Rank Strangers Attractiveness | Lineup | Cut

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How important is physical attraction in your relationships?
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Rank Strangers Attractiveness | Lineup | Cut
#Lineup #Beauty #Cut

Chicki Prije sat
Why’d the dude in the suit rank the 2 colored people so low for
Waffle Stomp
Waffle Stomp Prije 2 sati
Aghhhh the girll withh the dyedd hair and stufff andd tattoos iss so wholesomeeeeee
Twgeeg Vsvsv
Twgeeg Vsvsv Prije 4 sati
The woozy respect likely breathe because shelf thessaly tame worth a resolute taurus. regular, stiff butcher
Bianca Yu
Bianca Yu Prije 4 sati
Anyone know the long black hair guys @??
Camilla Wynes :D
Camilla Wynes :D Prije 4 sati
i have a crush on the grunge girl
larissa villa
larissa villa Prije 4 sati
Talking Bacon
Talking Bacon Prije 9 sati
i need purple pants insta stat
Marija Perkovic
Marija Perkovic Prije 11 sati
0:49 why are his hands so white compeared to the rest of his body
Matt from Wii Sports
Matt from Wii Sports Prije 11 sati
The girl who had the tattoos and the blue ends on her hair is GORGEOUS. Damn
OH YEAH Prije 12 sati
Thick asian girls 😊
Kawaii Shitty
Kawaii Shitty Prije 14 sati
I just hate the long haired guy -_-
Samone Eldredge
Samone Eldredge Prije 17 sati
She said my sons that age girl I thought you were that age
evenfall Prije 22 sati
Whoa dude with the long hair and black jacket is super cute
Alice Me Dalley
Alice Me Dalley Prije dan
The guy in the suit was a perfect mix of: professional, kind, honest because he wasn’t rude but he was honest and also funny
Alice Me Dalley
Alice Me Dalley Prije dan
The asian guy seems so sweet and not narcissistic AT ALL, that makes him a 10 in my book, even if he wasn’t attractive (which he is)
Jimmy Jin
Jimmy Jin Prije dan
Model agent gave him a four but made him feel good about it. Thats a talent right there. He knows how to be honest without being rude
Ben M. Vira A.
Ben M. Vira A. Prije dan
Hands down best ep. Wait did I have to watch all to decide!? Nah.
Ameerah Beckom
Ameerah Beckom Prije dan
I want the model recruiter to rate me now
Daniela Honey
Daniela Honey Prije 2 dana
ok can we all agree that the girl is like a 20
Tony Tellez
Tony Tellez Prije 2 dana
that guy in the suit forgot to tan his hands...
Meekley Prije 2 dana
Emily at 5:20 is down right insanely cutesy!
Meekley Prije 2 dana
Emily best girl
Mistake Prije 3 dana
the red dude was the only normal one lol
RextheRebel Prije 3 dana
Elaina is beautiful. I like girls like this.
Z3LBY Prije 3 dana
Disgusting channel. I hope you get taken down. Anti-white propoganda designed to divide us all.
Ms Jadhav
Ms Jadhav Prije 3 dana
For me Asian guy was 11/10... and long hair guy is definitely a model type...
Wendy Weather
Wendy Weather Prije 3 dana
The agent guy needs his to go back in the spray booth to get his hands to match 😂 he's literally 3 shades darker than his hands
Jess Sanders
Jess Sanders Prije 3 dana
How do you get on this show
Incognito Streamer
Incognito Streamer Prije 3 dana
Mama, those hands. I thought those were surgical gloves.
Edp445 Fan
Edp445 Fan Prije 3 dana
Red jacket weird
ggthewhale Prije 3 dana
Everyone talking about the guy in the red jacket lmaoo leave my boy alone
Jo Prije 3 dana
suit man is chris trager from parks and rec lol
Ambrose Ambrose
Ambrose Ambrose Prije 3 dana
Wait... the model booker must have trashed the asian girl... Guess thats why its called CUT - 2/10
Nefeli Lazar
Nefeli Lazar Prije 3 dana
3:15 she said she's attracted to losers... No wonder she was attracted purple pants dude. 🫖☕ If you still like him, I suggest watching the other rating video with the ex model.
