Markiplier | 3 Peens in a Pod (EP 73)(16 Feb 2021)(The Forest)

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Episode 73 of 3 Peens in a Podcast. Streamed at 2pm EST on Tuesday, 16 February, 2021.
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Sera C
Sera C Prije 21 sat
thank you for posting these 🙏🏻i sleep 2 these and need long and chill markimoo vids so this is perfect! ❤️
Cryptid with no forest
Cryptid with no forest Prije dan
Minnesota is over prepared for snow but for good reason It snowed just a few weeks ago and theres still snow warnings
T-Time Prije 3 dana
I actually love the design of the Cybertruck, but it looks like I'm in the minority 🙂
Destiny for life
Destiny for life Prije 7 dana
Ik this is a month ago but it's nice to listen to them talk and play for like hours and hearing them laugh (to me) is contagious. Also I kinda prefer this than because there's no edits or jumps from one thing to another(hopefully I'm making sense). Don't get me wrong I still watch from his original channel(Markiplier) but I prefer this.
Jim Collinsworth
Jim Collinsworth Prije 9 dana
It's quite interesting and foreshadowing about wade hating truck drivers and yet he just got into an accident with a semi
Octavia Prije 9 dana
they do not understand anarchism an its i fortunate cuz mark would probably agree with us
Mb M
Mb M Prije 11 dana
Crypto has got me stuck with my first pc built piece by piece with a rx 460 from my last system :(
Lady Tempest
Lady Tempest Prije 11 dana
Snows in Texas every winter. Not often, and not a lot by the border, but it is known to occur. To just claim normal events as signs of climate change... Texas lost power because of green energy, that's all. Wind turbines frozen doesn't mean anything unusual happened. Bob, It was also referred to as global cooling from the 70's to the late 80's, and climate experts/activists also in the 90's during their global warming fear campaign claimed 'in 10 years' if we don't do something, the oceans would boil, the sky would turn red, and the land will become desert... You shouldn't write off people who have been around a lot longer than you three put together as backwards thinking, or too dumb to understand. When we grew up we were told every ten year's the world would end, due to this or that. It's been 68 years of hearing the same fear sold to the public, but wrapped in a different package. History shows we have events like this all the time, and it's nothing new. It's just easier to get funding if you sell the people fear. You guy's take care now.
Geoffrey Abel
Geoffrey Abel Prije 12 dana
I mean, I am not at all wealthy. But a few freinds pre-ordered the truck. I was so so confused lol
Victoria Howell
Victoria Howell Prije 13 dana
Hey markemooooo Could all of y’all maybe do the gameplay of dying light plz plz plz
Saim Chaudhry
Saim Chaudhry Prije 14 dana
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Richard Ince
Richard Ince Prije 15 dana
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Richard Ince
Richard Ince Prije 15 dana
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Yea im gamer.
Yea im gamer. Prije 19 dana
Gameplay starts at: 1:26:28
Waldo254 Prije 21 dan
jack.....please be an asshole, it would hurt the heart less
Kim Jisoo
Kim Jisoo Prije 21 dan
Joshua Gentry |-/
Joshua Gentry |-/ Prije 22 dana
Dang this was on my birthday, I couldve done this instead of gone to work
Curl mech
Curl mech Prije 23 dana
go the Landcruiser ute
creepaze Prije 23 dana
That moment when mark firmly questions if salt, that thing that's thousands of years old and preserves food, goes bad.
Angeloplays Games
Angeloplays Games Prije 23 dana
Is this from twitch? cause i cant watch mark with the boys on twich cause i dont have a twich account😥
qualitypudding Prije 23 dana
1:20:09 mark hongy
Steven Bradley
Steven Bradley Prije 25 dana
UTEs can be very fast tho
Mikeology Prije 26 dana
Me, a part Mexican/part Puerto Rican dingo: shit, they're onto us.
