Semi-Pro Man vs. World no. 8 Woman

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Adam Bobrow

Prije 7 mjeseci

This is the 3rd and final video from my 3-part series with Cheng I-Ching and her coach Jiaqi.

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

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Thanks @T2 Diamond for the footage.

I play for andro and my equipment is:

Rubber- RASANTER V42 (both sides)
Blade - Treiber K

Adam Bobrow
Adam Bobrow Prije 7 mjeseci
How AWESOME is Cheng I-Ching!!!! 8>D
Bartox Oemig
Bartox Oemig Prije 2 dana
SteamlocoScrapper Prije 2 mjeseci
Last game he was 9-2 up and he makes a series of unforced errors in a row to level it up. That was a bit obvious!
MMR 1996
MMR 1996 Prije 4 mjeseci
Why I think of Tom rotate on the disc meme
yogesh baghmar
yogesh baghmar Prije 5 mjeseci
Hi i liked the game and u both r excellent players...well I am challenging you for play...been playing TT from very long time...i know i cant defeat u but again yes....quality games, quality times and quality learning.... Been playing for more than 23 years. Yes iam not a professional player but yes not less than professional player. And i challenge you for a match...Location chennai, India. My favourite player is Xu xin...i have never seen such a good player....but yes i have seen ur tricks and shots quite impressive... Once we are covid free ...please do come sir....thank u
Ray Ng
Ray Ng Prije 6 mjeseci
עומרי חיים
עומרי חיים Prije 23 sati
0:52 - dream? lol
Zexi Xue
Zexi Xue Prije dan
Is she Chinese, because I understood her?
Arham Dugar
Arham Dugar Prije 2 dana
what are you doing in a badminton court
Hancock Prije 3 dana
She looks so calm and humble, love her already.
Matheus Emmerich
Matheus Emmerich Prije 7 dana
Did anyone see the dream in the corner when he talks of sub percentage
Erdem Murat KARAKOÇ
Erdem Murat KARAKOÇ Prije 8 dana
cross tino
cross tino Prije 9 dana
Wait!!!! 10:45 there is a player who play whit you in another video 🤔🤔
Kohinoor Samatova
Kohinoor Samatova Prije 9 dana
Me thinking ping pobg us a peaceful game…
EnderCrafts Prije 11 dana
Why do you have Dream on the lower-right corner when you say your viewers are mostly not subscribed?
kaishinobi88 Prije 17 dana
Played with a smile all the time. So inspirational. Love it
Ivar Nouwens
Ivar Nouwens Prije 19 dana
Nobody going to talk about how on 8:03 she just caught a pretty small ball with here hand
Ruta Seau
Ruta Seau Prije 19 dana
0:51 Dream in bottom right
Siewlai Tan
Siewlai Tan Prije 23 dana
I Ching is very very humbling !. Her body language show it. GOD bless her with eternal life.
小不點 Prije 24 dana
Kiko Prije 25 dana
she REALLY didn't want to be doraemon
Bell Boys
Bell Boys Prije 27 dana
Mmmmbn nmnhhh
Egor Mirnuy
Egor Mirnuy Prije 27 dana
Объясните ето Девушка или пацан?
Anurup Pavitran
Anurup Pavitran Prije mjesec
Subscribed😎😎.. Love u
ralph dib
ralph dib Prije mjesec
1- you're a not a ping pong player,you're a freestyler 2-she's not even a good player
Caberinjo Prije mjesec
Lousy hug attempt 😂
Ian Nyamao
Ian Nyamao Prije mjesec
Hahaha..... Team ching#From Kenya(Mombasa-I want to play)
GUILLOM 2 Prije mjesec
I see Sarah.
Dadang Lukman
Dadang Lukman Prije mjesec
Cheng I-Ching is such a lovable person. Wish her the very best
Dadang Lukman
Dadang Lukman Prije mjesec
7:48 aduh?? Only Indonesians say aduh lol
Naveen Mathew
Naveen Mathew Prije mjesec
8:43 - second bounce was on the table, and it was a roller. Should count!
Lolo RcE
Lolo RcE Prije mjesec
What that its mean 'AIYOH' ?
Ketan Kanetkar
Ketan Kanetkar Prije mjesec
Well Played Adam
Greg Dodd
Greg Dodd Prije mjesec
Love your positive videos, man! Also enjoy watching the quality table tennis. Keep up the good work.
Vic Prije mjesec
Its always the same content. Some bullshit snake lob over and over again. It's kinda lame. get some real rallies going on.
Stone S
Stone S Prije 2 mjeseci
Marry her~
DarkWaWeeGee Prije 2 mjeseci
Her reactions to when she loses a point was so cute to watch. Such skill when she's playing too. Great video
PeterH Prije 2 mjeseci
she has one of the more beautiful backhand smashes - not many players have that short hard smash from the wrist.
