SNEAKING Into Fortnite EVENT Until I Get KICKED OUT!!👮🏻‍♂️ 24 Hour Challenge

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FaZe Jarvis

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Today I am sneaking into the Fortnite Event at Dreamhack in Anaheim until I get kicked out by security. I had exactly 24 hours to complete this challenge. It was such a mission but we managed to get some really interesting content with pro players such as BenjyFishy, Ninja, Clix, MrSavage, and more. I wish I could've met Tfue, Bugha, Aydan, Nickmercs but I got kicked out. ENJOY THE VIDEO!
📸 Instagram: fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: liljarviss
👮 Our thumbnail security actor momodione
Song: Remk - Haunting

Gnifisa Prije 9 mjeseci
best vid ever
Noah Munoz
Noah Munoz Prije 9 dana
You famous cause Jarvis pinned your comment
Gnifisa Prije 13 dana
@Gilbert Blanco ik
Gilbert Blanco
Gilbert Blanco Prije 13 dana
Bro but the scariest vid go check it out they slept it was GHOST TOWN
felipe martinez
felipe martinez Prije 13 dana
i know
Mila Oka
Mila Oka Prije 25 dana
Luciano Dezi
Luciano Dezi Prije 9 sati
Why TeaWap is not uploading
Living person Tv
Living person Tv Prije 21 sat
Jarvis “These kids were playing this Nintendo game I think it’s called donkey Kong.” Every Nintendo fan: “ No ItS sUPeR SmAsH BROs UlTImaTe
Lol Doll678
Lol Doll678 Prije dan
Lol you got kicked
Viperx God
Viperx God Prije 2 dana
Jarvis I love your vids
Suarez Juban Richel
Suarez Juban Richel Prije 2 dana
Bruh epic games why bruuuuuuuuh
Milk Man
Milk Man Prije 3 dana
How can jarvis not touch the Keyboard its not like hes E.T that he's gonna give other people Aimbot 👁👄👁
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown Prije 4 dana
i can sneak you in
AL Razor
AL Razor Prije 4 dana
Someone plz tell me what that song beat is from 3.40
The Monteiro’s
The Monteiro’s Prije 6 dana
jarvis said booger not bugah
Mr. Sloth man
Mr. Sloth man Prije 7 dana
Best vid ever.
Gem Arnold
Gem Arnold Prije 7 dana
So à nerd is playing fornite jeus sent him to school 26/7
golden twins
golden twins Prije 7 dana
Thanks for 2000M subscribes
Noah Munoz
Noah Munoz Prije 9 dana
Best vid and buger was there lol
C 1
C 1 Prije 9 dana
Anyone gifting please i dont care what it is EPIC ID CARLOTELLI87 🐣
lima Ford
lima Ford Prije 10 dana
Who else would love to have a friends like Andrew 👇!!
Frey Rehder-Lindqvist
Frey Rehder-Lindqvist Prije 10 dana
Zarifa Funk
Zarifa Funk Prije 10 dana
that my friend right there 1:39
Dylan Benson
Dylan Benson Prije 11 dana
Does anyone realize teawap was the one who was the voice cover
hulkjon100 Garcia
hulkjon100 Garcia Prije 11 dana
I laughed when they said i think it's the real ninja
Muhammad Tahir Patel Hafesji
Muhammad Tahir Patel Hafesji Prije 13 dana
Best vid ever
the sonic fan 132
the sonic fan 132 Prije 14 dana
Teawap.. km gonna do voice of jarvis for the video Me.. but he is dumber than a rock and he thinks he could acctuly eat a fortnite fish
Jesse Isooba
Jesse Isooba Prije 14 dana
Do it
Stephan Merigoux
Stephan Merigoux Prije 14 dana
I don't get it he could just stop filming and play !!!!!
Firman Luken
Firman Luken Prije 15 dana
i just want to comment
Tyler Vlogs
Tyler Vlogs Prije 17 dana
F those security guards
Kavi Arshedkhorshied
Kavi Arshedkhorshied Prije 17 dana
It’s so sad
Ardict Prije 17 dana
The dude from the thumbnail looks like incredibles
Rocco b Beauchamp
Rocco b Beauchamp Prije 17 dana
1:23 it’s smash bros not donkey Kong I felt depressed 😞
breakthrough appiah
breakthrough appiah Prije 24 dana
You gotta thank that fan ookk!!
Twitch _edvinswe
Twitch _edvinswe Prije 24 dana
I just wanna give cred to u Jarvis, on 9:th November is it one year since u got banned on Fortnite!❤️💚💙💖
The Hazanaitor
The Hazanaitor Prije 24 dana
Best video ever
Fortnite Virtual Gamers
Fortnite Virtual Gamers Prije 25 dana
we all love Jarvis
Tristan Dessert
Tristan Dessert Prije 25 dana
It was crazy that you got in today
Andrew Lusk
Andrew Lusk Prije 26 dana
Jayden Becerra
Jayden Becerra Prije 29 dana
Jarvis I love your vids ❤️❤️💙💙🥺🥺
PDTV Prije 29 dana
Poor tewap has to call himself a bot instead of jarvis lol
BreadBear19 Prije 29 dana
4:08 this my favourite part lmao
Fuzionfire _16
Fuzionfire _16 Prije mjesec
Me swearing at epic FREE JARVIS
connie jaime
connie jaime Prije mjesec
Fishy boi ._.
Fishy boi ._. Prije mjesec
5k likes and they get 218k
Rayan Mo
Rayan Mo Prije mjesec
That’s not the real ninja
Eric Li
Eric Li Prije mjesec
the person that was filming and got jarvis kicked out was prob a jarvis hater
PixelatedRBLX Prije mjesec
quit fortnite, play minecraft
P. Urena
