plyler Prije 17 dana
I wish that was me
Xolev Prije 17 dana
H1ghSky1 Is funnny lol
KILLERJAKE 210 Prije 17 dana
3:52 that’s what naruto would say
Phillip Prije 17 dana
I’m doing it with y’all I ate 1000 I need 2000 more
Ilyas Ilyas
Ilyas Ilyas Prije 17 dana
Btw i can hold spicy foods
Frankie Lee
Frankie Lee Prije 17 dana
1 chip challinge
exoticcash Prije 17 dana
I’m just like Alex he does meat bun and ketchup 😂
exoticcash Prije 17 dana
I’m just like Alex he does meat bun and ketchup 😂
Mohamed Mokhtar
Mohamed Mokhtar Prije 18 dana
Guys how did the people let them order 500 chicken nuggets if I was the guy WHO THE HELLL ORDERD 500 XHIKEN NUGGETS
Darrell Altis
Darrell Altis Prije 18 dana
i could do this by myself but I need ranch
Robloxian jejemsxo
Robloxian jejemsxo Prije 18 dana
Who else heard the discord noti at 3:17
rosemary eramya
rosemary eramya Prije 18 dana
Cody Kela
Cody Kela Prije 18 dana
Patrick I ate 5 pizzas also
Toby Tekkerz
Toby Tekkerz Prije 18 dana
what is worse 500 spicy chicken mcnuggets or 1 spicy hot chip
Zolfa Selmi
Zolfa Selmi Prije 18 dana
I don’t like burger or pizza
Aqua Prije 18 dana
Bro i was watching this when I had spicy chicken nuggets chocolate covered Oreos and hot Cheetos I swear
Rg Plays
Rg Plays Prije 18 dana
I was saying Ramen bro I can read minds
Kaleb Swaringen
Kaleb Swaringen Prije 18 dana
I love spicy food so much
Vincent Kanhai
Vincent Kanhai Prije 18 dana
It's like a nikan and packtrik show
Game Gamerz
Game Gamerz Prije 18 dana
Thats like 250 baby chickens 😔
todroki Prije 19 dana
There is no Burger King in Australia instead they call it hungry jacks
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