Evening of Chess and Cosmology

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Prije mjesec

Any questions regarding the universe, meaning of life etc are more than welcome :)
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Pratham Gupta
Pratham Gupta Prije mjesec
Chess and Universe are very much similiar imo; Both of them are pretty much infinite and it takes a madman to dedicate a life to either of them....well, I am gonna dedicate it to both of them so I think I'm a double madman xD
Jayesh Jadhav
Jayesh Jadhav Prije mjesec
Wow both of my favourite topics in one video
Priyanjit Kashyap
Priyanjit Kashyap Prije mjesec
amazing stream!!
Hamza Kais
Hamza Kais Prije mjesec
Tony 😳
Pedro Pascoa
Pedro Pascoa Prije mjesec
23:10, what the hell on earth happened here?
Igor Zaginagalde
Igor Zaginagalde Prije mjesec
Bravo majstore!
Danie Murray
Danie Murray Prije mjesec
23:18 Rook takes own pawn?
torridscene Prije mjesec
This is one of the greatest things I've seen on HRpost. The spoken points of profundity made are offset by the whole goofiness of the goings-on, and these two Croatians seem comfortably resigned to whatever limitations and/or disasters the event may present -- (I can well picture one or both of them saying) "whaddya gonna do?" As far as the confluence of information and entertainment goes, this is , in a surreal way, right up there with the best I've seen. Fascinating. Boring. Aggravating. Hilarious. Thought-provoking.
George Smith
George Smith Prije mjesec
I tried this once and my queen fell into a black hole.
Emal Ali
Emal Ali Prije mjesec
I don't understand Agadmator's decisions at 1:21:19. he clearly has victory if he just trades down. he is +9. he must have had too much to drink and I think his friend is distracting him from the game lol
Chris D
Chris D Prije mjesec
I thought for sure he would get stuck in relativity. Well done, moving beyond. However, there would be no reason for the universe to "implode". Gravity may not pull everything back together considering when things eventually "stop" moving, they will not have a gravitational effect on them.
Henrik Prije mjesec
Such a nice cozy Friday evening - hope you do something like this again, nice
Marek Butka
Marek Butka Prije mjesec
I never expected to see this. When i saw the name of the video i instantly clicked 😁 its a shame i was not there at the stream at that point. I always wanted to ask and speak a bit( all day long ) with someone who is studying and doing cosmology.
Mohammed Raheef
Mohammed Raheef Prije mjesec
how do you spell andrej last name
Petros Adamopoulos
Petros Adamopoulos Prije mjesec
If you fall into a black hole the outside observer would never see you disappear. The cosmologist started by saying it would take forever to you, which is not true at all.
Rami Juma
Rami Juma Prije mjesec
that was really awosome. thank you very much for the such intertaining content. do it much often. so mixed topics!
Richárd Nagy
Richárd Nagy Prije mjesec
It was an amazing livestream
Tim G
Tim G Prije mjesec
I like your friend Antonio. Thank you for this video.
Laugrim Prije mjesec
I should watch this as I really love astrophysics and would love to do it in the future
Dr George J
Dr George J Prije mjesec
I can't believe nobody asked: "is math related to science?"
Q.M Prije mjesec
Agadmator is weirdly knowledgable about physics
Pierre Groussac
Pierre Groussac Prije mjesec
I love it. The Cosmology Gambit. If you fall behind in the game, distract them with cosmology...
Alan Ianke
Alan Ianke Prije mjesec
The universe is getting more complex... It isn't only expanding....
X Factor
X Factor Prije mjesec
0:01 He is speaking the language of gods
Augustus Maximus
Augustus Maximus Prije mjesec
The coolest language in the world
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
Steffan Prije mjesec
"Don't worry not everything in life is black and white." The context of that story combined with the quote was powerful. Thanks for sharing that Agadmator, great to see you doing well.
Starts with Pink Then Floyd
Starts with Pink Then Floyd Prije mjesec
Or good evening everyone also works 😂😂😂 im dead
Tam P
Tam P Prije mjesec
Is this one of the three bastards?
Hrishikesh Pangarkar
Hrishikesh Pangarkar Prije mjesec
Can someone help me find the books by Georgy lisitsin
S Markovic
S Markovic Prije mjesec
To much of nonsense. Lets ķeep chess a chess.
