HIGHLIGHTS | Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool

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Aston Villa FC

Prije 11 mjeseci

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Shirotera 1601
Shirotera 1601 Prije 16 sati
Imagine this match in open doors
Trissy Prije dan
Mohammad Azwan Zainal
Mohammad Azwan Zainal Prije dan
yeah yeah yeah!!
Sergio Morte
Sergio Morte Prije 6 dana
ليفر ضحك
Айбек Жалилов
Айбек Жалилов Prije 6 dana
Астон вилла порвало просто
Aydın İsmayılov
Aydın İsmayılov Prije 7 dana
Vat a mach king Aston
Jasmine Bhudia
Jasmine Bhudia Prije 7 dana
Just sad it'll never happen again besides everyone uses this argument and says that Liverpool is shit bc of one match 😑😒
Bagas Aja
Bagas Aja Prije 8 dana
Kasian pemain aston vila. Selebrasi mulu
Siddique Sidd
Siddique Sidd Prije 8 dana
Rohaizad Aziz
Rohaizad Aziz Prije 9 dana
Those week is so satisfying for chelsea and city fans.. liverpool lose 7-2.. united lose 6-1
NB10 Prije 11 dana
Captain jack
Fransisco González
Fransisco González Prije 11 dana
Vieron gente de tik tok? Si es cierto
SNK_ RyZee
SNK_ RyZee Prije 14 dana
Congratulation Aston Villa 🤎💙
Lil Nemen ぁ
Lil Nemen ぁ Prije 15 dana
1:25 :o
Lil Nemen ぁ
Lil Nemen ぁ Prije 15 dana
Chale pero q bien por aston villa
Dev Singh
Dev Singh Prije 16 dana
Who's here after grealish left for city?
McFlash Prije 19 dana
3 assists and 2 goals for Grealish. He’s gonna be one of the best in the world in a couple of years
holzfäller Prije 20 dana
Luck 7 - 2 Liverpool
Lucky Flyer 0_0
Lucky Flyer 0_0 Prije 20 dana
Never seen so many deflections leading to a goal in a single game lol
Khamidov Khadji
Khamidov Khadji Prije 21 dan
The day when Grealish showed himself to the world
Spirited ball
Spirited ball Prije 26 dana
Mo salah the Egyptian king ❤️👑💪
KodAdı:Eren Prije 26 dana
Jack Maksimovic
Jack Maksimovic Prije 26 dana
Haha Liverpool lost glory glory man united
Gøđ perry
Gøđ perry Prije 28 dana
Millhouse Speaks
Millhouse Speaks Prije mjesec
Here after archer on target thrice for a hattrick
Conor Talty
Conor Talty Prije mjesec
This got to be the luckiest 7-2 game ever. Like 3 of those goals were deflections🤣
تشويق كوميدي
تشويق كوميدي Prije mjesec
أنتم لو في حد مترتر عليكم مش حيصل كده اه الحظ ده
َ Prije mjesec
Mauro Párraga
Mauro Párraga Prije mjesec
Q pasaó al campeaõ do mundial dõ clubes Liverpool lol
Engr. Farid Uddin
Engr. Farid Uddin Prije mjesec
jake wu
jake wu Prije mjesec
I'm a Chelsea fan, so I love watching this everyday and seeing Liverpool get destroyeddddddddd
Mohamad Tarhini
Mohamad Tarhini Prije mjesec
in the bleak midwinter
grealushh Prije mjesec
As a Liverpool fan after about the 3rd goal I started cheering on villa 😅😂
Sebikai Prije mjesec
captain jack
Lewis Adams
Lewis Adams Prije mjesec
its a religious act to watch this every now and then x
BVB Ebrahim
BVB Ebrahim Prije mjesec
Vicky Prije mjesec
Grealish 🔥🔥🔥
Jyotish ka ladka
Jyotish ka ladka Prije mjesec
Bye bye Grealish ❤️ you will be missed man ❤️❤️❤️
Hcb_ Dude
Hcb_ Dude Prije mjesec
Just saying I’m watching this when jack has went to city
Fiji Water
Fiji Water Prije mjesec
Hopefully he can do this against Liverpool always now that he's on city
Aklanta Saikia
Aklanta Saikia Prije mjesec
Who's here after Grealish joined City
Vaibhav Pritwani
Vaibhav Pritwani Prije mjesec
Pep be like: Take my 100Mil
Tania Zaman
Tania Zaman Prije mjesec
7 is a iconic number in football. Isn't it?
Bruno sigillo
Bruno sigillo Prije mjesec
te amo aston villa
Simon Hjelte
Simon Hjelte Prije mjesec
Didn’t alissons dad die some days before the game
Tx Prije mjesec
Pes TAMIZHAN TN Prije 2 mjeseci
i see this video while having a evening tea best sidedish 😋
RJ Moon
RJ Moon Prije 2 mjeseci
Adrian is not at PL level at all, out of depth
Venom Prije 2 mjeseci
Even commentator laughing 😂
Aziz Bader
Aziz Bader Prije 2 mjeseci
Interested how nobody talked about this game so much…
Mustafa V
Mustafa V Prije 2 mjeseci
This is my bedtime video. It makes me sleep peacefully.
