Never Have I Ever Flirted With My Roommate's Sister?

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FaZe Jarvis

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Never Have I Ever with the boys @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Kay @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Teeqo @Cizzorz and @TeaWap featuring Alex's little sister Milan Mirabella
🕺 TikTok:
📸 Instagram: fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: liljarviss
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Craissy Assassin
Craissy Assassin Prije 7 mjeseci
I aint gonna lie this content is way better than fortnite
Anderson Plays fortnite
Anderson Plays fortnite Prije 8 sati
Yes this better than fortnite
Boom Douglas
Boom Douglas Prije 11 sati
Maybe/Maybe Not
Kurt Tran
Kurt Tran Prije 3 dana
Jay Prije 7 dana
This isn’t bad but wdym
Lyft ༄
Lyft ༄ Prije 7 dana
All the fortnite kids needs to delete the game and spend more time with ur family addicted shits 🤦‍♂️
Dark_Rayu 10
Dark_Rayu 10 Prije 8 sati
Yo I found Waldo
Billy has Gfuel
Billy has Gfuel Prije 11 sati
Cizzorz coming through with the straight drip 🥶 twins are godlike
Wyatt Alt
Wyatt Alt Prije 12 sati
Rewatched this vid and I don’t know why but I laughed so hard “it says Alex is fully busted” 6:30
Iopioplop Fop
Iopioplop Fop Prije 15 sati
Alex is so busted
Chris Blue
Chris Blue Prije 15 sati
Alex is more busted
Magical On switch
Magical On switch Prije 17 sati
Why is adapts head Dented and Jarvis is busted
kevkev_the_ gamer
kevkev_the_ gamer Prije 19 sati
Alex is way more busted
Daeshaun Jones
Daeshaun Jones Prije dan
I have this was at 8th grade dance this girl Elena asked me and I said yes and this girl named aya ready asked me to go with her and I told her yes Atlanta both of them asked me to give them some free food so I got them some free food and then we had dinner together at the dance and then after the dance I made out with both of them before I went home
cxnilo Prije dan
I found Willy
Joshua Grist
Joshua Grist Prije dan
It’s nothing rong with Jarvis head
XxfroZtysxX 7
XxfroZtysxX 7 Prije dan
Vetrox Fn
Vetrox Fn Prije 2 dana
Alex is more busted
Ali Ahmad
Ali Ahmad Prije 2 dana
6:01 yo that got me ded XD LMQOAOAOOA
VTcyclone Prije 2 dana
It is o Jarvis he got banned
Chrome Prije 3 dana
Alex is he got to much pimples and a pill head
Bigb Prije 3 dana
Hit this if ur watching in COVID 👇
Alejandro Reyes
Alejandro Reyes Prije 3 dana
Jarvis head is busted but adapt is more dummer
Hristijano Grkovski
Hristijano Grkovski Prije 4 dana
Who else saw X's album on 8:49 into the vid
Medi Roblox Player
Medi Roblox Player Prije 4 dana
Alex is busted
_Marczo Prije 4 dana
yo i was eating and I was choking when I laughed SO HARD
Benjamin Valdez
Benjamin Valdez Prije 5 dana
When they said never I ever smashed before marriage Jarvis answered I have thats sus
Jaycere Viera
Jaycere Viera Prije 5 dana
alex is more busted
Yousef Hamdi
Yousef Hamdi Prije 6 dana
Alex's head is bused
RDOOD 123 Prije 6 dana
To think that we were wearing masks six and a half months ago is insane
Athryn Pagaoa
Athryn Pagaoa Prije 6 dana
adapt kinda busted ngl
Anna Varible
Anna Varible Prije 6 dana
adapts head is busted
Ainsley King
Ainsley King Prije 6 dana
Alex is busted his head the size of a tv
Gratz LILMIKE Prije 7 dana
Alex is busted
Nelson R
Nelson R Prije 8 dana
Jarvis is busted
Nathalie Segboy
Nathalie Segboy Prije 9 dana
Alex is fully busted look at his face
Heather Gunderson
Heather Gunderson Prije 9 dana
Jarvis curly head simp
Tyler Melia
Tyler Melia Prije 9 dana
Jarvis is way better
Tyler Melia
Tyler Melia Prije 9 dana
Adapt bro your head
SCG_LeaDzZ Prije 9 dana
Pause at 0:34 Under NEVER it says *( btw Alex's head shape is busted)* 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Edit:Even in Adapt's paper it says something about Jarvis 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
your boy archie adz
your boy archie adz Prije 10 dana
alex is more busted
.lxyo Prije 10 dana
1:38 I’m dead 😵
salty jayden
salty jayden Prije 10 dana
Yo adapt is better
Maria E. Medina
Maria E. Medina Prije 10 dana
Who else saw the doll in between javis and alex
Mr. Pro
Mr. Pro Prije 11 dana
The lie is saiding love you
Clxwz. Prije 11 dana
i aint gonna lie but i havent showered for 5months straight
Brandon Bonilla
Brandon Bonilla Prije 11 dana
Who is more busted? Alex(like) Jarvis(comment)
Easton Green
Easton Green Prije 5 dana
Jayden scott
Jayden scott Prije 6 dana
TTV_Shaina Garcia
TTV_Shaina Garcia Prije 6 dana
SmugBoi Playz
SmugBoi Playz Prije 9 dana
Soul_Gamez Prije 11 dana
I found waldo
Corne Kruger
Corne Kruger Prije 12 dana
Jarvis is more busted 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Arianna Vasquez
Arianna Vasquez Prije 12 dana
XabdullahFN Al
XabdullahFN Al Prije 12 dana
Sooooooooooo funny
XabdullahFN Al
XabdullahFN Al Prije 12 dana
Andy_on_ YT
Andy_on_ YT Prije 12 dana
Not crispy
Not crispy Prije 12 dana
Ima be honest alexs head is busted
Elims Prije 13 dana
alex is busted as hell
Lucas Bukovinszky
Lucas Bukovinszky Prije 13 dana
Did you see on the cards it said by the way Alex‘s shape of his head is busted
Daniel Valdez
Daniel Valdez Prije 13 dana
Alex has a big busted head and big head.