Short the bounce Buy the dip
Short the bounce Buy the dip Prije mjesec
Chess and cosmology stream! Where are the women?!
Art Fun
Art Fun Prije mjesec
Agadmator streams Ads- we arent invited here.
Rushunnh Fernandes
Rushunnh Fernandes Prije mjesec
#suggestion Jonathan Penrose vs Mikhail Tal (1960) .. You'll definitely enjoy it!
TheKarabala Prije mjesec
Reci frendu nek mijenja dilera 🤣😂🤣
Tom C.
Tom C. Prije mjesec
It was nice, but I'm still waiting for stream with Daniil Dubov (in replacement for Misha).
Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh Prije mjesec
Everyone, I need to know, where is the "Hello everyone"?
Yura Tea
Yura Tea Prije mjesec
Haha! at 00:53 sec
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
Ah Agadmator is another Croatian genius, I love Croatia so much. Agadmator do you live in Zagreb?
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
@Haunting Haze a Križevci ok
Haunting Haze
Haunting Haze Prije mjesec
He lives in crizhevci or something like that
WhirlWolf Prije mjesec
Your freind is very good.
George Garcia
George Garcia Prije mjesec
Fun video!
RodrigoNR Prije mjesec
Very nice stream 👍
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
O Boze Agadmator je Hrvat?
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
To je super
Local Mechanic
Local Mechanic Prije mjesec
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
To je tako cool.
omarkos21 Prije mjesec
2:14 Love that
Paul Tan
Paul Tan Prije mjesec
Agadmator, chess + podcasting format is genius!! You are capturing two big markets with this, you should do more things like this you have an amazing opportunity here !!
Ather Prije mjesec
did he make 2 moves 22:32
5Days Prije mjesec
Lol wtf
Local Mechanic
Local Mechanic Prije mjesec
Hà Tùng Lâm
Hà Tùng Lâm Prije mjesec
23:14 was when black offered his rook but white was scared that his b pawn will betray him and will take back the rook so he took his own b pawn :)))))
Jared Betke
Jared Betke Prije mjesec
I came looking for this comment..... I saw something like this is a chess brah stream where Yasser something even more glitchy
The Nerd Gamer
The Nerd Gamer Prije mjesec
I swear, in every Agad stream there's some glitch in a game halfway through.
Dr George J
Dr George J Prije mjesec
@William Wijaya glitch in matrix
William Wijaya
William Wijaya Prije mjesec
Wtf lol, whats actually happening there
Dimas Septiya
Dimas Septiya Prije mjesec
Save indonesia. And you lose.. you not number 1 player ches in the world👎
Maximo Kuri
Maximo Kuri Prije mjesec
Do you play quantum chess?
SMIT BHATT Prije mjesec
Hello agad
VaSavoir2007 Prije mjesec
This is the first time I have heard Antonio speaking in his native tongue. It's fascinating.
siggm8 Prije mjesec
I don't even know where to start here 😂 If you ever wanted to learn philosophy, space-stuff and the scandinavian this is the place.
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
You really font know languages
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
That was croatian
Marauderson Prije mjesec
Yes English all I speak..lol
Floyd Maxwell
Floyd Maxwell Prije mjesec
When I was in my late teens, I worked at the phone company one summer. Extremely boring job -- I was forever sleeping in / late for work. My boss was a very kindly individual and he often said to me "Life is not an exact science, Floyd". That advice also stuck with me all these years.
Andrew Bennett
Andrew Bennett Prije mjesec
Cool getting to hear your native language 👍
Luke Marcic
Luke Marcic Prije mjesec
You’re Serbian!!!
Zoa Prije mjesec
za sto godina mi Srbi ćemo svojatati Agadmatora kao što Hrvati svojataju Teslu :D
Krešimir Mesek
Krešimir Mesek Prije mjesec
inkycan1 Prije mjesec
Scott Hillary
Scott Hillary Prije mjesec
Five minutes before stream: quick give me a hit of that braaaahhhh...
A Hitler
A Hitler Prije mjesec
Astro chess. In the beginning, there was bigbang chess
Rama Chandra
Rama Chandra Prije mjesec
The number of chess games possible is greater than the number of atoms in the observable universe .
