Jennifer Lopez + Maluma - Pa' Ti + Lonely AMA's Performance 2020

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Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez Maluma - Pa' Ti Lonely AMA's Performance 2020
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Rizzan Razzman
Rizzan Razzman Prije sat
Class 🎵🎉🎈🥰🏅🥇✅✅✅✅😎🙏💛💛💛💛💛💛🔥⚡
Always Send it MTB shorts
Always Send it MTB shorts Prije 11 sati
Love her
Sholay Birdman
Sholay Birdman Prije 15 sati
Jlo is a legend, she always coming with hit, and different sawg
vanala Prije 22 sati
rochelimit's hangout
rochelimit's hangout Prije dan
4:00 for Royal Family choreography
Aida Milano
Aida Milano Prije dan
Siete bellissimi 🥰🥰💝💝🤩🤩😍😍
Aida Milano
Aida Milano Prije dan
Luis Na
Luis Na Prije dan
Mi jlo siempre hermosa...una diva
Hologram Dream
Hologram Dream Prije dan
Simly ICONIC, we need this version on spotify!
Icet Lorenzo
Icet Lorenzo Prije 2 dana
AMAZING dance break. Probably the only one right now that could do that dance break in Ciara, and Ciara is half JLO'S age and she got some pounds on. This woman is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Maluma is hot!!!
Zi Juventus
Zi Juventus Prije 2 dana
Damnnn my favourite performance & show from Jlo♥️ insane 🔥
M D Prije 2 dana
30 years into her career and she’s still one of the most relevant sought after artists in the world. Now that’s power.
Harry Perry
Harry Perry Prije 2 dana
jlo is a real living Legend ❤ specially on the stage 👑 And this version of Pati was amazing 🔥
M D Prije 2 dana
Exactly. No matter how many haters say otherwise she is a living legend who is still relevant and doing amazing. She’s one of the most streamed artists today when she’s from a CD era.
Beulah Pizzahotpockets
Beulah Pizzahotpockets Prije 3 dana
Not my kind of music either of them...but this is sexy af! So much respect for both now.
Just Suzie
Just Suzie Prije 3 dana
This is the Latino version of WAP lol
Maria Radulrecu
Maria Radulrecu Prije 3 dana
Incrwd8blr perf94mance
Maria Radulrecu
Maria Radulrecu Prije 3 dana
Shhhj tre s af73 mister indelung. Dar oamen8i ăștia n au decata d ecast7gata f8n.aceats poveste dar dev8ne.pl8ctisositr ca e vorba ad e acelasi lucru. Pa
Maria Radulrecu
Maria Radulrecu Prije 3 dana
Si el cu toți vrea s ana.salveze doar ca le aluata 9 ani.ce tehm8ca complicată de wgaming intre eu sau el
Maria Radulrecu
Maria Radulrecu Prije 3 dana
D3ci el.o s aomoar3 aha mia pus crucea the t8ny desk
Maria Radulrecu
Maria Radulrecu Prije 3 dana
8mcred8bil.m8nunat ex5raordinar perfo4mance pt ei toti contra ta tu
Maria Radulrecu
Maria Radulrecu Prije 3 dana
Mișto spectacol.s anu f73 cazul s aj9c7 8n.el 8msa
Maria Radulrecu
Maria Radulrecu Prije 3 dana
Acelasi spectacol.peste tot p4.o lupta grea mpmser
Helen Crosby
Helen Crosby Prije 3 dana
How many times Maluma was able to say "la CA-GE is surprising to me on the AMAs considering it's Spanish for "I fucked up"! Hey, I love it though!
Neriman Şen
Neriman Şen Prije 3 dana
Maluma'nın sahneye girişi ve jest ve mimikleri çok etkiliyici her zamanki gibi te amo Maluma❤️🌼
Oh my god jlo looks so young and beatiful like always
Uliana Sadova
Uliana Sadova Prije 3 dana
is it her live voice or studio recording?
Jeyner Suarez
Jeyner Suarez Prije 4 dana
Love it
Yo A
Yo A Prije 4 dana
Rose Duprey
Rose Duprey Prije 5 dana
Purooo fuegoooo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💘❤😍👍👍
Khriux *
Khriux * Prije 5 dana
Major lip syncing .
Blanding Prije 5 dana
Not the lip syncing
m a r i l y n . m o o n
m a r i l y n . m o o n Prije 5 dana
Stop comparing her to anyone! She’s herself the end ! And we love JLO for her incredible acting skills and performances! Period 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Matias Rodriguez
Matias Rodriguez Prije 6 dana
Excelente jennifer López , una de tus mejores presentaciones , saludos desde Bolivia , te amamos
Linda H
Linda H Prije 6 dana
Why does she have to start with a cross in her face? These people always mocking God!
mr.alex bae
mr.alex bae Prije 6 dana
Its not even her voice.