Anders Brondum
Anders Brondum Prije 27 dana
In Utah there was almost no snow where I live
Guzzling Duck
Guzzling Duck Prije 28 dana
My mans really out here making ad revenue off of stream uploads that aren't his. Scummy, but smart
Sack fu
Sack fu Prije 29 dana
The cybertruck looks like a starfox vehicle.
Sack fu
Sack fu Prije 29 dana
I'm sure that squirrel papa man doesn't have any problem killing people for pizza, especially people who look different than him and have different opinions than his.
IRDefect Prije mjesec
"The love handles of DEATH, " is the best quote.
kaleb Reisner
kaleb Reisner Prije mjesec
*hears about the FNAF coins* I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK
Wandering Stardust
Wandering Stardust Prije mjesec
2:21:15 Thomas the cat has entered the chat
Matt S
Matt S Prije mjesec
Tonneau cover was the word bob was looking for. The average truck has about a 6ft bed or an 8ft bed, and four door trucks typically have shorter beds but Im not sure if they are 4ft or 5ft. This tesla truck looks about average bed length wise. My concern is its longevity. We called GM's two step tail gates ridiculous because they can't even get normal tailgates right and replacing them is common. How is a telescoping tailgate/ramp going to handle the wear and tear of a heavy as heck four wheeler without eventually bending the the track and leaving you on the side of the road because your tailgate won't close?
conor scriv
conor scriv Prije mjesec
thas from star wars xD quotes of the masters
Jessica bunbun
Jessica bunbun Prije mjesec
2:48:15 WHAT is the movie that wade is quoting??? i googled that line and i got no results and its killing me xD i can hear the voice from the movies saying it but i juuuust cant place it....
K C Prije mjesec
@Jessica bunbun
Jessica bunbun
Jessica bunbun Prije mjesec
@K C THANK YOU kind soul xD
K C Prije mjesec
Lion King!
Jessica Scharpf
Jessica Scharpf Prije mjesec
Thank you bob for addressing the global warming term! For real. Thank you guys for talking about it in general and how it's extreme weather and whatnot and not the stereotypical just warmer temperatures. I'm studying geology so I see the data of the changes and it's really starting to become a big problem, as we see in texas.
Jessica Scharpf
Jessica Scharpf Prije 22 dana
@Bob Bobber yes! It would almost make more sence to call it "Extrme Weather" instead of "Global Warming". Even though there is more to global warming than just extrme weather events, its one of the big side effects. Just so it least its would make a little more sence to everyone. Idk, it just gets old when people say, "oh look at all that snow! See global warming isnt real!" Cuz thats not true and there's more to the story. Another thing too is its not necicarily the fact that global warming is occuring that is the big problem its the time line. Earth has gone through periods of warming and Cooling in the past but it happens over the span of thousands to millions of years. And what we're seeing right now is an accelerated process that, to my knowledge, Earth hasn't ever experienced before due to human interactions. That's the scary part. Because these changes normally occur slowly over time that gives plants and animals a chance to adapt to the changing environment. Now we're heading into a future where humans, other animals and plants are going to be forced to adapt really quickly to our changing environment.
Bob Bobber
Bob Bobber Prije 23 dana
...Euh? Maybe I am wrong, but the way I actually understand it is: The planet is becoming warmer over time BUT that didn't mean temperature increase everywhere because of how heat work. Cold wind and hot winds keep pushing each other because of their different behaviors. There is more warmer air it used to be, so ALL the air behave in a different way, leading to change in global climate change... like having more cold air in texas, leading to snow when it shouldn't, more difference of temperature between places, leading to more natural catastrophes etc.