Varad Page04
Varad Page04 Prije mjesec
Jonathan Butler
Jonathan Butler Prije mjesec
Yeah, and it's not even close!
Mark A Cesare
Mark A Cesare Prije mjesec
Not sure about the universe, but I believe it's been proven by watching other galaxies form that Quasars created individual galaxies. Then they burn out and turn into black holes that slowly suck the planets and stars that were previously spit out and encircled it, back in. We're about 28,000 light years away from the outer edge of the center of our Milky Way Galaxy -- so we have a long time before we're sucked into it. Then I presume once mass reaches a certain compressed point inside that black hole, it ignites and explodes once again -- spitting its mass back out again and they reform in a spiral around the Quasar, and it grows dark once again completing another cycle! Maybe the 'big bang' was the 1st Quasar and more mass than was used for that 1st Galaxy continued out into space and eventually created another Quasar when it grew and compacted to that point, then another and another. But it's good though we're working on figuring out the truth about creation after space exploration, as opposed to continuing on relying on a flat earth fiction. One that also contains condemnations, incites violence and hate and a is forner criminal nations' propaganda, that other nations rely upon to control their otherwise unruly masses and have become their puppets in gratitude of that. But with a 'lord of war' (keeping us fighting each other, and for big profits too) pretend 'God' (that's also 'all loving' too, just one of its major contradictions -- maybe just loves all profits) that could cause our premature destruction instead! And no likes premature, so we can't allow that huh? Lol, but seriously Thx.
Philippe Tremblay
Philippe Tremblay Prije mjesec
Hey tony I like your friend
Baller Extremni
Baller Extremni Prije mjesec
I really suggest checking Isaac Arthur, he makes great videos about futuristic universe themes guys :)
The Gorn
The Gorn Prije mjesec
1:30:39 guy "the universe could be shaped like a duck 🦆" Agadmator "An evil duck 🦆" That was deep
TGG 22
TGG 22 Prije mjesec
Did not know that a ducks and evil ducks were shaped differently
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo Prije mjesec
The end of the universe will be a perpetual check.
Likhith D
Likhith D Prije mjesec
@Paki M1lf damn this is too much 😂😂
Alexander Hall
Alexander Hall Prije mjesec
Day 91 of telling Agadmator his daily uploads are appreciated. Also it was a very entertaining stream.
Dr. Bluesfield
Dr. Bluesfield Prije mjesec
You two are simply the greatest! I'd really love to meet you in person some day and discuss chess and cosmology with you face to face! I once sailed the entire coast of Croatia - (btw. one of the most beautiful sailing areas on the planet) - , all the way from Portoroz down to Dubrovnik and back - next time I'll definitely take some time to stop off at your place, for sure! :-) You guys rock!
milos blagojevic
milos blagojevic Prije mjesec
a dje prvi minut kako pricaju xd
Great White
Great White Prije mjesec
God bless you both for not wearing masks and being a part of that nonsense .
Artur Bejer
Artur Bejer Prije mjesec
42 haha he knows his shit
Anturangga Tantra
Anturangga Tantra Prije mjesec
Why? I missed this?? Why God????
Ned Zex
Ned Zex Prije mjesec
Agadmator, jel si iz Hrvatske? Jel imas neku titulu i zvanje u sahu?
Vedo Prije mjesec
Mislim da nema
Seyed Sina Naghibi Irvani
Seyed Sina Naghibi Irvani Prije mjesec
Agadmator: Exists Subscribers: You have to say Hello Everyone
Jacob Peters
Jacob Peters Prije mjesec
Can the Hartle-Hawking proposal and action at a distance explain the origin of the universe out of nothing? and how does that relate to Zeno's Paradox of Place showing space-time isn't a "thing"?
Great White
Great White Prije mjesec
I’m going to look up that Hartle-Hawking proposal, you have peaked my interest! Already knew about Zeno’s paradox. These sorts questions interest me, potentially shining some light on the origins of all existence. Thanks.
Mohamed El-Sayed
Mohamed El-Sayed Prije mjesec
The universe shaped like a duck An evil duck 🦆 Is shape is a thing ?
Suljo Hašimov
Suljo Hašimov Prije mjesec
Does God really exist?
Nick Schmitt
Nick Schmitt Prije mjesec
@Davy Balen I was raised a follower of Christ, then militantly rejected him, and now simply believe that He is a guide used by individuals to lead good lives, and a weapon used by the state to control individuals.
