Surviving 24 Hours On A Lake - Challenge

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FaZe Jarvis

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I spent 24 hours on a boat on the FaZe House Lake. I made sure to go with supplies like food, water, a pillow so I can last. @TeaWap and I had a few mishaps but we managed to innovate and survive! MrBeast did a similar spending 24 hours challenge so shoutout to Mr Beast!
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🍉TeaWap: teawap

Steven Abrego
Steven Abrego Prije dan
Bro im tripping his phone says 15:33 aclock bruh
Abbas Naser
Abbas Naser Prije 4 dana
brake it
Rxil FN
Rxil FN Prije 6 dana
"you guys are gonna Play rock paper CIZZORZ" (ok boomer)
AnTsAnS Prije 6 dana
These 24 hours honestly is better content then Fortnite right now
Divided song
Divided song Prije 8 dana
How much is that supreme mask?
Megan Louis
Megan Louis Prije 10 dana
Austin Walker
Austin Walker Prije 10 dana
Jarvis has a busted head but Teawap has a busted sleeping position
CYClone Prije 12 dana
This is how many times Kay said HOLY and BRUH in his entire career ⬇️
RenZ_Vercept Prije 13 dana
Wow that how can I take your money
Imsulamo Prije 13 dana
Did they have a anchor?
Jayden and Bryan
Jayden and Bryan Prije 14 dana
Jarvis I love your videos
Degreez Prije 15 dana
Jarvis: I know the big mac's are somewhere Me: Well yea, where else would they be
mr effcd
mr effcd Prije 17 dana
How does teawap sleep in his bed
GamersYT 67
GamersYT 67 Prije 24 dana
there gg jarvis you good boi you shared a burger
Kayleigh Hughes
Kayleigh Hughes Prije 25 dana
yo you should yeet tommy in the lake boys
Marcus Nance
Marcus Nance Prije 27 dana
Teawap is a rly good friend
Joshua Murillo
Joshua Murillo Prije 27 dana
Yes I’m gonna
swanzy ψ
swanzy ψ Prije 29 dana
12:04 anyone know how I can find that wallpaper
Rarely All Type videos
Rarely All Type videos Prije mjesec
bro its top 3 but they do top 2 wht?
Rarely All Type videos
Rarely All Type videos Prije mjesec
yea bro
Kylanplayz Prije mjesec
Why are there dipers
Angelo Karoli
Angelo Karoli Prije mjesec
HiGamers HiGamers
HiGamers HiGamers Prije mjesec
Do u with sommer bro wut u mean
Rxvert ツ
Rxvert ツ Prije mjesec
5:55 is overwach not valoranz
Jonah Platt
Jonah Platt Prije mjesec
their like maybe we could catch some fish right after they said it smells like a toilet
IB Flash
IB Flash Prije mjesec
Who else is triggered when he said valorant and he put overwatch😟😧😬 5:55
Samurai Chong
Samurai Chong Prije mjesec
What happened to all the snacks you got
Xx-_Bl4z3_-xX Prije mjesec
Does Jarvis ever wear anything other than flip flops
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Prije mjesec
Keep your mask on during public
Faze Juice
Faze Juice Prije mjesec
Hey jarvis how do you pin people???
32.fazemongraal Prije mjesec
I found a ting at high school
Krishay Seth
Krishay Seth Prije mjesec
I didn't think actually u would tilt the boat 😂
حَـسوننِ 𐂂 .
حَـسوننِ 𐂂 . Prije mjesec
I think that epic is mad just at you cause you are a legend but don’t care I love u and ur tings 🤧
Dan Tho
Dan Tho Prije mjesec
Eating fish from that pond you’ll get Ebola 🤢😷
Leo Ceron Jr
Leo Ceron Jr Prije mjesec
Bro he really said Valerent but put overwatch
texer nugget
texer nugget Prije 2 mjeseci
Los videos ahora son mejores que el contenido de Fortnite
XxclowncousinxX Prije 2 mjeseci
The thumbnail shows a shark and Im cracking here that there in a lake well everyone get ready for the new movie lake shark
BLAZE_BOTboy Prije 2 mjeseci
Jarvis:I know there somewhere Me:we’ll na der
?????????? Prije 2 mjeseci
Wes Armstrong
Wes Armstrong Prije 2 mjeseci
Cut it in half
Jordan Casey
Jordan Casey Prije 2 mjeseci
no one: Who ever is editing (Probaly jarvis) This water smeels like *Puts luv anthony pic aka avanis bf* toilet
Jordan Casey
Jordan Casey Prije 2 mjeseci
Rhyder Mock
Rhyder Mock Prije 2 mjeseci
MayhemXing Prije 2 mjeseci
Is it me or is Jarvis made for vlogs?
Very BlurYT
Very BlurYT Prije 2 mjeseci
Why he said valerian it showed overwatch
edwin camilo
edwin camilo Prije 2 mjeseci
Who love the tig
record w
record w Prije 2 mjeseci
5:54 it ain't valorant its overwatch
Stephanie Gordon