Kimberlee Catena
Kimberlee Catena Prije mjesec
I love that Bob calls Elon Ellen and I love imagining the squirrels having dinner with the salt. I love Wade's sudden interjection about his 4 dollar combo meal that was so surprising it threw the whole conversation off. 😂 It really made me laugh and I love when Mark describes how he doesn't like the new wheel design in the cyber truck because he enjoys feeling the wheel slide through his hands when he makes a turn. ❤ Something so pleasing about that... 😍🥰 I listen to these podcasts multiple times and those are some of fave my parts. I'm glad you guys make these. 😊💗 All the commentary on the cyber car is very funny. Y'all should definitely get one. 😂😊
Inari Prije mjesec
i agree with bob completely, but thats not how people work. they will find even the slightest thing that makes people "inferior" than them and tear into them without any thoughts about their well being
TheNew Guy
TheNew Guy Prije mjesec
is it the beautiful people, the beautiful people? LMAO IM DYING XD
Hendrick Sy
Hendrick Sy Prije mjesec
The next part starts at 2:59:38
Seventh Ghost
Seventh Ghost Prije mjesec
they dont clone they dont have technology for that" what until they go find the boy they might want rethink there perspective of the forest. xD
Landon Letterman
Landon Letterman Prije mjesec
I would love to compare the Tesla truck's range of travel with the "tail gate up (cover on)" vs "tailgate down (uncovered)" I just remember how that episode of Mythbusters (truck gas mileage: tailgate up vs tailgate down) _fascinated_ me!
Ethan Goldsmith
Ethan Goldsmith Prije mjesec
How dare all of these people be actual people who are smart and having opinions, it is wild
lord z00mer
lord z00mer Prije mjesec
elon said before they threw the ball they hit it with a sledgehammer, which cracked the glass a tiny bit so then it broke
Alex Hogan
Alex Hogan Prije mjesec
fr its like a news podcast
Tammy Ferrer
Tammy Ferrer Prije mjesec
Did anyone notice at 1:33:08 Mark threw his spear but didn’t even go to check the bush he threw it at??? I’m looking at it like Mark check that bush please you walked right past it
Darksay83 Prije mjesec
Marky Vods
Sebastiaan Kittel
Sebastiaan Kittel Prije mjesec
I agree with what bob said about global warming being extreme weather
shadowsyus Sentry
shadowsyus Sentry Prije mjesec
shoulda hit continue
Saim Chaudhry
Saim Chaudhry Prije mjesec
The damaging ptarmigan strangely bore because asphalt conceptually settle pace a fanatical pakistan. miscreant, romantic touch
Ben Andrews
Ben Andrews Prije mjesec
excuse me
Tediousdrip422 Prije mjesec
Mark: *makes a spear* Spear: So you have chosen, hide and seek?
༒CUTE NIGHTMARE༒ Prije mjesec
God mark needs food then kills deer collects skin not meat
N Hillyard
N Hillyard Prije mjesec
I really appreciate the more insightful commentary from Mark.
Garry Goertzen
Garry Goertzen Prije mjesec
Hope they finish this game soon its looking like the second game will be out before they finish the first
Eli Roman
Eli Roman Prije mjesec
When he sees them slowly walking to him and walks away but then turns around and they’re full on sprinting my heart DROPPED.
Abigail Luecke
Abigail Luecke Prije mjesec
I love how excited they were to throw fire at "people"
DED RXBBIT Prije mjesec
The El Camino was a Chevelle with a truck bed. People didn’t like it because “why should i get a muscle truck if the only thing it’s good at is being a muscle car?”
DED RXBBIT Prije mjesec
Okay.....lemme learn y’all somethin about EVs. So all four wheels are connected to their own motor. The battery can either be stored in a safe place or (like Tesla) can be used as the frame or base of the car and have enough structural integrity and chemical stability to not worry about things blowing up. Yes, an electric motor has more torque than an engine, but there’s also limiting factors. Real quick, torque is expressed in lb/ft (pounds feet / pounds per foot) and the easiest way to explain it is with a rubber band. The act of you pulling back the rubber band is horsepower, whereas the elasticity of the rubber band is torque. Some are thin like the ones used for pastry bags and bread bags, whereas others are thick like hairties. They all have their own amount of torque, but there’s always a limiting factor between horsepower and torque. If one goes up, the other must come down in some way. You can make the motors bigger, you can give them more capacity, but that tech is still being figured out. What we have today is best optimized for every-day use and/or racing. That form of torque is much less significant than towing capacity. It’s not like we can just say “if she ran on diesel she’d pull more” like we can with engines. We have to find out about brush motors, brushless, larger motors, smaller motors. Do we incorporate a transmission? Do we give it more juice? All of these things take time and testing.