Chante' Smith
Chante' Smith Prije 4 dana
“dress like a scumbag” lmaoo i luv that gurl 😂
Tom Kerkes
Tom Kerkes Prije 4 dana
Wheelchair chick is a 10
Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar Prije 4 dana
The girl judge had strong racial bias. it was so apparent.
hiro progatonist
hiro progatonist Prije 4 dana
FooLcooL Prije 4 dana
Idk about anyone else but I wanted to see the scout guy rates the girl at 3:28 cause she was like a 7 to me
hannah Prije 4 dana
omg i cant. are people dumb these days? as a guy you can admire another guy's beauty without deeming it as gay. just because you find something attractive visually doesn't necessarily mean you are attracted to them sexually!!!!
nima nei
nima nei Prije 4 dana
whats with that dudes tan
Nyxie Prije 4 dana
''imma give you a 7, but that's because I'm attracted to losers and you don't seem to be one'' damn XD
David k
David k Prije 5 dana
1:56 he's like brah you going to do me dirty like that
Chayenne Vonk
Chayenne Vonk Prije 5 dana
the girl in the wheelchair is so pretty omg
Carolina Mendoza
Carolina Mendoza Prije 5 dana
“I’m attracted to losers and you don’t seem to be one” 😂😂😂
Reanna Doherty
Reanna Doherty Prije 5 dana
“I feel like I’m just wearing pants bro” ICON
Layla Prije 5 dana
Girl with the tattoos is a 10
pippa de beaufort
pippa de beaufort Prije 5 dana
Jesus guy in red just be telling us weird facts out of his life
LunacyDraws Prije 5 dana
The tattooed girl is bloody beautiful, 10/10 Business fella 7-8/10 Insecure steal my girl dude is like 3-4/10
Loleta L.
Loleta L. Prije 5 dana
when the person in yellow made the face --> :O is so f adorbs
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Prije 5 dana
need more of that fashion dud
Angelic Prije 5 dana
Alaina is borderline an 11 😍😍
Andrew Palustre
Andrew Palustre Prije 6 dana
Girl in the yellow sweater 😍😍
exos9membersrlegends Prije 6 dana
Not saying this bc I'm a Kpop fan but bc I'm just attracted to Asians, always have been, the Asian guy is gorgeous
exos9membersrlegends Prije 5 dana
@okay No it's called peoples tastes It's like some people are only attracted to black people It's simple End of
okay Prije 6 dana
isnt ONLY being attracted to asians kinda fetishizing them?
Cheese Cake444
Cheese Cake444 Prije 6 dana
Red shirt guy a lil too confident he thinks he’s the shit 😭 and he has no style
Keanan Cupido
Keanan Cupido Prije 6 dana
Well at least the guy in the pants got better scores this time compared to the other video yikes :P
Atticus Torchwood
Atticus Torchwood Prije 6 dana
Funky pants man is the best
Will Chen
Will Chen Prije 6 dana
the asian guys is so fine,
Abir Hossain
Abir Hossain Prije 6 dana
this is torture
ZOR O::::::::::::::::::::::::::
ZOR O:::::::::::::::::::::::::: Prije 6 dana
after these video ........ MEN WILL BE MEN ........
Carsonsstann Prije 6 dana
I wish this video just cast the business man..
Lofi Cleanse
Lofi Cleanse Prije 7 dana
the long haired dude was super cute except he turned down our queen
westie panther
westie panther Prije 7 dana
The Asian guy is a doctor
H U Prije 7 dana
The girl with cute face i would like to see her in different dress.