Winnie Chen
Winnie Chen Prije 6 dana
It's gettin hot in here 🔥
Organizandome hoy
Organizandome hoy Prije 6 dana
Que lastima jenifer que hagas colaboraciones con un hombre que tiene conflictos con las mujeres pero te vendes por dinero
Lucas Arriola
Lucas Arriola Prije 7 dana
jean claude
jean claude Prije 8 dana
Janet Jackson in her prime was much more advanced than this so called singers she would have given us a real choreography not sexual and crappy lyrics that sound robotic back then music was the real deal
jean claude
jean claude Prije 8 dana
what kind of shitty performance is this only if Michael the king of pop was alive he would have given us something real
SoundsLouder Prije 8 dana
SoundsLouder Prije 8 dana
No words!!!!! She is beauty!!!
Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez Prije 9 dana
Ella es una cantante y bailarina perfecta la considera como la Reina del Pop latino, Jennifer López se merece mucho reconocimiento ella es un Reina.
Janella Stewart
Janella Stewart Prije 9 dana
Are they not singing live anymore?
Melisa Merelles
Melisa Merelles Prije 10 dana
Why the cross on her face??
hklaurent Prije 10 dana
This is completely lip syncing, isn’t?!
Pixxi Dust
Pixxi Dust Prije 10 dana
What an odd year to be promoting locking women in cages and twerking on a pentagram.
Sorina Ion
Sorina Ion Prije 10 dana
B D Prije 11 dana
Copy cat
Lamonica Hill
Lamonica Hill Prije 11 dana
I don't think she was trying to copy *Beyonce* what so ever, but I think she was inspired by the performance that *Beyonce* did years ago and she just wanted to have a hint and little bit of it's flavor into her's is all, but everything else was *JLo's* stage despite the mix backlash she is getting and I like both of them and I admire their stage presents and I honestly don't think *JLo* did anything wrong, but everyone has a right to their opinion of her stage, but don't bash her guys because you all know even if you'll deny it that she had a amazing performance
Fuad Murtuzayev
Fuad Murtuzayev Prije 11 dana
Victoria Sova
Victoria Sova Prije 11 dana
M D Prije 12 dana
A true performer.
Dominik Osiak
Dominik Osiak Prije 12 dana
Larosa Prije 13 dana
The amount of reaching the media has done comparing this to Beyoncè”s Drunk in Love Grammys performance is mind blowing. Maybe the haircut was inspired by Beyoncé. But then so fucking what? From the costume to the dance moves, nothing resembled Beyoncé in this performance. Y’all need to take several seats and let JLo have her moment
Lynnmaria54 Prije 13 dana
Coping alot of beyonce moves dance hair lighting
yenley mercado
yenley mercado Prije 13 dana
one more week has passed. and it still does not reach 100 and that is a collaboration even if it is because maluma has more than millions of subscribers and it should have 100 it is a premiere and maluma is fashionable. What's up?
Liria C. Ascua
Liria C. Ascua Prije 13 dana
Auto tune a full 🍅🍅🍅
Sarah Carmo
Sarah Carmo Prije 13 dana
¿Dónde están los latinos?
Vala fly c
Vala fly c Prije 13 dana
No talent having
Vala fly c
Vala fly c Prije 13 dana
Lip sync performance 😂😂😂😂
Susana Nudesx
Susana Nudesx Prije 13 dana
ここの無料の女の子は18歳以上です イエスが私たちのすべての罪のために十字架を背負ったというのは聖書的に真実ですか? これを言う偽りの預言者や偽りの司祭たちは、真実を知らずに聖書や他の嘘にだまされました! しかし今、すべての真実は真実として明らかにされ、2000年の間隠されてきた十字架の道の秘密を明らかにしています。 神がイエスを殺さなければならなかった理由、救いのために与えられた命令、永遠の命、霊で体を殺す習慣。 あなたの体がまだ生きている間に聞いて知ってください!5
Thomas Tom
Thomas Tom Prije 14 dana
Looked like Jlo stoled another one from Beyoncé
Yusuf Tuma
Yusuf Tuma Prije 14 dana
Fake Beyonce
Gibet Sofia Pinedo Barros
Gibet Sofia Pinedo Barros Prije 14 dana
Me encanta esta canción 😍
Kenny Saenz Vega
Kenny Saenz Vega Prije 14 dana
Adorando a bafomet sino miren la estrella de encabezar en el piso casi al final
Manolo Hipol
Manolo Hipol Prije 14 dana
She's great but it reminded me of Beyoncé's performance for Partition/Drunk On Love six years ago. It looks like a CREATIVE PLAGIARISM to me.