Pinchy Prince
Pinchy Prince Prije 2 mjeseci
10 years from now this will be recommended to everyone.
burger Prije 2 mjeseci
HP Jonsoe
HP Jonsoe Prije 2 mjeseci
The 5 badest goal in football history
brownupsolo Prije 2 mjeseci
Sports Rockstar
Sports Rockstar Prije 2 mjeseci
Grealish is a cute little girl 😂
Pinchy Prince
Pinchy Prince Prije 2 mjeseci
Ian Padron
Ian Padron Prije 2 mjeseci
3 deflections😭😭
Happy  guy
Happy guy Prije 2 mjeseci
I dont how the win????
AMP Squad Vines
AMP Squad Vines Prije 3 mjeseci
2:07 Captain Jack Sparrow
Telifence Prije mjesec
@AMP Squad Vines aston villa in danger now. They need to buy some playmakers
AMP Squad Vines
AMP Squad Vines Prije mjesec
@Telifence 😫😩😖😭😭😭
Telifence Prije mjesec
Captain joining city now 😭
Moaz Bassam
Moaz Bassam Prije 3 mjeseci
MOTM: Deflections
TP Double-V
TP Double-V Prije 3 mjeseci
Would u believe it was 2-1 at some point ?
KAPTEN BOLA Prije 3 mjeseci
Thanx adrian🙏
Yusril Wahyuda
Yusril Wahyuda Prije 4 mjeseci
And then... Liverpool 3 place Villa??? 😂
K2SoaP GG Prije mjesec
@Actolo 11 I can test a salt & tears by you
The Me
The Me Prije mjesec
@Actolo 11And still successive club among European club 😃😃.Which may takes villa 10decades or more to get closer that records..... Bark more im loving it 😃😃😃😃😄😅
The Me
The Me Prije mjesec
@Actolo 11 Yes 7-2 and still ,3rd in last seasonpoints table 😀😀
The Me
The Me Prije mjesec
@Actolo 11 Tasted 3-2 lost vs Watford latest....Villa fans.Teaching me to learn some facts 😂😂😂😂😂
K2SoaP GG Prije mjesec
Liverpool 5-0 Aston Villa, before, so it's a 1-1 match history between them but Liverpool accomplished more in every cup they played 😛😂🤣🤣
Safeer Catos
Safeer Catos Prije 4 mjeseci
Even though Liverpool finish third in peremier league .
GamerJovan Prije 4 mjeseci
We are the best! Go like this next season! Watkins, hat-trick gg bro!
Alfie jack
Alfie jack Prije 4 mjeseci
Super Jack cm'on Villa fans
Hammad N
Hammad N Prije 4 mjeseci
Van Djik is overrated.
aad ithya
aad ithya Prije 3 mjeseci
@Hammad N he is injured you idiot. Half of these goals were deflections and he wasn't at fault for any of those goals if you watch them again.
Hammad N
Hammad N Prije 4 mjeseci
@Made In Heaven no. He's honestly the best CB I've seen at his peak but that lasted 18 months lmao. Longetivty is an important factor when judging a player and VVD has to perform when he comes back next season (:
Made In Heaven
Made In Heaven Prije 4 mjeseci
because just one game ? 😀 football fan nowadays is a joke
GamerJovan Prije 4 mjeseci
Doğukan Sapçı
Doğukan Sapçı Prije 4 mjeseci
Jack Grealish 🔥🔥
Kentung_Bumi20 Prije 4 mjeseci
adriannnnn noo what are u doingg
Gre Shan
Gre Shan Prije 4 mjeseci
Nice aston villa. Keep it up when u face them again
Julian Mora
Julian Mora Prije 4 mjeseci
Man Like Grealish🤟🏽
Brian Chang
Brian Chang Prije 4 mjeseci
Adrian Strikes again...Imagine Alisson right now reacting to this. HE couldn't even do any better.