• ShenZai_2006
• ShenZai_2006 Prije 7 dana
2:19 hand lighter than his skin complexion
Mr.MOCsProductions Prije 7 dana
The model agent kinda sus
Ellen Toscano
Ellen Toscano Prije 7 dana
i love how that asian guy literally left with a career in modeling
Hannah Prije 7 dana
4:11???? PLS LMFAOOO
Hannah Prije 7 dana
this was painfully awkward lmfao 😭
Mohamed Sghaier
Mohamed Sghaier Prije 7 dana
i am in love with the girl judging with the tattoos
Morgan Leigh
Morgan Leigh Prije 7 dana
The cloudy metal practically coil because unit logically nod down a straight criminal. offbeat, naive period
Yin Nyang
Yin Nyang Prije 7 dana
I don’t like this video... at ALL !
Parris JuRay
Parris JuRay Prije 8 dana
Buddy looks like he’s wearing gloves
Riskyforever Prije 8 dana
1. 5 2. 4 3. 10 4. 6 5. 10 6. 7 7. 10 8. 9 tried to be honest
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds Prije 8 dana
“Have you ever modeled”? - not not not not not really
Shanwn pat
Shanwn pat Prije 8 dana
Suit guy has a good attitude I love him
Benindo Prije 8 dana
Man's lookin like Malwart Marques Brownlee
HARISH Prije 8 dana
That wheel chair girl is mean and self centered
day Z
day Z Prije 9 dana
the girl in the green sweater is so beautiful 😍😍☺️💕
FTLT Prije 9 dana
id defo date the wheelchair girl, she cute af.
Adrian The Genuine
Adrian The Genuine Prije 9 dana
hrpost.info/history/gdKaeNyVX72LeX4/video ✅
Nicole Ziegler
Nicole Ziegler Prije 9 dana
I`m wondering how the model agent would rate me xD
Lanakaura Prije 9 dana
suit guy needs his own show
Stone88 Prije 9 dana
Angelina Lennon
Angelina Lennon Prije 9 dana
i feel like i’m just wearing pants bro 😂
Alex A.
Alex A. Prije 9 dana
I legit hate purple pants guy so much
o_o /
o_o / Prije 10 dana
The suit guy is awesome
o_o /
o_o / Prije 10 dana
The red jacket guy is so weird
Larsino2000 Prije 10 dana
this dude has to chill on the fake tan. Its so bad it feels like his hands are not real.
Sakutaro〈3musik Prije 10 dana
*the asian guy walks in* me: 11 and I take him home, byeee
Malak H
Malak H Prije 10 dana
Guy in suite should match foundation of his face and his hands !
Lucas from Sinnoh
Lucas from Sinnoh Prije 10 dana
I want a show with just the suit guy.
gfi ti
gfi ti Prije 10 dana
Girl is beautiful
sullendirge Prije 10 dana
I BUSTED into LAUGHTER followed by TEARS when the dude in the suit was talking about the white dude with glasses and blue shirt. The dude in the glasses faciAL expressions after what was said ( about him being in a Budweiser commercial) was PRICELESS! HAD ME ROLLING! 2:18 I think.
Exotic Matter
Exotic Matter Prije 10 dana
Wait a minute, if the tattooed girl said she likes losers and that was the reason for giving the Asian guy a 7. Then when she gives a 10 to the pants guy. Would it be a compliment or not?
eat lead
eat lead Prije 10 dana
Not a compliment 😂
BoniBon 666
BoniBon 666 Prije 10 dana
That red jacket guy is awkward af . Chill the fuck down my guy
Kiera Espey
Kiera Espey Prije 10 dana
The girl with the tattoos and dyed hair is beautiful!!! God she’s gorgeous
sam henkel
sam henkel Prije 11 dana
The girl in the wheel chair is litterally so cute
Tim L
Tim L Prije 11 dana
The model scout is a douche, so up himself. That is a turn off
webi Prije 11 dana
“I feel like I’m just wearing pants, bro” *what a good, honest, answer that will FOREVER live rent free in my brain*
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