P. Urena Prije mjesec
Ninja wild fat
2020 b like Soto
2020 b like Soto Prije mjesec
Ok I'm sorry faze jarvis bc I was hating on you jarvis but I have ah idea pls put me in ah video fortnite mobile ok here it is the name is 1v1lol that's the game plssss
2020 b like Soto
2020 b like Soto Prije mjesec
Dead3xe Prije mjesec
This is the best video ecr
Isaac Not hokagaya
Isaac Not hokagaya Prije mjesec
Why epic
Unknown Moments
Unknown Moments Prije mjesec
Man, i am damn sure that you would be the best dominating, highest skilled and aggressive player in fortnite. Why did you do that video dude. It costed your dreams to be destroyed. You should definitely ask forgiveness from epicgames and you should come back to easports...
Joshua Pacheco
Joshua Pacheco Prije mjesec
F epic
InasTV Prije mjesec
your bottttt
m1nify Prije mjesec
Normal people: Bugha Jarvis: Booga
Rockin Ryan McCormick
Rockin Ryan McCormick Prije mjesec
It’s ok Jarvis
Curby Copas
Curby Copas Prije mjesec
All your crying and your still cheating you deserve to be banned for life
Hoodie Mike
Hoodie Mike Prije mjesec
Penny Kosechata
Penny Kosechata Prije mjesec
I'm sorry that you got banned
Shahid patan
Shahid patan Prije mjesec
jarvis is allways the best fortnite pro.
KO DARK SNIPER Prije mjesec
beive god
Insane Fornight
Insane Fornight Prije mjesec
Wop wop wop
Namino Prije mjesec
No one: Jarvis: and another one
Kobe Simmons
Kobe Simmons Prije mjesec
your craked jarvis
Angel Medina
Angel Medina Prije mjesec
he is like 19
Angel Medina
Angel Medina Prije mjesec
ninga is not fat like that
Espie Velez
Espie Velez Prije mjesec
Free scary guy got boom tube you know why cuz I hadn't bought you're my heart.
Xboy Al Said
Xboy Al Said Prije mjesec
Wtf Jarvis
Hamza Hassan
Hamza Hassan Prije mjesec
/‘ask for a good day or something different
Tenzity on 60fps
Tenzity on 60fps Prije mjesec
like buhguh
Mayfair Campers
Mayfair Campers Prije mjesec
Hi 👋
K hits bombs08 C
K hits bombs08 C Prije mjesec
Are you addicted to fortnight
Lucky Expert
Lucky Expert Prije mjesec
Forknite if garbage do something else
Cortez Hubb
Cortez Hubb Prije mjesec
Cortez Hubb
Cortez Hubb Prije mjesec
Gracelynn Steltz
Gracelynn Steltz Prije mjesec
ughh he's such clickbate
Stunnin’ ㅤ
Stunnin’ ㅤ Prije mjesec
The level of stupidity just crossed the limit
Bahir Hayder
Bahir Hayder Prije mjesec
What about 100000 times going back?
NotThisDream Prije mjesec
Jarvis just give epic $10.000
kaki Oil
kaki Oil Prije mjesec
Landon Pettit
Landon Pettit Prije mjesec
Xbox gang were you at
Myra Tun Gaming
Myra Tun Gaming Prije mjesec
Why would they put guards if they even don't know real Fortnite Players?
Frederick Fink
Frederick Fink Prije mjesec
Don’t use the Manchester bombing clip
get off my profile
get off my profile Prije mjesec
Wait was that NINJA
Christena Marshall
Christena Marshall Prije mjesec
Are you actually leaving
Paige Watkins berry
Paige Watkins berry Prije mjesec
Why does epic hate you so much 😭😭😭😭
Xyxun T_T
Xyxun T_T Prije mjesec
SHARP_YT1 Prije mjesec
We all know ninja 2.0 won that
RobloxTrainz Prije mjesec
U know u can play fortnite on a diferent acount and wont get banned its too serouis lol not really
mythcial sway
mythcial sway Prije mjesec
Ninja got fat
117as Prije mjesec
Where's tea wap
BASHAMAN Prije mjesec
Ok so the lady couldn’t tell a second after he had a big as nose and the same clothes
Mobile controller plays
Mobile controller plays Prije mjesec
I’m so good with this app I have a few things that are going on my screen
dino Prije mjesec
lol be thinks he's Niko
Ytlazee Prije mjesec
yo im a girl i love your videose
Nicole Lucas
Nicole Lucas Prije mjesec
🕉 omg 😲
Morvsi Prije mjesec
5:50 This is what you call a hybrid gamer. Ninja + CallMeCarson = CallMeNinja
Creak Least
Creak Least Prije mjesec
I stopped playing fortnite bc my dream was to meet jarvis on fortnite now I can’t ):
Anas Yasser
Anas Yasser Prije mjesec
Ninga is not fat like that guy
Anas Yasser
Anas Yasser Prije mjesec
Why does ninga look like that
MythicalFrostz Prije mjesec
BE HONEST WHO'S BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME? “¡ᴍ shouting out ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜo ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙŞ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”!👽
MythicalFrostz Prije mjesec
BE HONEST WHO'S BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME? “¡ᴍ shouting out ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜo ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙŞ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”!👽
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