colin too
colin too Prije 13 dana
when he said confidential information frazer sair world cup alex hade sex at world cup 3:13
xd Expert
xd Expert Prije 14 dana
Both of them are busted
Solomon Davis
Solomon Davis Prije 14 dana
alex head is busted thumbs up for alex
Just Tyla
Just Tyla Prije 14 dana
Disgusting 🤮
Kendall Aragon
Kendall Aragon Prije 15 dana
When you heard that adapt pooped his pants you be like HOLY JARVIS
CryzZ_DF Prije 16 dana
Sean Taylor
Sean Taylor Prije 16 dana
Jordon French
Jordon French Prije 16 dana
atap is more busted
Danielle Pilling
Danielle Pilling Prije 16 dana
not bein idiot you players bruv
Prettyluhhamy ._.
Prettyluhhamy ._. Prije 16 dana
I am a boy
Aswd 1
Aswd 1 Prije 17 dana
Stop say bad word
Flix Prije 17 dana
Jarvis: puts Teeqo in desc saying he’s in here. Me: am I legally blind
Strixtly Prije 17 dana
0:34 on the paper it's written BTW Alex's head shape is busted
Gabriel Garcia-Mendoza
Gabriel Garcia-Mendoza Prije 18 dana
the xxx pic on the wall
Messi/Diego da savage 11 Ssa
Messi/Diego da savage 11 Ssa Prije 18 dana
Stop the cap Alex
Austin Munnelly
Austin Munnelly Prije 19 dana
alexes head id way more busted then jarvises
Sai Poorna H
Sai Poorna H Prije 19 dana
alex is bused
NRG FLAMINGO Prije 20 dana
Angel Lomeli Zuniga
Angel Lomeli Zuniga Prije 20 dana
Camille Nelson
Camille Nelson Prije 21 dan
Go twins
Dex Prije 21 dan
Like jarvis Comment adapt is busted
llxAngels Prije 21 dan
I like jarvises face because it dosent have frecles
Carolyn Frandsen
Carolyn Frandsen Prije 21 dan
LJ Rolfey
LJ Rolfey Prije 21 dan
did anyone see that xxxtentacion poster
Jesus Limon
Jesus Limon Prije 22 dana
Jarvis does have a bigger head then alex
Max Munro
Max Munro Prije 22 dana
Alex is more busted
sara snell
sara snell Prije 22 dana
I found where’s Wally Coment if you did
Dorthy Drepaul
Dorthy Drepaul Prije 22 dana
Zack loves Dogs
Zack loves Dogs Prije 22 dana
Alex is more busted
YaBoi Marshall
YaBoi Marshall Prije 23 dana
Jeffy Jeffington
Jeffy Jeffington Prije 23 dana
Adapt is mor busted😂
MD - 04PL 836666 Pte Buckam Singh PS
MD - 04PL 836666 Pte Buckam Singh PS Prije 23 dana
Alex is busted
lil snake
lil snake Prije 24 dana
lil snake
lil snake Prije 24 dana
Does anyone else think alissa is still dating banks but secretly she walked out of his
Daisy Gonzalez
Daisy Gonzalez Prije 27 dana
Gesi draws
Gesi draws Prije 27 dana
Gesi draws
Gesi draws Prije 27 dana
DiscoDragoon606 Prije 28 dana
Anyone else see waldo next to Jarvis?
ωαιιγツ Prije 29 dana
Jarvis dropped out of school "So Hard"
Jazzy Gaming
Jazzy Gaming Prije 29 dana
Adapt has been pooped💩💩
Rishaan Mehta
Rishaan Mehta Prije mjesec
l love jarvisis hair.loll i also have the same style as him even tho i am 11
Orion Young
Orion Young Prije mjesec
Frazer: there's no germs Everyone : UMM MABYE COVID-19
Krima Carter
Krima Carter Prije mjesec
Alex is busted
sinak 03
sinak 03 Prije mjesec
jarvis sleep with ue eses opend
Exotic_Lightz Prije mjesec
my dad has that picture of the guy peeing but he has him peeing on a tree as a tattoo
Israel Draughn
Israel Draughn Prije mjesec
Alex is oh my god jarvis I love you it is alex
M0shua Prije mjesec
Alex laughed quite a lot in this video
Fake Xnvy
Fake Xnvy Prije mjesec
0:35 Notice that only Jarvis papers say btw Alex head shape is busted and at 1:44 you can see that Alex paper says bye Jarvis head shape is busted u can also see both the papers and jacks paper doesn’t have anything written on it except for never have I ever
Fake Xnvy
Fake Xnvy Prije mjesec
Lmao I wrote this before I finished this video
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