Davy Balen
Davy Balen Prije mjesec
Yes, and He has revealed himself to us by the bible and his son Jesus Christ. Many have heard but few believe
Nick Schmitt
Nick Schmitt Prije mjesec
God is a tool we use to comprehend the unspeakable beauty of natural life
panda4247 Prije mjesec
Maybe there is some external higher entity tgat created the whole universe and its laws. But to think that it cares specifically for humankind or induvidual humans, is just a combination of humanity's egoism and fear (of death and the unknown). If it cared for us, the world would not look like this.
Great White
Great White Prije mjesec
Depends on how you define god. If you define it as some anthropomorphic deity that’s keeping score of who did what then no, god doesn’t exist. If you were to define it as the animating force of existence, something so vast we cannot truly comprehend it, and source of all manifestation of said existence, then yes god most certainly exists and one can argue the details from our very limited human perspective.
Fred Planatia
Fred Planatia Prije mjesec
just saw the first few minutes, and already regret that i missed this! I've been lay interested in astrophysics and cosmology all my life! Chess and cosmology what a perfect combo!
Rick White #400 piru gang
Rick White #400 piru gang Prije mjesec
Micah Kennedy
Micah Kennedy Prije mjesec
As someone who loves all things physics and space, this was such a pleasant surprise. Chess and astrophysics combined... It was truly beautiful 😭
Likhith D
Likhith D Prije mjesec
Damn I love both chess and space. can't wait to start the video
Iyer Iyer
Iyer Iyer Prije mjesec
Yeah but I like Astronomy more
Nghia Le
Nghia Le Prije mjesec
Yeah but why cry man :))
Baller Extremni
Baller Extremni Prije mjesec
there are more possible chess games than the number of stars in universe
Chris D
Chris D Prije mjesec
Are you guys not taking the 50 move rule or three fold repetition into account for chess?
Mister Bulletl6
Mister Bulletl6 Prije mjesec
Well, this very discussable theme. We dont know if universe is infinite, we assume it is, but what we do know that chess has finite number of squares with a finite number of pieces, and with a 50-move rule, chess is defintely a finite game, but the number of possible moves and positions is so extremely huge, that even supercomputers cannot calculate it. And if universe is infinite, that would mean that number of electrons is still bigger than possible games of chess, because there are infinite number of electrons. But those are just assumptions...
Jacob Peters
Jacob Peters Prije mjesec
@David The Efficient Engineer I believe Olmer's Paradox points out that the amount of matter in the universe cannot be infinite. EDIT: actually it shows that the universe can't be infinitely old (with energy not running out at least). but I also think the Inflationary Model implied a finitely old universe could not have infinitely stretched in a finite amount of time, so there couldn't be an infinite amount of particles in it
David The Efficient Engineer
David The Efficient Engineer Prije mjesec
@Jacob Peters I agree with you as far as the part of the chess is concerned. I see the main difference in our perspective is the assumption of the universe potential which I define as infinite in my mind and you don't. In my point of view although you correctly stated that there are extremely numerous variations you still have some numbers in there so everything depends on the assumption of what happens with the universe in order to address this statement.
Adnan al Nahian
Adnan al Nahian Prije mjesec
After playing 40 moves u reach 10^120(shannon number) possibilities...nd if you capture a piece in every 49th move to avoid draw from 50 moves rule you can play 11,000(approx)moves(although i don’t remember exactly how many moves..heard a long time ago)
R Prije mjesec
What happened @23:13
Patrick Conrad
Patrick Conrad Prije mjesec
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo Prije mjesec
A glitch in the matrix
XMDSAM M Prije mjesec
Yeah i was going to comment same thing lol
fathanah ahmad
fathanah ahmad Prije mjesec
houseofleaves12 Prije mjesec
Oops. This was an unfortunate miss.
Soupadeep Prije mjesec
HRpost notified me just after it ended
houseofleaves12 Prije mjesec
@Great White As in I missed the live broadcast.
Great White
Great White Prije mjesec
I thought it was great
Alon B
Alon B Prije mjesec
Why no comments bruh
Great White
Great White Prije mjesec
Because it was a live stream. You generally can’t comment on live streams until they are over.
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