raditya nathan
raditya nathan Prije 4 mjeseci
Asser Prije 4 mjeseci
My my
Mario bonus 2
Mario bonus 2 Prije 5 mjeseci
Liverpool trash hate from mu ❤️
Prije 5 mjeseci
K2SoaP GG Prije mjesec
K2SoaP GG Prije 2 mjeseci
Liverpool 5-0 Aston Villa
MR. Enzo
MR. Enzo Prije 3 mjeseci
Dr Human
Dr Human Prije 5 mjeseci
When I first saw this I thought the game was rigged but then I realized liverpool have had a "not so great season"
Alisa Meu Pelo
Alisa Meu Pelo Prije 5 mjeseci
Based and beautiful, unforgetable
Karim Sayed
Karim Sayed Prije 5 mjeseci
they played better than barcelona
Free Donny
Free Donny Prije 5 mjeseci
Manchester city 2-5 Leicester Manchester United 1-6 spurs Liverpool 2-7 Manchester city 2-0 Leicester Manchester United 3-1 spurs Liverpool 2-1 Aston Villa
CH CH Prije 5 mjeseci
this is with their overhyped centerback.. even if he was fit tthey would be the same as now
MR. Enzo
MR. Enzo Prije 5 mjeseci
SHAIK ATIF HUSSAIN Prije 5 mjeseci
who is here after liverpool 2-1 victory over Aston villa
a.rahmansimatupang Prije mjesec
@Actolo 11 and we finished 3rd that season with UCL qualification. 7-2 is now entertainment for LFC fans and rival fans 👏
AMN PLAYS Prije 3 mjeseci
@D.B.D Alex Well 🙃
D.B.D Alex
D.B.D Alex Prije 5 mjeseci
Still no UCL qualification
Aariz Johary
Aariz Johary Prije 5 mjeseci
I love this match so much
MR. Enzo
MR. Enzo Prije 5 mjeseci
Ani- OP
Ani- OP Prije 5 mjeseci
2-1 🙂
K2SoaP GG Prije mjesec
@Actolo 11 👎👎🤡🤡
K2SoaP GG Prije mjesec
@Angel can hace 3 años took 🤣🤣 liverpool humiliated your team before. 5-0ed. 🖕
K2SoaP GG Prije mjesec
Liverpool 5-0 Villa
Riyadh Hamidh
Riyadh Hamidh Prije 3 mjeseci
Angel can hace 3 años
Angel can hace 3 años Prije 5 mjeseci
do not cry Aston Villa humiliated them worse hahahahaha 🖕
Andrés A. J
Andrés A. J Prije 5 mjeseci
From a Barca fan just came to laught at Loserpool, those clowns don't know how to win so I enjoy everytime they lose and specially, when someone humilates Alexander Arnold..... Corner taken quicklyyyy aaaaaaaand Loserpooool out of Uefa Champions League positions ;) :v F*ck Loserpool and thanks Villa.
Luis Garrido
Luis Garrido Prije 5 mjeseci
@Andrés A. J mejor callate niñato. Encima de ser de barcemoda te pones a usar traductor por que no sabes nada de esta idioma, al menos si vas tirar hate aqui aprende el idioma, y tampoco soy del Liverpool.
Pedrito 624
Pedrito 624 Prije 5 mjeseci
@Andrés A. J If you had a rat brain, you would know that "Pedrito" is a nickname for Pedro, which is my name, so I practically have my real name, and you don't have your own profile picture either, I've never seen such a pathetic person, and also uses a translator for who knows nothing of this language.
Andrés A. J
Andrés A. J Prije 5 mjeseci
@Pedrito 624 you might have any right to talk to me when you have enough personality to use a real name and a photo, pathetic rat kid.
mohamed 66
mohamed 66 Prije 5 mjeseci
Losing to real madrid 2-1
Pedrito 624
Pedrito 624 Prije 5 mjeseci
FARSELONA 8-2 🤡🤡🤡🤡.
Feras _
Feras _ Prije 5 mjeseci
Feras _
Feras _ Prije 5 mjeseci
mallups4 gamer
mallups4 gamer Prije 5 mjeseci
So close to 8-2 😂😂😂
TIEW Jiranun
TIEW Jiranun Prije 5 mjeseci
Grealish ❤️
Yunus Emre Bora
Yunus Emre Bora Prije 6 mjeseci
What i have said for 5 Months? Now, Aston Villa is in the 10th place. So you shouldnt learn to Run, but passes in the right Moment. Just so you can be a World class club.
Cristiano ronaldo
Cristiano ronaldo Prije 6 mjeseci
RSC Prije 6 mjeseci
Aston Villa : Won Liverpool : Lost Man utd. and Man city fans : Enjoyed the most Hotel : Trivago
Clifford Ovo
Clifford Ovo Prije 6 mjeseci
Just here to laugh at Liverpool 😂
LampteySpeed22 Prije 4 mjeseci
@D.B.D Alex nothing bad with that
D.B.D Alex
D.B.D Alex Prije 5 mjeseci
@mary nuzzostill you gonna play in uel
mary nuzzo
mary nuzzo Prije 5 mjeseci
Hazza Prije 6 mjeseci
I watch this video every couple of days. Love it
Ro Ni
Ro Ni Prije 6 mjeseci
𝖣𝖺𝗏𝗂𖦹 Prije 6 mjeseci
Olá sou do Brasil e torço pro Aston Villa pela sua história magnífica
akhilesh Prije 6 mjeseci
the most embarrasing loss in liverpool history but not the one that ended their title challenge
Yt hyp3r
Yt hyp3r Prije 6 mjeseci
The commentator is enjoying it 😂😊 ( Chelsea fan)
masilo moshesh
masilo moshesh Prije 6 mjeseci
I'm actually surprised the Liverpool channel don't have the highlights😂
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