DED RXBBIT Prije mjesec
DED RXBBIT Prije mjesec
correction - S T O N K S
Z3R0 36O
Z3R0 36O Prije mjesec
Marks reaction to Wade’s singing at 2:45:24 tho
Ike Legend
Ike Legend Prije mjesec
Why do we excuse ignorance? It snows sometimes. Prepare for it. Snow should not be able to shut down your state even if it’s rare. Just my opinion tho
Logan Whittaker
Logan Whittaker Prije mjesec
Honestly, the squirrels should just swap to nuclear energy😂
Yoon Min
Yoon Min Prije mjesec
Mark: *“Now I’m not a business expert”* Also Mark: *Sold rocks and sold out of them*
Fluxster102 Prije mjesec
I really did love this game at first. But the longer I played the more I realized how broken it still is. You try to kill a lizard sitting at your feet but end up gathering small stones instead.
GD Unknown
GD Unknown Prije mjesec
Very true. Still a great game though.
Rahul jariwala
Rahul jariwala Prije mjesec
I hope they okay forest again today
James moriarty
James moriarty Prije mjesec
I really enjoy how you people can sit here and mock people for daring to disagree with the garbage policies of liberal politicians, as if you're incapable of being wrong. We've been taking measurements of our climate for only a fraction of our existence, and to blame it entirely on human activity is not only foolish, but dangerous. With these pushes for inefficient and impractical "green" alternatives (looking at you, wind and solar), all we'll accomplish is the complete destruction of our way of life, the world economy, and the livelihoods of families. You need to take the time to consider all of the ramifications of your so-called "green" technology being forced upon everyone. Ever heard of what happens solar panels and wind turbines when they're decommissioned? They're not recyclable, and are toxic to the environment around them. How about the maximum efficiency of solar and wind? This alone shows just how impractical and wasteful it is to replace our existing infrastructure. Why is it that those who stand behind leftist politicians who "care soooo terribly much" about the environment refuse to acknowledge viable alternatives like nuclear and hydroelectric power? There's no justification whatsoever for your continued ignorance. You're no better than the corrupt, oil-loving idiots of the world who can't see the harm it causes to the world. If you happen to see this comment, whoever you are, please take the time to look into all that I've said. We don't have to be a bunch of screaming morons who refuse to work together, and instead choose to jump on the red vs blue bandwagon. Time for everyone to grow up.
ShaedHeda Legend
ShaedHeda Legend Prije mjesec
Markiplier in the cave when he sees a cave man penis “uh oh” Me when I see the cave man penis “Woah it’s a CAVE WANG”
ShaedHeda Legend
ShaedHeda Legend Prije mjesec
Haha it’s been about 34 minutes and they’re only talking. I think this is awesome so far
ShaedHeda Legend
ShaedHeda Legend Prije mjesec
And a dolphin in Mexico is a dingus, and a shark is a sharp dingus
ShaedHeda Legend
ShaedHeda Legend Prije mjesec
Oh, man. I knew there was a Jacksepticeye Archive, so I had to look for one of these! I forgot if this was a thing or not, I’m glad it is!
nameless _seedling
nameless _seedling Prije mjesec
Talking about ps5's but completely over looked the scalpers that have negatively affected the amount of consoles on the market.......
Summer M
Summer M Prije mjesec
Is no one going to comment about Wade's impressive operatic bass? I was not expecting that from him haha.
Dakota Campbell
Dakota Campbell Prije mjesec
wade was singing about leaving mark behind and my mom was like "that sounds weird, sounds like Tiny Tim" lmao
Mad Rapist Youmu
Mad Rapist Youmu Prije mjesec
Those in favor of getting impaled by Mark's spear raise their hands ✋
Jesse Lindsey
Jesse Lindsey Prije mjesec
So is Wade not recording this or something? I can't find anything recent about the Forest on his channel, and I'd LOVE to see this from his point of view.