Stephanie Gordon Prije 2 mjeseci
July 1st round pick up the rest
Stephanie Gordon
Stephanie Gordon Prije 2 mjeseci
avorree Prije 2 mjeseci
this way better than the fortnite content ngl
AceyNinja YT
AceyNinja YT Prije 2 mjeseci
Plz do more 24 hour challenges
•ShaNe• Prije 2 mjeseci
Today’s lesson from Teawap is never drop out of school kids
Eljo Capil
Eljo Capil Prije 2 mjeseci
Teawap is fucking funny
FaZe Sway
FaZe Sway Prije 2 mjeseci
Bro Jarvis what’s up
Bolkzy Prije 2 mjeseci
jarvis why dont you stream other games?
Sukhdeep Gill
Sukhdeep Gill Prije 2 mjeseci
Busted head
fortnitestreamer Prije 2 mjeseci
OMG i love this
classickarma 450
classickarma 450 Prije 2 mjeseci
The little gamer boi
The little gamer boi Prije 2 mjeseci
faze kay had 2 not 3
Hardcore Wrestling Company
Hardcore Wrestling Company Prije 2 mjeseci
Why didnt they just split the big mac
Karen Hollett
Karen Hollett Prije 2 mjeseci
adiel martin
adiel martin Prije 2 mjeseci
Epic should really unbanned my boy Jarvis
Intserz Prije 2 mjeseci
BRO when teawap said valorant it was a picture of overwatch :/
Jeremiah Minter
Jeremiah Minter Prije 2 mjeseci
VDGAMING 2010 Prije 2 mjeseci
yes sir
Custodio Arana
Custodio Arana Prije 2 mjeseci
Teawap is so funny
CK_360 Prije 2 mjeseci
Yoo wants the that time of the month thing teawap got?
BigO 5-0
BigO 5-0 Prije 2 mjeseci
Shark in a lake?? Thumbnail?
Julian God
Julian God Prije 2 mjeseci
1:29 Imagine You did 😂😂😂
CodCoby YT
CodCoby YT Prije 2 mjeseci
TeaWap: picks up tampons Me: bruh😂😂😂
Sandra Prije 2 mjeseci
🥺He was so peaceful in the lake y'all didn't have to do him like that💀💀💀
Active Guy
Active Guy Prije 3 mjeseci
U need to do more fishing vids
Joshua Hedge
Joshua Hedge Prije 3 mjeseci
Terry Thill
Terry Thill Prije 3 mjeseci
You have to say that that is me
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed Osman Prije 3 mjeseci
I just love your content so much and i subscribe
Zubez23 Brawlmaster
Zubez23 Brawlmaster Prije 3 mjeseci
Love you some much I wood kill myseif
bendy epic
bendy epic Prije 3 mjeseci
I liked the restaurant music after jarvis falls
Bruce Paulo
Bruce Paulo Prije 3 mjeseci
omg this is my first comment on faze Jarvises channel Jarvis im your biggest fan.
Hake Mistake
Hake Mistake Prije 3 mjeseci
I love u guys
Mookle _Positive
Mookle _Positive Prije 3 mjeseci
"I could be playing valorant" *SHOWS OVERWATCH*
Jayjay Defender
Jayjay Defender Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruv he just ate human meat yo did u guys know McDonald's literally is disgusting check out the vid
Ben Lumley
Ben Lumley Prije 3 mjeseci
I just love your content
Kristina Wehrenberg
Kristina Wehrenberg Prije 3 mjeseci
I love your vids so much best HRpostr ever in my life but your the best
Kristina Wehrenberg
Kristina Wehrenberg Prije 3 mjeseci
Delete fortnite
Alexcool650 Prije 3 mjeseci
I can stay in a lake for 3 weeks
Pxndii Prije 3 mjeseci
Tewap sleeps so werid
jennieq6088 Prije 3 mjeseci
xoogigi !
xoogigi ! Prije 3 mjeseci
Can you do nice to stop eating healthy vegetable
Payton Moore
Payton Moore Prije 3 mjeseci
And why not watch Addison rea on tic tok or Charlie and Dixie D,amelio?
Payton Moore
Payton Moore Prije 3 mjeseci
Why why I'd rather see jb be like james Charles then look at you guys wear makup!
Payton Moore
Payton Moore Prije 3 mjeseci
- 1con
- 1con Prije 3 mjeseci
Fr Did Teawap Muslim or Not?
matthew jorge
matthew jorge Prije 3 mjeseci
65rtyu YT
65rtyu YT Prije 3 mjeseci
If it's not ft. Sommerray I'm not watching
YTG Spider
YTG Spider Prije 3 mjeseci
That my back pack
Raul IV Becerra
Raul IV Becerra Prije 3 mjeseci
Bruh how is 15 time a ting
Elena Lemus
Elena Lemus Prije 3 mjeseci
Rock paper cizzus 🤣🤣
Stacey Weller
Stacey Weller Prije 3 mjeseci
Did you notice it was day the whole time it did not get darck
Chicken wing the best
Chicken wing the best Prije 4 mjeseci
Did he just call Ava I boyfriend a toilet
Rainy Prije 4 mjeseci
10:13 Tea wap: so it 12:06am me: its still bright
CYCLE OF MEME Prije 4 mjeseci
Bro I just subscribe ur content is so coollll and crazy🤣
Fleacanal Prije 4 mjeseci
If I ever joined faze I would go on that raft and do the same thing
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