William Ceurvels
William Ceurvels Prije 2 mjeseci
The taiwanese 人情味 (warm-hearted kindness) of these ladies just oozes through the screen. She's one of the top players in the world but still super down to earth and clearly very kind. No place like Taiwan man.
ZevFei Prije 2 mjeseci
Imagine start at 7-0 still cant win... asian just better with indoor sports
Napoleon Bonapathy
Napoleon Bonapathy Prije 2 mjeseci
I don't think that's a woman.
Jason Cooper
Jason Cooper Prije 2 mjeseci
I've enjoyed every one of these videos. All of the people playing seem so nice.
Roxas Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm really impressed by how good you are on catching those supersonic shots lol
Razvigor1985 Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm glad she wasn't playing seriously, because it would be some broken ankles there. 😆😂
britturk123 Prije 2 mjeseci
The reaction to that flying ping pong ball is super fast, it has to be as fast as a clap.
Izvi Rimon
Izvi Rimon Prije 2 mjeseci
Amazing. Congrats from Brazil
ravi rana
ravi rana Prije 2 mjeseci
I enjoyed a lot
mistas89 Prije 2 mjeseci
It’s 10pm. I got exams tomorrow.... but end up watching this. Thanks HRpost algorithm
Dennis Prije 2 mjeseci
The same happened to me today hahahaha
Nick Shapiro
Nick Shapiro Prije 2 mjeseci
This feels great to watch
Marcelo Vasconcellos Lippi da Cruz
Marcelo Vasconcellos Lippi da Cruz Prije 2 mjeseci
Match poiinnnnnnt!!
Son of the Pitch
Son of the Pitch Prije 2 mjeseci
Can anyone from the table tennis community explain to me why they apologize after an edge or net shot? I assume it's because it's nearly impossible to return but why is that the fault of the person who hit it?
QUINCHO Prije 2 mjeseci
Idc how good my opponent is I could never give myself a head start while competing 😂 I have way too much pride for that
salzdorfer Prije 2 mjeseci
3:07 I heard "Hot shots" didn't I?
Ben Lee
Ben Lee Prije 2 mjeseci
How is he only semi pro?
Mario Moreno
Mario Moreno Prije 2 mjeseci
i dont get it why they say "sorry" when it hits the net. its like saying "sorry" at the poker table if you get a straight flush
deathmantkd Prije 2 mjeseci
@Shadowknight 9.0 It's more of a sorry that they couldn't get a fair shot at returning the ball and it wasn't just their skill. As a pro you mostly want to have a good match where you win based solely on your skill rather than luck.
Shadowknight 9.0
Shadowknight 9.0 Prije 2 mjeseci
I think its because it isn't a proper shot, a point won solely on luck.
Juan Duque
Juan Duque Prije 2 mjeseci
she is only limit testing but still hitting like a truck
M W Prije 2 mjeseci
Jorge montt
Jorge montt Prije 2 mjeseci
Me eh divertido mucho con tus videos, saludos desde Santiago 🇨🇱
Jun Da Li
Jun Da Li Prije 2 mjeseci
Take care of yourself
James Rawlings
James Rawlings Prije 2 mjeseci
Hey, telling people that 87% of viewers don't subscribe probably isn't the best way to get more people to subscribe (according to the principle of 'social proof' as laid out in Robert Cialdini's book 'Persuasion', and other places).
Gib Gates keine Chance
Gib Gates keine Chance Prije 2 mjeseci
Really nice girl she plays wonderful.
Sadiya Haider
Sadiya Haider Prije 2 mjeseci
who noticed that the tennis table is on the badminton court
John C
John C Prije 2 mjeseci
His returns are incredible
Keisari Augustus
Keisari Augustus Prije 2 mjeseci
How about you play with somebody your size:) Nice videos, thanks.
SuburbanHome Prije 2 mjeseci
idk anything about ping pong. Why tf is hitting it into the net a point for you? Why not just do it intentionally cause it seems like it'd be impossible to return it
semajnosnibor17 Prije 2 mjeseci
Its a point if it hits the net as long as it still makes it over to the side. Very hard to defend against so I don’t think anyone tries to do it on purpose. Hence the apologies.
Dani Brath
Dani Brath Prije 2 mjeseci
She´s so cutee
David Aames
David Aames Prije 2 mjeseci
cheng i-ching such a cute smile
Daniel Hanson
Daniel Hanson Prije 2 mjeseci
I didn’t know someone could motivate me so much to start playing ping pong