KAK SETHO Prije 14 dana
HeatDeath 2021
HeatDeath 2021 Prije 14 dana
Vertical stripes are slimming.
Jane Monroe
Jane Monroe Prije 14 dana
Autotune etc... she judges people on performance. Not so great singing or dancing skills. Light effects was good. Other than that song & lyrics could have been way better. Sorry JLo. but your singing has gone down hill. Critique at its finest. ^_
Indzai Tinay
Indzai Tinay Prije 15 dana
Damn, Am I the only one checked J.Lo's age after seeing this performance?🔥🔥
Jacqueline Acevedo
Jacqueline Acevedo Prije 15 dana
JLo it’s the best!!!!
hossein babapour
hossein babapour Prije 15 dana
She is the most beautiful and talented woman singer I've ever seen 💙💙💙❤❤❤
Antonio Flores
Antonio Flores Prije 15 dana
With that Jlo outfit , I just can’t stop thinking dirty 😅
Анна Пототня
Анна Пототня Prije 15 dana
ohhhh Awful !!! I think this opinion will support many people around the World. Obviously, these is the worst dance performance on American Music Awards 2020, even if I am not a critic. ... with such a lame song. The play show of shadows and lights is an evil and inappropriate on a World Wide Broadcast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, Jennifer, who is in charge ? : (((((((((
Gerrie Cowden
Gerrie Cowden Prije 15 dana
This looks like a Woman like me moves she stole.
Tamer Aziz
Tamer Aziz Prije 15 dana
I like the song, great performance. Definitely not live though. Especially noticeable with Maluma. Jen’s voice has improved. Her lack of originality has not.
Pagiina Pacheco
Pagiina Pacheco Prije 15 dana
O my god!!!! Tension I hope I love both of them my hot ass idol jlo && my sexy wna b husband Malumaaaaaa o MY GOSH IM NOT EVEN JEALOUS!!!! Lol wow wow wow
Ingrid Borbor
Ingrid Borbor Prije 16 dana
Carmen Gómez
Carmen Gómez Prije 16 dana
Cameron Dorsey
Cameron Dorsey Prije 16 dana
She was cute whether or not she copied love it
Matt C
Matt C Prije 16 dana
It looks like she’s on a runway at 2:12 and jlos verse in lonely at 2:35 and the dance break at 4:00
RICARDO Prije 16 dana
KinectWars Prije 16 dana
That Beyonce’s tribute was really great
Chell Prije 13 dana
Crazy Horse Tribute?
COLEB35 KING Prije 16 dana
Go Beyoncé!!!!
Kellye Huff
Kellye Huff Prije 16 dana
I gotta say.....her man is not only VERY secure in their relationship but ha, you know he sayin “Yea, but I get to hit that at night yo 😏” 😂👍🏻
R Martini
R Martini Prije 16 dana
Sorry I like the Ol Jlo, jenny from the block music!! Is this a song from Hustlers?? Or is she desperately tryn to stay on top!!
Golden Luck
Golden Luck Prije 17 dana
mlorocker Prije 17 dana
I needed her to take his shirt off and them to be grinding together 🔥 maybe getting wet
Debra Moore
Debra Moore Prije 17 dana
I don't care what nobody says jennifer you did you own thing on this we love you girl Always keep GOD first honey love you
beverly hope
beverly hope Prije 17 dana
Beyonce just called...
WOLFFY PIE Prije 17 dana
lip sync fail
WOLFFY PIE Prije 17 dana
WOLFFY PIE Prije 17 dana
ugly jlo
WOLFFY PIE Prije 17 dana
old woman asss
WOLFFY PIE Prije 17 dana
ugly girl
WOLFFY PIE Prije 17 dana
WOLFFY PIE Prije 17 dana
Jennifer Auld
Jennifer Auld Prije 17 dana
Didn’t Beyoncé do something like this already?
Jennifer Auld
Jennifer Auld Prije 16 dana
@Rezka Johnsen that’s insane you’d think she’d be afraid of any backlash.
Jennifer Auld
Jennifer Auld Prije 16 dana
@Lovely Me Wow! I thought I was right about that! I just didn’t have the proper time to research it. I can’t believe she would do something like that and think people wouldn’t notice? Or is it the managers that make them wear what they wear I’m not sure about how this works. I just know Hollywood’s got a lot of evil in it just like our government
Lovely Me
Lovely Me Prije 17 dana
Yes...this copying is out of control.
Rezka Johnsen
Rezka Johnsen Prije 17 dana
She's a copycat. Not surprised
елена сапожникова
елена сапожникова Prije 17 dana
Жизнь... ☺
pashe Rina
pashe Rina Prije 17 dana
Maluma I love you so much😍
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