Kiterpuss Prije mjesec
2:19:54 Is the leggy jumpscare. For anyone who needs to avoid it.
ThePaleRiderDeath Prije mjesec
I feel like I'm the only loser that wants a cyber truck.
Krat Prije mjesec
you think they will ever block enemy attacks? ( right mouse button boyos )
Noob Uprizing05
Noob Uprizing05 Prije mjesec
Can any body please tell me the outro song
Jordan Haley
Jordan Haley Prije mjesec
Wade was not wrong. In Texas we had rolling blackouts no phone service.... a handful of people died.
chandler Nolet
chandler Nolet Prije mjesec
if he would of left the game and joined back he would of had hid stuff
geomorg mo Rgan
geomorg mo Rgan Prije mjesec
Is there not a load function
Chris Fowler
Chris Fowler Prije mjesec
Mark is the only one who is good at not being a condescending prick.
Elaina Martinez
Elaina Martinez Prije mjesec
If you watched marks new video for this and came here for the rest. Here is your time stamp: 2:19:50 I may be off a couple min but here ya go.
Cindygr8ce Prije mjesec
the only dunking I'm doing in Texas is the texan government for blaming green energy for the fact they don't have federal guidelines forcing companies to winterize their equipment so that it does work.pluantje rich bastards charging people $20k for a week's worth of electric
Lucas Rovie
Lucas Rovie Prije mjesec
i wann play w/ you guys :(
basically subhuman
basically subhuman Prije mjesec
Did neither mark nor bob get the Bitcoin minors joke? Because I thought that was hilarious lol
Mallory Rose
Mallory Rose Prije mjesec
These forest streams bring me so much joy 💕
MoonyButt Prije mjesec
I love this beat 3:46:51
Zachs Mind
Zachs Mind Prije mjesec
Bob is the smart one. I think that makes him "The Moe." It's the Three Stooges Theory. You get any three men together, they'll start taking on the roles of Moe, Larry, and Curly in their social dynamics. I can't tell whether or not Mark or Wade is Larry or Curly but Bob is definitely Moe. You could also use Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Bob is the Simon. That would make Mark the Alvin so Wade! You're The Theodore! Start eating more! However, I think that means Mark has to be the Larry of the three because he's more of an engineer and Larry would make stuff work while Curly would make stuff break. Okay yeah Mark and Wade kinda take turns on that score. Hrmm.. This requires further study.
somnomania Prije mjesec
having grown up in north carolina, i was incredibly disappointed when i then moved to new york and getting an inch of snow DIDN'T shut the schools down
Ace Gabriel Pega
Ace Gabriel Pega Prije mjesec
I think the tesla truck is cool tho
Kiki Bennett
Kiki Bennett Prije mjesec
As an Australian, I really enjoyed the way Bob was describing and got excited over our utes. Also Mark's contemplating look as he perused google images of them 😂👍
ToasterBread Prije mjesec
Hotel? Dingo.
Ja'Lisa Courtney
Ja'Lisa Courtney Prije mjesec
Does anyone know if theres a longer version of the outro??
Cattzgirl Prije mjesec
Does anyone else think its cute that Mark's background on his computer is Firewatch
Cattzgirl Prije mjesec
It's like around 01:57:00
H2D Fives
H2D Fives Prije mjesec
2:44:15 I like how Mark seems genuinely impressed with wades singing and gives him a compliment
yourmom 09
yourmom 09 Prije mjesec
Watching from Texas a week after and I’m in shorts 😂
yourmom 09
yourmom 09 Prije mjesec
My balls are gone from the cold
TheyCallMeBoppy Prije mjesec
1000th comment
Shelby Rheinbolt
Shelby Rheinbolt Prije mjesec
magiknight17 Prije mjesec
watching mark overshoot with the spear is making me laugh so hard I am crying. :)
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