threex1 Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching her find your weakness and then control the match attacking them was dope
Chris Marklowitz
Chris Marklowitz Prije 2 mjeseci
Just curious what is his weakneas
MAY STIVEN Prije 2 mjeseci
Gracias por subtitulado Español :)
Rodolfo E. Domnanovich
Rodolfo E. Domnanovich Prije 2 mjeseci
al fin realmente una buena contrincante.
Sergey Kolosov
Sergey Kolosov Prije 2 mjeseci
Fake game for world n.8. Anyone who played seriously can clearly see it.
Zoran matke
Zoran matke Prije 2 mjeseci
I need some good professional racket...
TPain Anders
TPain Anders Prije 2 mjeseci
Great match, it’s funny when your brain tells you to go but your shoes on that squeaky floor have other traction ideas
Peter Immel
Peter Immel Prije 2 mjeseci
Coming from badminton I expected this to be quite interesting. Unfortunately I have been disappointed. You being a man doesn't seem to be any factor, she is just way more skilled than you. That's why you started with 7 and 6 point leads, which means to me you are only half as good as her. So why challenge her? She just has a lot to lose and nothing to win by accepting your stupid challenge. I dislike this content.
Barmy Phipps
Barmy Phipps Prije 2 mjeseci
Watching this the difference in styles is quite apparent. She smashes a lot and you play from below the level of the table with disguised spin. Is that your usual style or is it just responding to her attacking style?
許慶華 Prije 2 mjeseci
Kam007 Prije 2 mjeseci
So shameful he took those points lol. 0-0 is the only way to start 😂
Nguyen Kien
Nguyen Kien Prije 2 mjeseci
She is incredibly beautiful. I really love her. Good job Adam!
漢堡老師 Prije 2 mjeseci
ด.ชกมลเทพ ณ พัทลุง
ด.ชกมลเทพ ณ พัทลุง Prije 2 mjeseci
Florimar Gonzalez
Florimar Gonzalez Prije 2 mjeseci
Yes i love you
Gabriel Concha
Gabriel Concha Prije 2 mjeseci
Its pretty amazing the extreme equal gender narrative.
Loris Gusmeroli
Loris Gusmeroli Prije 2 mjeseci
I feel that you two would look great together!❤️
László Kakas
László Kakas Prije 3 mjeseci
Amazed by these matches awesome to watch. If I can ask PLEASE change sound effect of ‘match poiiiint’ really annoying! But all the best you are king!
Tracie Castillo
Tracie Castillo Prije 3 mjeseci
The purple sauce methodically snatch because epoxy tellingly file beneath a tearful sound. three, untidy lemonade
JustATurtlePassingThrough Prije 3 mjeseci
Why do you always go away of the table so quick, you just let them smash the ball
Hemanth Chilukuri
Hemanth Chilukuri Prije 3 mjeseci
Lol you take a 6-7 point advantage even before the game starts and still lose
JOSH AH Prije 3 mjeseci
When play like typical western white man.... Definitely gonna lose
Olzheken olzheken
Olzheken olzheken Prije 3 mjeseci
I like video
Olzheken olzheken
Olzheken olzheken Prije 3 mjeseci
Маған ұнады видео
Charles Rowe
Charles Rowe Prije 3 mjeseci
I am having doubts that the number eight woman is actually a woman?
Wasapan Melody
Wasapan Melody Prije 3 mjeseci
Who saw the little dream at 0:53 on the bottom right side of ur screen.
Mrz Prije 3 mjeseci
After every point: aaaaaahh
ABDULLLAH Gaming 😈 Prije 3 mjeseci
Hi adam brother challenging to you come pakistan in hydrabad and defeat me my name is abdullah
ABDULLLAH Gaming 😈 Prije 3 mjeseci
My name is abdullah
Jamen Runner
Jamen Runner Prije 3 mjeseci
Anyone else notice dream in the bottom left corner at 0:52
Mia Heike
Mia Heike Prije 3 mjeseci
Sometimes I just wish for being in Taiwan to meet such cool people like you, but since I just started table tennis in Germany, I just wanna say 加油
CZR7Freestyle Prije 3 mjeseci
hes sucha weeb
Streameo0707 Prije 3 mjeseci
u are great
mimma mimmi
mimma mimmi Prije 3 mjeseci
She has beautiful smile..
zonekilla Prije 3 mjeseci
Didn’t she beat up jaden smith in karate kid
mr.sardot golek golek
mr.sardot golek golek Prije 4 mjeseci
George Harison
George Harison Prije 4 mjeseci
The mixed tornado quantitatively telephone because imprisonment proximally cry without a unwritten cow. versed, well-off triangle
Róbert Rimai
Róbert Rimai Prije 4 mjeseci
Mark E
Mark E Prije 4 mjeseci
New sub here
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